Redknapp and Cahill FUT 13 Squads

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Producer Marcel Kuhn Shows How the Game Will Be


Harry Redknapp and Tim Cahill shared their perfect FUT 13 squad.

Know them.


Harry Redknapp Perfect FUT 13 Squad


Harry Redknapp, old manager of Bournemouth, West Ham United, Portsmouth, Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur, currently in Queens Park Ranger, shared his perfect FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Squad.


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Tim Chaill Perfect FUT 13 Squad


Tm Cahill, old australian player of Millwall and Everton, currently in New York Red Bulls, shared his perfect FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Squad.


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12 thoughts on “Redknapp and Cahill FUT 13 Squads”

    1. FIFA U Team Administrator

      Depends of what you are looking for, your prefences, your formation, your platform, etc…
      For us, Tévez is a great BPL player for that money.

  1. I want to make a lot of cash .i have these players Cech,gary Cahill ,samba from qpr, jageila from Everton,khediara ,santon from Tottenham, duff from Fulham, gervinho from arsenal, Oscar from Chelsea,goufraan and piazzini from ac Milan.
    Subs. Scholes,diarra,de gea,park,
    Could you tell me which players to sell anand what price.who can I buy at a cheap cost

  2. Dream team is

    GK Buffon
    LB Gary Cahil
    RB Dani Alves
    CB Vidic
    CB Sergio Ramos
    LW Gareth Bale
    RW Franck Ribery
    CM Neymar
    LF Cristiano Ronaldo
    RF Lionel Messi
    ST ZlatanIbrahimovic

    Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :{)}

  3. i have a all french team with:
    any recomendations for my fut?

    1. FIFA U Team Administrator

      We have not tested many French players. So, we are not experts in French team.
      We only give suggestions if we have tested, like it happens with Brazilians, Serie A, BBVA and BPL.

      1. matthew davies

        please help me, i have been workin hard from the start of fifa 13 in fut, i have g.k jo hart
        ST.RVP. but now my xbox 360 has been taken away due to my brother movin out, so now ive got a ps3, can any1 please help me out and giv me info on how to send this team to my ps3, u will be a great help!

        hi admin i have submited a comment on my fut, like i have said my brother has now taken the xbox, but i have now got a ps3, i have worked v.hard buildin up a crackin squad an i want 2 keep buildin, but now my xbox have gone, is there any way i can put my squad from the xbox in to my ps3 account via e-mail or any other way

        1. FIFA U Team Administrator

          Bad news to you.
          FUT 13 on PS3, XBox360 and PC are all different games. It is not possible to import your team from one platform to another one.
          What gamers usually do in your situation is to sell their XBox360 FUT 13 players and buy PS3 FUT 13 players. You can read a bit more about it HERE.

  4. I have 30k to spend on a Premier League team (except for Eto’o) in a 5-3-2 formation. Who should I be looking to buy?
    Current XI:
    Walker Kaboul Agger Vermaelen Gibbs
    Wilshere Cazorla Arteta
    Eto’o Podolski

    Any suggestions?

  5. Are you serious? Bale LB, CR7 CAM, MESSI, NEYMAR CAM! And why do you have Essien… I used to sub him off before half time because of his low stamina

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