How to Qualify for the FIFA 20 Weekend League?

FIFA 20 Weekend League Calendar

FUT Champions is a huge success. If you want to make part of the most competitive FIFA 20 game mode, first you will need to qualify for the Weekend League. We will explain on this page how you can do it.

How to Qualify for FIFA 20 Weekend League?

What do you have to do to play the Weekend League?

If you want to play the FIFA 20 Weekend League, you have two options:


Let’s analyse in more detail what have to be done to get the qualification for the FIFA 20 Weekend League.


How to Qualify for the FIFA 20 Weekend League?


FUT Division Rivals is very similar to the extinct online seasons but with better rewards. If you want to qualify for the Weekend League, you will need to join 2,000 FUT Champions points which can be done by playing FUT Rivals.

This game mode is always available and have different rewards but no requirements. If you win a token, you are already qualified but you are free to continue playing FUT Rivals. Reaching division 1 will not qualify you anymore.

The number of FUT Champions Points earned for each game is dependant on your performance and current Division. The better you play, the more points you earn. Each Division has a multiplier on your FUT Champions Points, so the higher the Division you are in, the faster you’ll rack up Points.

You can see in the following table how many points you win in each match.

25.0 12.5 6.2 4.0 3.2 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.2 1.0
500 250 124 80 64 50 50 30 24 20
200 100 50 32 26 20 16 12 10 8
100 50 24 16 14 9 8 6 6 4

Every Thursday morning, at the end of each campaign, you are also rewarded with a few FUT Champions points, based on your division and final rank.

You can see in the following table how many points you win at the end of each competition.

RANK I 0 750 375 240 195 100 80 60 25 20
RANK II 0 500 250 160 130 50 40 30 0 0
RANK III 500 250 125 80 65 0 0 0 0 0
RANK IV 250 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


How to Qualify for the FIFA 20 Weekend League?


If you are a good FUT Champions player, you probably don’t have to play FUT Rivals to get qualified for the FIFA 20 Weekend League. All you have to do is to use your weekly matches to win the requested 2,000 points. The better you play, the more points you will get. This is equally valid for any of the platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Reaching level silver 1 will qualify you automatically.

Starting at tiers with 11 wins or more, the rewards earned will include the full amount of points required to join another Weekend League. Additionally, every tier below 11 wins also includes some FUT Champions Points that will get you closer to another attempt at qualifying for the Weekend League.

You can see in the following table the tier you need to reach at the end of the week to get the qualification.

BRONZE 3 250
BRONZE 2 500
BRONZE 1 500
SILVER 3 1,000
SILVER 2 1,000
SILVER 1 2,000
GOLD 3 2,000
GOLD 2 2,000
GOLD 1 2,000
ELITE 3 2,000
ELITE 2 2,000
ELITE 1 2,000


Remember to redeem your FUT Champions Points up to 24 hours after the start of the Weekend League you want to participate in. If you don’t redeem them in time, you can hold onto them to use in a future Weekend League.


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  1. Banele Mkhize

    I’m still on fifa 20 and I have racked up the 2000pts to get registered for the Fut champions but it says it’s in 3103 days… Is it actually still happening

  2. I have 2000 points still i cannot redeem it . Am desperately searching how to register it shows some 3000+ days more .

  3. If i allready registered on Tuesday and i continuously play rivals match before the weekend league starts than the points will count for future league?

      1. Hi.. Ok I want know since I ended up ranked at silver 2 or 3 this past fut champs weekend league.. The 1000 points I scored for that rank, will it be carried over and edded to my current 1000 qualification points to qualify for next fut champs weekend league? For e.g weekend league points scored 1000 + 1000 I currently scored in division rivals =2000 meaning I can qualify?

        1. Matthew Govender

          If I get 2000pts while FUT Champions is active. Does it continue to next weeks Chanpions or do I have to compete in this weeks one

  4. Which are the days that i can qualify for example can i qualify Saturday morning or i must qualify beafore the weekend?

  5. Wayne Cunningham

    I need to play 5 games to be ranked on FUT champions, I’ve played 3, but now its saying . Training items on players: exactly 0 in your starting 11 and subs?? What does this mean , its took over a year to get this far HELP

  6. Christian Surace

    Hello. sorry for information, I can no longer find my ticket to participate in the week league. what should I do.

  7. I’ve qualified and have got 2000 points but I’m unable to play fut champs only division rivals

  8. FelixGunner704

    I have +300K currently using Goncalo Guedes as LF when is it the right time to buy Eden Hazard considering the price drops and a possible November Messi POTM In a weeks time

  9. Hello,i have a question,is about fifa 19,i have 2000 points but i cant play fut champion,only division rivals,i am division 5,and i cant play,the game show me”opens in:TBD”
    And “No upcoming weekend league” or beceause fifa 20 appear on the fifa 19 doesen’t work more to play fut champions? Please one answeer.

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      1. Sorry for the late question but i am new to fifa 20. If i only need 100 qualifications points and i get them for an hour can i play this weekend league

  11. Can you still gain points on the Friday to compete and redeem them on the Friday night

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