EA Introduces Prices Range in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

EA Introduces Players Prices Range in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


EA Sports has announced a new feature in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: the Prices Range.


What is Players Prices Range ?


EA Sports has introduced an important new feature to the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Transfer Market called Price Ranges.
Starting today, they are introducing an important new feature to the FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market called Price Ranges.

Once this feature has been activated, all FUT items (players, in-forms, consumables, and club items) in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team will have a Price Range that sets the highest and lowest Coin prices that each item can be sold on the Transfer Market. We will not be able to pay more or less for a card than its highest or lowest coin price.

EA Introduces Prices Range in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Why Prices Range was implemented ?


These new features are designed to:

  • Help FUT gamers understand the value of the players in their Club.
  • Make high-rated players more attainable for all FUT gamers and ensure a level playing field.
  • Further restrict illegitimate coin transfers on the Transfer Market.


How Prices Range will work ?


Although the new FUT item Price Ranges will differ from current prices, their relative value to other player items on the Transfer Market will remain consistent in order to maintain a level playing field for everyone.

Here are some more important notes about Price Ranges:

    – All Price Ranges will be universal across Xbox, PlayStation and PC.
    – When you list an item on the Transfer Market, the range at which an item can be sold will appear. These price ranges will be set by the FIFA Team based on analysis of past Transfer Market prices.
    Open bid transfers will be unavailable after Price Ranges have been activated. In order to list an item on the Transfer Market, you will have to set a “Buy It Now” price within the Price Range.
    – The Price Range for each FUT item will be set wide enough for you to still enjoy trading on the Transfer Market.
    – The Price Range for certain players may be adjusted in the future.
    – New ‘in-form’ FUT player items will receive a Price Range upon release.
    – Transfer Market will remain inaccessible from the Web and Companion Apps

EA Introduces Prices Range in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

78 thoughts on “EA Introduces Prices Range in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team”

  1. Hi there,
    I know it might be impossible to know, but what do you think will happen with the price ranges on Fifa 15 when Fifa 16 comes out? Will they stay at a certain range forever from that point on? Will they change to have a huge price range for each player? Will they get rid of them altogether?

    Also, when Fifa 16 comes out, will we still get free packs in Fifa 15 for christmas for example? or, is it that once Fifa 16 comes out, nothing happens on fifa 15?
    Many thanks 🙂

    1. Hi.
      According to our experience of previous years, they will stop Price Ranges updates. No more IF cards or daily gifts will be assigned to FIFA 15 after FIFA 16 goes out.

  2. People in favour of the new price ranges are not able to understand the repercussions of this feature.Price ranges are only benefitial to those who have enough coins to buy players at a lower price. But it is a disadvantage to those who want to make coins. We will see how market shrinks if this feature continues in Fifa 16, because although players will be cheaper it will be harder to obtain coins. This strategy is great for EA business, they force gamers to buy Fifa points. Price range is a lazy way to get rid of coin seller. The best way to get rid of coin sellers is to develop an algorithm which forbids selling players for more than their average price level. The average price level needs to be determined by the free market.

  3. didnt actually mind this patch, untill yesterday, when iw anted to change my team a bit. I got a nice Bundesliga team with reus and Lewandowski. Players that before the patch, would cost 70k-100k. Now their max prices are somewhere around 33,5k for reus and 17,5k for Lewandowski.. So im pretty much stuck with a bundesliga team, unless i Buy coins now. Took me so long to make this team, Im only missing Neuer, for a perfect bundesliga team.. guess ill spend the rest of fifa 15 getting him, playing games and buying packs. trade is ruined.

  4. Fuck EA, they make Fifa 15 market so unfair on ps4 everybodys prices drops on Xbox but on ps4 it raises like keep the market fair atleast ,Ronaldo is 9.6mil buy now price,it was 9.3mil before its Fkn stupid and Xbox he’s 7mil buy now .. Soo fair EA … Way to make it even more unfair for ps4 user considering the fact xbox user already have legends , hope they fixs this stupid game !!

  5. Hi Rodrigo do you think the IF method will still work?
    I’m sceptical to invest in any more as EA keep knocking the max price down as soon as the next totw comes out!

      1. fair enough i have started using the hunter method again following the up date which has picked up in the last couple of days so i think il stick to that for now!

        shame there is no web app to make the most of more time consuming methods!

