How to Qualify for the FIFA 18 Weekend League?

How to Qualify to FIFA 17 Weekend League of FUT Champions?


FUT Champions is a huge success. If you want to make part of the most competitive FIFA 18 game mode, first you will need to qualify for the Weekend League. We will explain how you can do it.


Qualifying rules for FIFA 19 can be found clicking here


How to Qualify for FIFA 18 Weekend League?

What do you have to do to play the Weekend League?

Not everyone knows, but the Daily Knockouts are not the only way to qualify for the Weekend League.
You can do it through one of three ways:



Let’s analyse in more detail what have to be done to get the qualification for the FIFA 18 Weekend League.


How to Qualify for the FIFA 18 Weekend League?

Daily Knockouts

In FIFA 18 there are no featured tournaments, how it happened in previous titles. They were replaced by the Daily Knockouts. If you want to qualify, you will need to win four consecutive games in one of these tournaments of the previous week.

These tournaments usually expire in 48 hours and have different rewards and requirements. You are allowed to try your luck a determined number of times, usually 8. After you win one, you will not be able to play it again. If you won the first daily knockout of the week, you are already qualified but you are free to play the second one.


How to Qualify for the FIFA 18 Weekend League?

Online FUT Seasons

If you are on the first online division of FUT Seasons, you are in the good way to be qualified for the weekend league. All you need to do is to play at least one season in the previous week and not be relegated.

In other words, you will be qualified through the online FUT seasons if:

✔️ You were promoted from division 2 to division 1 (don’t have to win the title);
✔️ You hold on the division 1;
✔️ You won the division 1 title.

If you meet any of these requirements, you are qualified. It doesn’t matter if, for example, you were relegated to the second division if before that you already won the division 1 title. Don’t forget that you only get the qualification through the FUT Seasons, if you played at least one full season in the previous week. In fact, you don’t have to play the full season since all that matters is to play the final game of that season in the previous week.


How to Qualify for the FIFA 18 Weekend League?

Weekend League

If you are a regular FUT Champions player, you probably don’t have to play FUT Seasons or Daily knockouts to get qualified for the FIFA 18 Weekend League. All you have to do is to rank gold on the previous round (starting in February, silver 2 or above). This is valid for any of the platforms: PC, Playstation 4 or XBox One.

In other words, you will be automatically qualified if in the previous Weekend League you reached any of these tiers:

✔️ Silver 2 (starting in February)
✔️ Silver 1 (starting in February)
✔️ Gold 3
✔️ Gold 2
✔️ Gold 1
✔️ Elite 3
✔️ Elite 2
✔️ Elite 1


Remember that you can only qualify once for each weekend. Meeting the entry requirements more than once on the same week, will not give you the chance to play more matches on the weekend or any extra qualification to be used on future rounds.

You should also keep in mind that you will only receive your qualifications on Thursdays. No matter if you ranked gold, won a tournament or hold on division 1, you will never receive your qualification before that.

If for some reason you were not able to claim your qualification, don’t worry. It will be waiting for you, as soon as you open your console on the weekend for which you got the qualification. In other hand, if you meet one of the conditions after EA release the qualifications, you will be able to play the weekend league since that it happened before the weekend league round starts. All qualifications that happen while weekend league is running, will be valid for the next round.


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  1. I’ve read all the posts and can’t see an answer to my question, so apologies if there is an answer but I missed it.

    I played my first ever FUT Champions comp last weekend and only managed to win 10 games (out of 23 matches), meaning I didn’t qualify automatically for this weekends comp. Knowing this, I thought I’d try to quality via the daily knockout tournament (like I did previously). HOWEVER, every day this week the DKT option on my X-Box is telling me there are no tournaments right now. Is this right? IS this because I didn’t play 40 games, or am I not allowed to qualify via DKT two weeks in row to let other players have the opportunity?

    1. Hi. You missed THIS page, where you can see that the competition is closed in September. The reason why you can’t find DKTs is because Weekend League will only be available when FIFA 19 goes out.

