How to Qualify for the FIFA 17 Weekend League?

How to Qualify to FIFA 17 Weekend League of FUT Champions?


FUT Champions is a huge success. If you want to make part of the most competitive FIFA 17 game mode, you will need first to qualify for the Weekend League. We will explain how you can do it.


How to Qualify for FIFA 17 Weekend League?

What do you have to do to play the Weekend League?

Not everyone knows, but the Daily Knockouts are not the only way to qualify for the Weekend League.
You can do it through one of three ways:

    Daily Knockouts
    Online FUT Seasons
    Weekend League


    Let’s analyse in more detail what have to be done to get the qualification for the Weekend League.


    How to Qualify for the FIFA 17 Weekend League?


    Daily Knockouts

    In FIFA 17 there are no online featured tournaments how it happened in past years. They were replaced by the Daily Knockouts.

    These new tournaments expire in 24 hours and have different rewards and requirements. You are allowed to try your luck a determined number of times for each day. If you want to qualify, you will need to win four consecutive games in one of these Daily Knockouts of the previous week.


    Online FUT Seasons

    If you are on the first online division of FUT Seasons, you are in the good way to be qualified to the weekend league. All you need to do is to play at least one season in the previous week.

    In other words, you will be qualified through the online FUT seasons if:

      You were promoted from division 2 to division 1;
      You hold on the division 1;
      You won the division 1 title.

    If you meet any of these requirements, you are qualified. It doesn’t matter if, for example, you were relegated to the second division if before that you already won the division 1 title.


    Weekend League

    Electronic Arts decided that, starting in November, the best FUT Champions players don’t have to qualify to play the Weekend League.

    In other words, you will be automatically qualified if in the previous Weekend League you reached any of these tiers:

    • Gold 3
      Gold 2
      Gold 1
      Elite 3
      Elite 2
      Elite 1


    How to Qualify for the FIFA 17 Weekend League?


    You can only qualify once for each weekend. Meeting the entry requirements more than once in the same week will not give you the chance to play more matches in the weekend.


153 thoughts on “How to Qualify for the FIFA 17 Weekend League?”

  1. Hey, somewhere i have read that it is (from a certain time) easier to qualify through the daily knock-out tournaments. It was based on how far you came without winning the dkt. Do you know if this is correct and how it works?

    Second question where can i see who the best of december players are? (The reward for elite this weekend).

      1. Hey,
        Thanks again! Unfortunately i missed elite 3 on 2 wins. So i don’t gonna get that prices. Hopefully next weekend, is that with TOTY included?

        Thanks and keep up the good work as always!

          1. Maybe not the right place, but to continue on my previous question. Do you know what the montly rewards will be? I’m gonna reach elite 2 or 1, and many people say it will be best of first half year. But how many cards will we recieve? Like is it worth to reach elite 1 or do you get the same rewards for the month, also for next month.

          2. Ah oke, we will see then. Luckily i have trachea elite 1 monthly so hopefully 20 tots are coming my way. Otherwise some best of first half year aren’t bad also.

  2. If i was promoted in 1st division on saturday, am i qualified for the weekend league 6 days later? (next friday)?

      1. Hi Rodrigo. Are you sure getting promoted on saturday gives You qualification? It’s not in the same week technically.

  3. I’m in div 2 And I have reached promotion with 18 points and still have 3 games left to grab the title, but I’m wondering if to play them or not because I’m not sure if it will put me into the current weekend league and as it Sunday I would rather be in next weekends league, so I’d like some info about that please

  4. I had 18 wins andd am hit gold 3 in the last wknd league26/of the 5th and it does not say that im qualified allthough it says above if u reach gold 3 you automatically qualify

  5. Anmol Neupane

    Hey Guys,One questio for you guys
    I got gold 3 in fut champs but it says i am not quaified

  6. i won DIV 1 Title 4 times already and i still dont see an invite the FUT championship. What should i do?

  7. Mike Anderson

    I have qualified for this weekend but i know i will get another qualification once i receive my gold 3 rewards does that mean i qualify for the weekend after as well or does this qualification go to waste since i have already qualified by get promoted in divisions ?

      1. How do you cope with this seriously i think its very simple if they ask google the right question or even on ea communities they would find answer str8 away or even read what ppl have asked already and work it out its common sense i may be being brutal but seriously you guys.

  8. If u get promoted from div 2 on the weekend will u get put in the weekend league already running or the next weekend league ?

  9. If the weekend league has already started and then I win division 1 . will I qualify for this one or the next one

  10. Hi Rodrigo ive got into the gold 3 category of fut champions last week but its says im not automatically qualified for this weekends league…as something changed?????

