10 Questions about FIFA 16 Team of the Year

10 Questions about FIFA 16 Team of the Year


People are asking us all the time questions about FIFA 16 Team of the Year. It’s time to give them answers. Let’s learn something more about the TOTY.


10 Questions about FIFA 16 Team of the Year


Who selects the TOTY ? When is it announced ?


Let’s start by something you probably already know: EA Sports doesn’t choose the TOTY. The Team of the Year is built from the voting of FIFPro, the world wide professional footballers association. Almost 25,000 players from 70 countries have the power to decide who is in the best eleven of the year.

The final team will be announced at the FIFA Ballon d’Or in Zurich on Monday January 11, 2016.
The estimated schedule for the Ballon d’Or 2015 Gala is:

    Press conferences | 1pm UK | 5am PT
    ‘Red Carpet’ | 3:30pm UK | 7:30am PT
    Awards begin | 5pm UK | 9am PT
    TOTY announcement | 6pm UK | 10am PT


When are TOTY cards released ?


Every year, EA Sports releases the first TOTY cards in packs at 8pm (UK time).

These rare items will only be available in packs for a limited time according to its positions (subject to changes):

    Goalkeepers and Defenders
    From 11/01/2016 8pm UK | 13/01/2016 12pm PT
    To 13/01/2016 6pm UK | 13/01/2016 10am PT

    From 13/01/2016 6pm UK | 13/01/2016 10am PT
    To 15/01/2016 6pm UK | 15/01/2016 10am PT

    From 15/01/2016 6pm UK | 15/01/2016 10am PT
    To 16/01/2016 6pm UK | 16/01/2016 10am PT

    All Players at once
    From 16/01/2016 6pm UK | 16/01/2016 10am PT
    To 18/01/2016 6pm UK | 18/01/2016 10am PT


Who will be in the TOTY ? Does it includes subs or reserves ?


The shortlist of 55 players was announced in November 26, 2015. You can meet them all by clicking here. You can also take a look at our FIFA FIFPro World XI 2015 forecast, by clicking here.

The Team of the Year is formed exclusively by eleven players: a goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three forwards. EA Sports can not release subs or reserves because they don’t exist on the original FIFPro World XI.

During the TOTY season, the TOTW will continue to be released as usual on Wednesdays, including lots of subs and reserves.


10 Questions about FIFA 16 Team of the Year

Example of possible FIFA 16 Team of the Year


How likely is it to pull a TOTY card from a pack ?


You probably already know that the chances of pulling a TOTY card from a pack are low. The question is: how low?

When a player gets his TOTY card in packs, it is impossible to find his regular card there. Your odds of pulling a TOTY card from a pack are exactly the same ones of pulling the NIF card of that player in another time. The cardweight doesn’t changes. The only thing that is different it’s their colour (and stats, obviously!).

We don’t have to say to you that it’s easier to find a TOTY Neuer than a TOTY Ronaldo, right ?


In which packs can I find a TOTY card ?


In theory, you can find a Team of the Year card in any pack which contains rare gold players. This also applies to Manager Tasks, Draft mode or other prizes.

If finding a blue Messi is already something very difficult, in a 15k package is almost impossible. For those looking to get one of these cards in a pack, we recommend investing in 50k and 100k packages because they are the ones with the lowest price by rare gold player.


Can I store packs to open during the TOTY week ?


Yes. It doesn’t matter when you got the packs. The cards you will find inside depend exclusively of the date you open them.

For example, you can save packs from Manager Tasks, Draft mode and Daily Gifts to open during the TOTY week. They will not expire if you claim them and store them on ‘My Packs’ into the FUT store.


When is the best time to open packs ?


This one is easy. That’s when all the Team of the Year players are in packs, probably between Saturday night and Monday night.

With eleven TOTY players in packs, your chances of finding one of these cards are two times higher than in the first two days and three times higher than in the other days.

Besides that, during these two days 100k packs will be released, which is good news for those who will try their luck.


10 Questions about FIFA 16 Team of the Year


When will the prices be lower ?


Prices have already started to go down even before TOTY. First with the FUT United, then with FUTMas and finally with the TOTY pre-crash.

On TOTYs release date, prices should be low. However, as the goalkeeper and defences are the least interesting cards, in the following day there is an up trend. One day after, it’s time for the midfielders. Once again, because there will only three TOTY cards in packs, instead of the five of previous days, prices should continue going up, but being lower during dawn. This trend will hold until Thursday and when the forwards are released prices drop. This decrease is even stronger when all Team of the Year players become available in packages.


When should I sell the cards I bought during TOTY ?


We advice you to hold on at least one week. You can even wait longer but the more you wait, the less coins you will have to invest in that period.

If you are an experienced player, you can buy and sell several times during TOTY week. For example, if you buy on TOTY release date, you will be able to sell during the three following days with a nice income, getting the chance to repurchase at discount during the weekend to sell later.