  2. hey i’m trying to meet the requirements for fut champs i’m getting frustrated

    can anyone help me out plzzzzz 🙂

  3. If I get promoted to division 1 on the weekend, do I qualify for the next weekend league? Or does it have to be done during qualification throughout the week? Thanks.

  4. I have been promoted to division 1..I lost 2 games and I didn’t play after that.. Will I be qualified for the FUT champions

      1. Been losing final games in daily tournament matches but it says I have qualified, have i?

  5. hi

    can i ask how your opponent is selected in the weekly tournament and the weekend league? i am only div 5 but have come up against some ridiculously good teams that i have no chance against.

  6. Noglitchingplease

    Hey Rodrigo..what do you make of players who pause the game immediately before kickoff in order to sub a player with no chem whatsoever or change formation to create a glitch on the game which somehow does make for the other team players to make mistakes or allows for unexplicable lose situations or makes your players very retarded and almost guaranteed to cost you the game..its blatant cheating and EA allows it..they should make it so nobody can pause the game prior to kick off for at least 15 minutes..there’s no need for that to happen to begin with..why should the other player be able to pause the game if it’s my kickoff on top of that, but there’s virtually no need for..just shine some light on this would you..

  7. Hi, just wondering in DKT if you finish top 25% of all player that didn’t qualify you get auto qualify for weekend after the weekend you were attempting to qualify for.

  8. If you qualify for the weekend league, but then don’t enter for that weekend, is the entry still valid for the following weekend? (Ie does it roll over if it doesn’t get used). Thanks

  9. hey.. iam a 2-3 division player but i still cant quailfy to the weekend leauge
    can you give a good players in CDM and CAM and ST for a english squad

  10. I haven’t played this weekend league. I have 2 games left on my seasons (division 1) from a couple weeks back. If I hold division 1 after those 2 games, would I be qualified for next weekend?

    1. We are not sure about that. It isn’t the first time someone makes us this question but no one has confirmed. We believe that all you have to do is to play the final match. In this case, you would be qualified for WL playing these two matches and holding division 1. ANyone here can confirm this, please?

  11. nir krinizky

    i have a Q…
    i start to play now in the fut champions weekend leage .. i have 40 matches..
    its agenst human player or computer ????

  12. Hi I wonder if i have gotten silver 1 previous week and the same befors that and gold 3 befors that and if I dont qualify this weekend does silver 1 from previous week qualify me still

  13. Mr R.Lopes can you confirm this question of mine?
    In order to qualify through online seasons, do i have to play all 10 games from Monday to WL start time?
    or can i play 9 games beforehand , say in the previous week, and finish my season say this thursday to qualify for the upcoming WL?

    1. We are not 100% sure but we think that, in order to qualify via online seasons, you have to play the last match in the previous week and not the entire season. Anyone here can confirm this, please?

  14. I have got 11 wins will I qualify for this weekend fut champions when will it say I have qualified if i have

  15. Syed Arif ur Rehman

    Hi ! Em from Saudi Arabia .. I am a new one to play FUT . Can u guide me the full procedure step by step that how can we qualify to FUT Champions Tournament? So that it will be easy for me to understand !

    1. Hi. If you haven’t played it yet, you only have two options:
      1) go to FUT > online > Seasons and get promoted to division 1.
      2) go to FUT> online > FUT Champions > Daily Knockout Tournament and win it.

  16. Ive gave in trying to get into weekend league i won dailly knockout tournaments two weeks in a row on the tuesday and when it came to weekend i get refused entry absolute garbage contacted ea both times 4 weeks on now still never had a reply this is my first year of ever playing fifa ive been in iraq for nearly 15 years on and off trying to enjoy my leave of service but al enjoy nxt year insted when i dont buy the new fifa

    1. I’d check my entered region if i were you , if you havent put Iraq as your location and the games figures that out , you could be denied every entry to such tournaments.
      also you can try and contact EA by chat my friend, they helped me solve things once or twice.