  11. hi rodrigo, if i open my rewards on a saturday after the wl has started, do i get qualifiqaution for that wl or do i have to wait to the NeXT wl.

  12. Fearghalmcgarrity

    When do u get notified that you are definitely qualified by finishing gold 2?? Is it when rewards come out

  13. If I play on pc and get gold 3 will I qualify for the next weekend league automatically?

  14. I’ve got to gold 3 but when will i get qulifyed for the next weekend? in my rewards?

  15. It is Sunday and the weekend league is open. If I get promoted to the 1St div in online seasons TODAY will I qualify for next week. (I am already qualified for the current one)

  16. Does anyone know if your online Divison rank effects the type of opponents you play in the qualifying Tournamnet?
    i.e. If you’re in Div 2 you’ll play harder teams then say your in Div 5.

  17. hello! if i already qualified for the next weekend league by staying in the 1 Division , can i play again some matches in the 1 div and for example if i downgrade to the 2 second div, will my qualification for the weekend league stay or it will be cancelled? thnx.sry for my eng

  18. Hello Rodrigo, My question is regarding what you said – “play at least one season in the PREVIOUS WEEK” ?
    So I am right now sitting in div 2 with 4 games in hand, and require 1 win for promotion. I am already qualified for this week’s weekend league.
    My question is – For next week’s weekend league qualification, do I have to qualify to div 1 this week, or next week ?

    1. Hi.
      Sorry for the late reply.
      You made your question on Thursday, before Weekend League starts. It all depends of when you got promoted:
      – If you were promoted to division 1 before the Weekend League starts, it will be useless because you are already qualified.
      – If you were promoted to division 1 after the Weekend League starts, you will be qualified to the WL of the next week (Jan 6 to Jan 9).

      1. Hello again Rodrigo. Like I told you in my last comments that I needed 1 win to qualify for Div 1, which I did somewhat after the last WL was over. But still I am not shown qualified for coming WL !!

          1. If daily knockouts start as soon as WL ends ? Then most probably. Otherwise can’t be sure. Anyway, thanks for the info and help. I will try to contact them and qualify by knockout cup.

          2. Ah, then maybe I qualified while WL was in it’s last hours and thought it must have ended.
            Anyway, held onto div 1 and qualified automatically this time.
            Thanks for the help and good content.

          3. Hello, sorry for bugging you again and again. In a problem, I held Div 1 result just now, with 11 hours till WL starts, but didn’t qualify. By the way I rage quited my last game which could have won me the title, but I was far behind at min 70. So I quited by alt+tab. When I re-entered FUT, it gave me the money for holding div 1, but nothing about qualification. Is that due to my rage quit in the last game, or was it just too late to qualify by online divisions ?

          4. I did talk to EA customer card, he told me that I have qualified, but due to some problem it wasn’t showing, but I have qualified and will be able to play WL when it starts.
            Although he was wrong, I can’t play WL this week because it says I am not qualified.
            Still, I don’t think you are wrong. Probably some bug related to that rage quit from Ultimate team ? Or something. Anyway, thanks again for quick reply and info.

  19. This week was my first week in Fut Champions i got 20 wins and got gold 3 but for some reason its now saying that I’m not qualified yet

      1. if i have already promoted from division 2 to 1 and qualified to fut champions weekend league and then regelated to division 2 and then promoted from divsion 2 to 1 again in the same week before the weekend league starts so what wiil happen ?

  20. What is the reason that EA decided that Elite 3 is required for PC whereas only gold 3 is needed for consoles?


  21. I finished in gold 2 this weekend just gone, but it doesn’t say i have qualified? Have I done something wrong

  22. Does promotion to division one at the weekend (before the end of the current weekend league) qualifies to the next weekend league? Or should I try qualify after it’s done?

  23. Hello, I came to gold 1 on Xbox 1 last week, after i opened the packs IT still says That i am not qualified fot the weekend league.

  24. I got gold 3, but it says I have not been quailfied? I’ve also contacted EA sports, but they told me they couldn’t do anything and they are working on the problem. Is it 100% sure we will get quailfied before it starts for us who haven’t been quilfied yet, even though we got gold 3 or higher? Please answer asap 🙂

  25. Hello,

    I play on the PS4. I made gold 3 last weekend with 18 wins. As usual, it says not qualified (I understand it would normally say qualified after receiving rewards). Well I received the rewards today ($30,000, 2 mega packs, 1 rare players pack) (Didn’t pack anyone who could sell though, boo!) and it still says that I’m not qualified… I qualified 2 weeks ago through the daily knockout, got 21 wins and auto qualified for this past weekend. Is it not possible to qualify from the weekend tournament 2 weeks in a row even with a gold 3 ranking or higher? Is there an error on their end?