        1. How often will they be making price updates ? I’m thinking of buying saurez as his min is 300k and no one’s bidding on him! Do you think he may go down again soon?

  6. rodrigo can you make a good, pacey, cheap team for st partricks cup?

    why is there no article regarding making a team for st patricks cup??

  7. I think this is great news! They should have had the price range thing right from the start. I hope they will include this feature in Fifa16 definitely. I have never bought any coin and play matches to enjoy the game. I trade a little bit and enjoy to buy a couple of players, play a cup and sell the players with some profit.

    I got into Division 2 playing like this. And its fun. But now and then I run into a really bad player that has a team based on Ronaldo, Messi, Bale and a couple more spanish Gods. These type of players irritate me. They start by wasting time continuously, every time you should and the keeper saves and the ball bounces back, they press the start button to pause and get me out of my concentration.

    They do this to cover up that they are actually shitty players with a lot of coins that bought the greatest cards in the game and with irritating tactics and through balls running forward they end up in division 2…

    I think this will end soon because of the price range policy. Thank you EA. Great. Waiting for F16 already!

    1. I believe the game is more fair now for players like you and me..I buy players after playing a lot of games and winning trophies and not buying any packs or fifa points..Players like Courtois,Kompany,Diego Costa had prices (before price range) over 50K so i had to play tons of games to buy one of them…Now even Di Maria costs 90K whose price was over 200K and he is approachable at least..In conclusion i believe that EA made a good move and all the coin farmers,price fixers etc will finally start playing games and join the traditional way of buying players and building teams… win games+win trophies=coins to buy anything you want

      1. U are away people do like trade, it’s a fun part of the game . Infact it’s was the only relief of some of more terrible aspects of the game. I find people that believe in playing games to earn coins are simply terrible traders. FUT is popular because of trading and earning coins, it’s the closest possible thing to an online manager mode. Good managers build the best team for cheap and make profits from buying and selling players.

        1. I understand your point but trading techinques require a lot of time to do them and many players don’t have the required time while others prefer spending the hours they have on playing games…Also it’s probably a matter of time before new techniques are found…

          1. Yes it takes time.. Yes some people perfer to play, but some people prefer to trade. U can’t just force people one direction its a game people play and spend time where they want …I lovetrading I love playing games…I love building my ultimate team, this new update has ruined to possibility of gettin the squad I want. U can’t play enough games n win enough tournaments in the life span of fifa to do so. ….price ranges need to go….well at least the minimum range for sure the max in all honesty is ok. I play on Xbox n di Maria was never 200k, it’s ure community that has the prices high..not coin sellers, or buyers. Also during regular price fluctuations di Maria was going well under 80k…so to say player prices are now attainable is a joke on the part of ea.. Since they removed totally to ability to get players 50% or more cheaper…

    2. U guys who think that this will end poor players having a high priced team of Spanish gods u are delusional!!! The game is already six months in players who bought coins already own millions of coins and hundreds of premium players, they certainly won’t be selling them now as the value has decreased. All this has done is stop good players who happen to be good traders from earning coins to buy the needed players to compete with coin buyers who fast tracked success. Yet u guys cry “the game is now fair”.. No it’s not!!!!! And another side note being in division 2 doesn’t mean you are playing division two players

      1. I agree iv only been playing FUT since the beginning of the year and i have played around 250 games which has earned be a grand total of just under 200k and yes that will buy you a squad that is fun and can compete with people who aren’t buying coins. however through trading i have made 1.7mil enough to build a decent liga bbva squad and two hybrids but still nowhere near having messi or cr7.

        but the point of the game is to be able to build the best team possible (without breaking the rules!) and to do this you will have to trade because the market has been ruined by all the dirty coins in circulation.

        for example ramos a CB costed between 150k to 220k (before price ranges i haven’t checked since) a player who is a must have in any liga bbva defence but unobtainable through ‘”playing the game properly” as you call it.

    3. I believe what you are trying to say is that those players with all top of the league stars are now going to suffer, sadly that is only partly true.

      Firstly, look at the previous comments. One of them says MMOGA managed to bypass this and sell coins. If you think other sites won’t catch up, you are wrong. If there is a way to cheat the system, people will do it, that is just human nature! So these obnoxious rich kids are here to stay.