  17. ✔ Silver 2 (starting in February)
    ✔ Silver 1 (starting in February)
    ✔ Gold 3
    ✔ Gold 2
    ✔ Gold 1
    ✔ Elite 3
    ✔ Elite 2
    ✔ Elite 1 Really ? Silver 1 and Silver 2 ? To the end of season ?

  18. from february to next fifa coming on the market silver 2 is enough to qualify in every weekend league??

  19. Youssef Osama

    would i qualify for every week fut champs if i’m in div 1 but i wont play any games ?

  20. Thank you. And in next week’s will be the same that silver 2 grants qualification or this is only in this weekend.

  21. HI in this week start auto qualifi next WL from silver 2. I got silver 2 this week and says that i am not qualified

  22. I just got 13 points in division 2 to hold and the commentary team said “They have qualified for the FUT champions weekend league”, are you 100% sure they haven’t changed it this year? (I was a gold 1/ elite 3 player last year regularly so I’m not new to it all it just seems strange for the commentary team to say that)

  23. Michael mallen

    Hey im i played my firts weekend league in gold 3 but I still dont reserved my packs and my coins

  24. I get silver 1 in this weekend will I be promoted to the next weekend league? Reward will be granted 1 February so I don’t really know.

  25. i am getting fifa 18 this week, but i dont know how to qualify for my first week which will most likely be february 2nd. please email me back with response at: [email protected]

  26. Yaroslav Orudzhov

    In previous FIFA season (17) you only got to not relegate from division 2 to get qualified. Did they change the rule this season?

  27. If I hold div2 do I qualify to wl??
    And if I go to div1 and don’t play any match I will qualify every week ??

  28. What league level should you be to try futchamps??? I’m a solid league 2-3 player but keep getting drawn against fut founders and monster teams in my qualifications! Can’t get in

    1. Lower your team rating, put low bronze players on the bench to face easier opponents

  29. Do I have to play full season (from first match) between monday – thursday (usual qulification days)? If I be promoted from DIV2 and played matches e.g. for the last 2 weeks, will I be quelified to WL?
    Promotion to DIV2 will get you qualification only for next WL or any future WL?
    Will I be qualified to WL each week if I hold one season in DIV1?

    1. Hi.
      1) You only need to win four matches in a row. It can be anytime, even in last day.
      2) You need to play a full season on division 1 and not get relegated, or play a full season on division 2 and get promoted to be qualified for WL. These full seasons has to be played in the previous week.
      3) Promotion from division 2 will only give you qualification for that weekend.
      4) No. You need to play a full season every week and not be relegated to get qualified for all weekends.

  30. I got gold in cut champions but it shows that I didn’t qualify for next weekend do they show when I get rewards or is it a glitch

  31. If I qualify from Sesson 4 to online season 3 for example , I will get qualified ? Thanks in advance

  32. when i start to enter the match in FUT champions , the device tells me , your squad does not have the requirement to play then
    Nationalites : exactly 1 in your starting 11 and sub , how can i solve it please
    What can i do in my squad

  33. hey i got gold 2 in my last WL and i did not get my rewads on thrusday do you know why????and do anyone know how to contact with ea???? pkz help

  34. Hi I like Fifa but I am not good at playing online can u found me a nother way that I am not playing online plz

  35. There is no automatic qualification after reaching gold 3 in fifa 18.
    I did but nothing happened. Still need to fight through knockout apparently

    1. It won’t say on screen you are qualified until Thursday, but you are automatically qualified- I did the same in Gold 3 last year

        1. Yeah I am sure gold 3 is enough, if you got gold 3 (18 wins) or better you will gain automatic qualification for the next weekend league. It will only tell you that you have qualified when the rewards are released on Thursday

      1. Hi man I reached th final 3 times but no luck do u know if they will qualify me as one of the top 25% unqualified ?

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