The PS4, the XBox One and the FIFA Future

The PS4, the XBox One and the FIFA Future


The PS4, the XBox One and the FIFA Future. How it will be?


The PS4, the XBox One and the FIFA Future


Last month, EA have announced that they have renewed the FIFA license until December the 31st, 2022. It means that will be possible to play FIFA 2023.
Everyone knows that the future of FIFA Franchise will be played on the PS4 and on the XBox One since they are the only consoles that supports the new motor engine EA Sports Ignite. These next-generation consoles were introduced yesterday on the E3 2013. It will be possible to play FIFA on the current-gen consoles until 2017 but the truth is that the future started on this annual expo.

By now, it seems that Playstation 4 has a small advantage over the new XBox. One of the most important differences between them is the price. The next-gen Sony console will be 100$ lower, region free and it will be possible to play used games on it. The strong point of Microsoft in this E3 was the exclusive games they showed. As you can view on the following table, the other big difference between them is the RAM they use:


Xbox One PlayStation 4
Price $499 $399
Availability November 2013 Holiday 2013
Blu-ray Yes Yes
Hard drive Built-in (500GB) Built-in (500GB)
Motion control New Kinect (bundled) Move controller
CPU 8-core x86 AMD 8-core x86 AMD
USB 3.0 Yes Yes
Wireless Yes (802.11n w/Wi-Fi Direct) Yes (802.11n)
Gigabit Ethernet Yes Yes
HDMI Yes (in and out) Yes
Suspend/resume game support Yes Yes
Background downloading Yes Yes
Native gameplay sharing (video) Yes Yes
Real-time gameplay steaming Yes (Twitch) Yes (Ustream)


The E3 2013


The FIFA Future started on E3 2013. If you missed the press conferences, it is your chance to watch it.


FIFA 14 E3 Press Conference



EA E3 Press Conference


Microsoft E3 Press Conference – XBox One



Sony E3 Press Conference – Playstation 4



On PS4 or on XBox One, we hope something really good for the FIFA future.