      Secondly, a lot of people just love trading. Take me for example, I used to be like you, playing matches and cups and seasons in FUT 14… I never could make a go of it, he max. i had gotten was 150k.
      But now in FUT 15, I started trading, and it is so great! That moment when you realise you can easily afford that dream player you always wanted, when your friends envy you for your business tactics and amazing team, the punch the air euphoria when you land a cheap IF, all that is just gone… irrelevant in the new tactics. I easily can make millions of coins without playing a single match. You might argue that FIFA is all about playing but what is the use of playing when the dream squad that you desire looks unaffordable?

      Thirdly, all those shitty players with Messis and Ronaldos, may not have bought coins at all! If you check the leader boards for top trading profit, the top traders play significantly less matches than the average player like you. That might explain why they are inexperienced against you. Because, FUT is more about skill, not squad. They are comparable to the rich kids but earn their coins.

      Also, trading is not boring. Once you get the hang of it, it is fun! It is easy, and even the simplest methods could land you more coins than matches

      These are my views, you may beg to differ. But remember, if not for the market, there is no FUT.

        1. Thanks. Has EA announced anything new about the topic?

          I understand that max. price range will stop coin traders. But why did they implement min. price? How will it help other than to prevent the useful market crashes?

      1. Hi, great discussion.

        The difference between you and me is in your conclusion. “trading is not boring. It is easy, and could land you more coins than matches”.

        Landing coins is not my goal. I just want to play matches against oponents of approximately the same level. That’s fun for me. The whole coin thing is a stupid system to be able to get other players. If I was in charge I would change the systems of coins to a system where you would automatically get certain players after a certain amount of games. For instance after 50 matches you could get a player of category Reus and after 150 Ronaldo. Something like that. Get rid of all coins and money in the game.

        I think with Price Ranges installed in f16, players will never become so expensive as Ronaldo or Messi are in f15. Simply because everybody has to play games to earn coins and you can only play a limited amount of matches in the time that you would like to spent on fifa.

        Your first point: MMOGA sells coins.. yeah right, MMOGA offers some kind of unclear account swap thing, or you have to sell a player that is selling for at least 30.000 for 50.000 and then you get 50k of coins. That’s completely different than how it was, selling a 150coins player for 2 million. The effectiveness of the methods MMOGA are offering are very low and risky.

        Second point: you love trading. Yeah I liked it too when recently in the Shearer cup my 4 Bronze Blackburn players went in 3 seconds for 5.000 each. But hey… this is a FOOTBALL game. If you like trading: Why don’t you find yourself a AEX stock selling simulation game. That’s fun. Or open a demo account on Barclays Stockbrokers. You can trade in options and shares 24/7!!

        Your Third point: shitty players with Messis and Ronaldos. They get them by trading or buying coins. That sucks. Because this is not a trading game and buying coins is cheating. Play some fifa, get good at it and buy better players if you have the coins.

        Last sunday again: a squad with Ronaldo, Messi, Bale, Modric IF, and Ramos in the back. Guy knows one tactic, through pass and run run run… Lucky I had selected my France team with pacey defence (David Luiz and IF Perin) and he had no chance. In 8 minutes I was 2-0 up. Guy pulls the plug from his internet cable…. That pisses me off. You’re shit player and you can not adapt your tactics to the style of the opponent. Take it like a man. When I am 2-0 down after 8 minutes I figure a way to change my style of play so that I can compete better with my oponent. I do this because I just like to play the game. That’s it.

        So traders, coin buyers, internet cable pluggers and players that continously press start button in a rebound situation… GET LOST!

        When trading stops, the market will not stop. The prices will be lower. And that is great for people like me who have limited amount of time to play Fifa and in that time just want to play some games against players that also like to play a game just because it is fun.

  8. This is a disaster to traders who often rely on techniques like price fixing and 59th minute. The new rules mean that almost all of your favourite methods of trading are now irrelevant against EA’s blind moves. Now you wont find a player much below his market value in the 59th minute page as the min. price range makes sure you won’t. Also, price fixing is very tough as you cant set a price above the max. price.

    It is also gonna be tough to buy players as everyone is now going to use the price ranges to set prices that fluctuate very very less. Will EA keep changing the price range of the players based on demand or are the prices fixed? If the prices do not change then forget about IF method, forget market crashes, forget EVERYTHING! FUT is not going to be the same anymore.