  26. I got 18 wins gold 3 on Xbox one but it’s still I haven’t qualified for the following week am I qualified or not ?

  27. Hi, I made it to gold 2’this weekend (on PS4) but is says I’m not qualified… will it say I’m qualified when the rewards come out.

      1. I’ve made 18 wins (ps4) and it says I’m still not qualified, what is going on ? Despite the fact that I’ve already opened the packs

      2. i was in Gold 3 last weekend i got rewards but it says i still need to qualify HELPPP!

  28. Oi, eu fiquei em Gold 3 no PS4 mas apareço como não qualificado, também queria saber quando recebo os prêmios, foi minha primeira semana com o Fifa. Valeeeu

    1. Olá Pedro.
      Os prémios são entregues na quarta-feira à noite seguinte à Weekend League que jogou e nessa altura também receberá a qualificação automática para a ronda seguinte.
      Pode ver o calendário aqui.

    2. eu ja recebi as recompensas e fiquei em gold 3 na ps4 e aparece que não estou qualificado.. pode me dizer a razao??

  29. It was my first time ever playing weekend league this past week and I ended up in Gold 2 with 22 wins but today i checked my UT and it said that I am not qualified for the upcoming weekend league even though I got 22 wins, why am I not qualified? Do I need to win the tournament to qualify?

  30. If I am already qualified for fut champs through the daily knockout tournament and before the weekend league starts I get promoted from division 2 online seasons to division 1 do I qualify for next weeks fut champs?

      1. Hi, I just recently held division two and the commentators said that it secured me a spot in weekend league. I checked after the game but it doesn’t say I am qualified, I’m confused as to whether or not I qualified

  31. I got to gold 3 (18 wins) on ps4 and still this says that i am not qualified why ??!!!!??

  32. I Just ended the weekend league on Xbox One i ended up in Gold 3 but when i go in to look if i have automatically qualified for next weekend, it say i havent, can someone help me cause i dont think thats normal ???

  33. If I gain promotion to division 1 this weekend, do I qualify for next weekends weekend lge? Or do I have to gain promotion during the weekdays for it to work?

  34. Eu parei no ouro 2 no PS4 e não aparece que estou qualificado, mudaram o processo de qualificação de volta para somente os knockouts?

  35. I got 26 wins made it to gold 1 on ps4 do i automatically enter into the weekend league?

  36. what about division 2?
    I had 15 points 2 games till end, and i lost both, i stayed in division 2, am i qualyfied? because, the commentator of the game said i am. :3

      1. Yeah I held my division in DIV and the commentator says If they win the match I will qualify. I won the match but when I went to the menu I wasn’t qualified because the weekend league is still going. Do I still qualify?

          1. Hey! I played two back to back seasons in div 2 and on the second run when I was about to hit the points needed not to be relegated the commentators said that a spot for the weekend league is on the cards if I win.

            I finished with with div2 title eventually so I cant confirm if I had gotten entry to weekend league by just holding div2.

  37. when is the latest I can qualify? if I decide to try and qualify tomorrow, am I allowed? I have heard that you can now qualify until Friday at 7pm EST

  38. Does the new qualification system start this email weekend so being that I finished in gold 2 the last weekend just gone does that mean I’m already in for this weekend?

        1. Sorry can you clear something up for me , I’m confused

          Do you quailfy for the FUT Champions if you win division 1 in single player season(s) or is it only if you win division 1 on onlin season(s) and / or don’t get relegated from division 2 ?

        1. I’ve already got packs for mu “gold 3”, but still not qualified for next weeks 🙁

  39. Hi Rodrigo,
    When you say :
    – You were promoted from division 2 to division 1, is it in singleplayer or online ?
    – You hold on the division 1, it’s available once right or all time you stay on division 1 ?
    – You won the division 1 title, if we win the division 1 everyweek are qualified too ?

    1. Hi Q1: its online season. Q2: you should finished everyweek one time division one without relegated and you qualified. Q3:if you won division one title you qualify just for one week hope it would be helpful

    1. O que eu acho totalmente injusto. O pessoal do console precisa vencer 50% das partidas para classificar para a semana que vem. Já no PC temos que vencer pelo menos 72% das partidas. Critério nenhum teve a EA.

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