Regarding the TOTY cards, it is expectable that throughout the weeks they become rarer and for that reason more expensive. But there are exceptions. The least interesting, like Dani Alves in FUT 15, may even drop its price.


How much is the depreciation of cards during the TOTY crash ?


This is a tricky question for several reasons.

First and foremost, the depreciation has been already happening for a while. When we ask how much was the depreciation, we must know as to when. Ibrahimovic, for example, is costing less than 100k even before the Team of the Year starts. In just one month, he lost half of his value, so do not expect that he loses the other half during the TOTY week.

In second place, because players don’t get depreciated all by the same way. Cards below 10k are the ones which have the biggest drop in percentage, and for that reason they are good investments. The consumables are part of this group of cards, and have the advantage of being able to be stored infinitely.

The NIF cards from TOTY players usually have smaller drops when compared to other cards, even because during part of the week they stop being available in packs and become more rare.


Good TOTY week. Have fun.


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  1. I have a quick questio, hope I’ll get an reply very soon.
    Is it possible to buy 100k packs with FIFA Points? I mean all the “special” packs can be bought with FIFA Points, right?

  2. I just packed Manuel Nuer in a Premium Gold pack but he was the regular card. I contacted Ea about this and they said it woul be turned blue in about a week. Is this correct? The Ea advisor seemed in a rush to get me disconnected. That’s why I’m not too sure he was telling me the truth. Please help. Thank you in advance.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      It was the regular card because it was what are supposed to be. The blue Neuer was a limited edition that is no longer available (only 11 to 18 Jan).

  3. Probably you are tired of this sort of questions, so sorry, but… I have TOTY Messi, and I think that his price will go up in 2-3 weeks time. What do you advise me? To sell him now, sell him in beginning of February, or to wait more?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      As you said, his price will probably go up soon. If that is your opinion, wait a few weeks before sell him.

  4. Just wondering if Wayne Rooney will be made a black card soon? If so, roughly when?

  5. Rodrigo,

    I want to buy Di Maria buy his price on ps4 is currently 34k
    should I buy him now, or will his price go down further in a few days,
    and buy him them.

  6. Hi Rodrigo
    I opened a 15k pack and got aguero
    I have 84k coins
    And have a LA liga team
    This is my team

    Gaya-mussachio-godin-de Marcos
    Ter stegen
    Now could you tell me what to do now…
    I am really confused

      1. So I made this team
        Aguero. Inform lamela
        Fabregas. Cazorla coutinho
        Alba pique. Godin. Alves
        Ter stegen

        So is this good?

          1. Thanks!
            Ya I know that I will try to earn more 😉
            And prices will reduce yeah ?
            They have increased… So when will they go down
            I sold my aguero for 165k
            So if it reduces to 140k at least, I will buy him and make a good profit

  7. Hi Rodrigo

    They already released many 100 K Packs.
    My idea was to open packs between 16th and 18th when all the TOTY-Players are in Packs
    Do you think they will offer new 100K Packs during the Weekend? If yes, when do you predict them?

    Thank you!

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      We believe that they will release lightning rounds tomorrow. 100k packs will be released for sure.

  8. Rodrigo,

    Do you think investiging in totw 18 cards is wise?

    P’s. Will there be a winter upgrade article any time soon?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Investing in IF cards of player who will be upgraded may be a smart move.
      We will publish a winter upgrade article soon.

      1. Do you think the price of TOTY Pogba will surpass 2 million? i want to make a team around Luís Figo and Ronaldo, do you it is better to wait or sell Pogba right now and buy them?

  9. Hi, when is the best player to buy TOTY players as an investment during this week ? (when will e.g. defenders be the cheapest ?)

  10. I was going to sell Depay but his price went down dramatically..does his price Will be permanent? And in the other hand I wanted to buy hazard instead and also De bruyne but their price not decreasing..
    Do you think it’s better to wait till next week to buy them or it doesn’t matter..
    Please advise..thx

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Depay will be slightly more expensive next week. The prices of De Bruyne and Hazard will not go down next week.

      1. Thanks for the advise..but what I don’t understand..how come some good and expinsive player drop down dramatically and others stay as they are?
        Meaning why hazard and De bruyne is maintaining their price and not dropping down although many players is dropping down such depay,roony,Costa,kompany and Many others?thx

        1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

          You already answered to your own question: because the most expensive players are more wanted in this time of the game than the other ones.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Sure. You can buy 1,000 amazing packs that it is not guaranteed to get a TOTY.

  11. Help
    ”With eleven TOTY players in packs, your chances of finding one of these cards are two times higher than in the first two days and three times higher than in the other days.”
    i didnt understand this..

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Let’s see:
      When all TOTY players are available in pack (16-19 Jan), you have more chances to find one of them when open a pack than in the rest of the TOTY week. That’s because there are only 5 TOTY players in packs between 11 and 13, and only 3 TOTY players between 13 and 16.

      1. Hello rodrigo, what do you think would be the best time to sell TOTY Neuer? I was thinking in a month or2, sound about right?

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