    EA, this is a request from all your FUT 15 players, please remove trade restrictions to make the game more fun. It is perfect the way it was. Please EA…

  9. Hakimi Roslan

    So trading methods to get higher profits will be not be used or cancelled on xbox and ps4. Everybody will try to put their cards onto the maximum price but some people eventually don’t do that.So for low rated players will not have a big profit due to the a small gap between the price range but good high or special cards will have a medium profit.Also like if you bought somebody over like ronaldo for 15 mil but the maximum 9.3 mil so you lose 5.7 mil which is a lot if you don’t buy coins and wasted your time or either you lose your real money outside.

    1. Apparently this does not affect iOS markets. Only for PC, Xbox and PS. Phew!

  10. Why have they priced 86 mario gotze so high 85k min I just want to get him out my transfer list. There must be soo many of him on the market that ea must relise this? Surely

      1. I know ridiculous! Shame for fut this has happened you helped me out a lot, you told me wen to buy a toty and it made me 2 mill profit now after I brought a German leauge team my profits probly all gone lol

  11. So now game is fully controlled and manipulated by EA. Rodrigo you have published so many articles about tradading etc, I guess they over dated now after price ranges thing? But most affected are Youtubers, they crying now, they loose main income for living… There will be no more fun as used to be before. EA is doing tests now before new Fifa 16 will be out, but I think its really bad to do this in the middle of Fifa 15, dont you think?They will loose more than gain, people will just stop playing game, thats good time for Konami to gain more fans, they have oportunity now. Well done EA!!!!

    1. I totally agree with you. In my opinion, you are 100% correct. The biggest mistake of EA is to do it in the middle of the game.
      Many of the articles will still work but there are many articles that need to be updated.

  12. Goldah, they give guidelines how to to buy coins, but is a bit wired. Check their Face B and website.

  13. Coin buying is back!!! They found byepass! One of coin selleres who has banner on this website still selling coins!!! hahaha EA!! Just checked, it works!!!

  14. I’m just glad my team is sorted an I’m not really involved in the market anymore.

    Wonder how the massively overpriced chemistry styles will be affected. This will ruin genuine techniques for trading in the market though. I made thousands buy buying bombonera stadiums cheap and selling high, probably wouldn’t be able to after this.

    Will statistically great players like Huntelaar be priced high due to their stats even though they are dirt cheap in the game due to lack of pace? interesting how they will address this

    1. If I understand correctly prices will be evened out between the platforms. They calculate the average selling price and put a bottom and max price according to that statistic. They then will track price in/decrease and adjust the window maybe daily, weekly or hourly.

      Expect ps4 priced to drop instantly, xbox prices to rise instantly. I don’t expect a Market crash. Still very curious what your thoughts are Rodrigo

  15. Dont worry guys coinseller already working on solution, is too much money to loose for them! Buying coins should be up shortly!

  16. Hi Rodrigo,

    Any comments then what will happen to the market? How this affect the prices? Market crash down??


  17. Now no more high wagers the coin companies are affected too… Coz they cant buy your cheap cards anymore…

  18. Hey Rodrigo!
    I managed to get 5 SIF hummels for 705k, which is 5 k more then the lowest you can put them on market right now. Can I expect a rise in his price ? How long do you think it will take for market to get back in stable position cuz now prices are extremely low.

  19. I guess with a price cap (price limit) now instituted, we can afford in-forms and high end players. Do you think this policy is a good thing?

  20. i sold all my legends in anticipation of the irish cup pack releases. i feel so relieved i done that a couple of days ago and may have saved millions of coins inadvertantly. having said that dont you think it will be near impossible to aquire certain toty cards as people will be reluctant to sell them at a low price

      1. Ok that may mess me up a bit lol

        Will they leave brackets wide enough to take into account consumables applied such as chemistry styles?

        1. Yep it did can’t sell any of my informs for more than 5 – 10k than what I payed for them yet candreva s inform is still 200k he was 150k

          It is a good idea but they haven’t taken into account the way that informs will rise in price as they become rarer.

          This may be different for in forms that come out from now on but atm there’s no way you could make the money for Messi

  21. Fouad Moussa

    Hey rodrigo I have seen Many people are saying time to sell Fifa and get Pes I just Don’t understand why they’re saying this?!!! Why are they angry??

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