Squad Battles Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Squad Battles Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team


Squad Battles is a brand new game mode within FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, that rewards the best single players with amazing prizes. On this Squad Battles guide for FIFA 18, we will explain everything about it.



Squad Battles for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

What is Squad Battles?

Squad Battles Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team


As we already said, Squad Battles is a brand new game mode within FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Compete and earn rewards in this all-new single player mode. Take on other squads from the FUT community, to earn rewards and move up the leaderboards.

Squad Battles can be explained in three steps:

Compete against Squads from around the world in Squad Battles. Play as many games as you can in this Single Player Mode throughout the week to climb the leaderboard and earn rewards.

Every day, new opponents are available to match up against, each squad made by someone in the community. More difficult squads offer increased rewards.

Climb the ranks of a dynamic leaderboard. Ranks are determined by the average score among all competitors.


To start playing Squad Battles, you just need to enter in your Ultimate Team, go to Single Player and select Squad Battles. You can check the following image if you are not sure about how to do it.

Squad Battles Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team


Squad Battles vs FUT Champions

What is the difference between Squad Battles and FUT Champions

Squad Battles Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team


Squad Battles is being named the FUT Champions offline, because it has a few things in common: both are competitive game modes where you have to play as many games as you can; both have a ranking system that rewards every player; and even the layout is similar.

However, there are also big differenced between them, that will help you understand how this game mode works:

This is the most important difference. Not eveyone likes to play online. The single player game is different and there is much less pressure. Besides that, for who doesn’t have a great connection, Squad Battles is a good alternative.

Who plays Squad Battles has the weekend free to do other things because the games are more spread by the days of the week. You don’t need to play all your games in 72 hours.

There are many people who never played the popular FUT Champions because never achieved to get a qualification. This doesn’t happen on Squad Battles because everyone is invited. You just need to enter and play. As simple as that.

While not as lucrative as FUT Champions, Squad Battles offers worthwhile prizes every week. At least, it is by far the single-player mode with better rewards.

This is another big difference between these two game modes. Do you know the special untradeable cards every FUT Champions player receives when the month ends? Well, in Squad Battles you don’t have that…


How Does Squad Battles Work?

How do you rank, leaderboards and more details about Squad Battles for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Squad Battles Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team


As you already know, on Squad Battles you compete and earn rewards in the new FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) single-player mode. But how you do it? We will explain it now.

In Squad Battles, your rank is determined by battle points. You earn them by playing matches. You can take on other squads from the FUT community to earn rewards and move up the leaderboards. The criteria for each rank is based off all the player’s results who are taking part in a Squad Battles event. This means your rank could constantly change throughout the week as the criteria for each rank adjusts as players play through the mode. For example, if you played the four daily matches as soon as the week started, you probably will rank very well but as soon as other players start playing, you will drop to a lower tier.

It’s time now, to explain to you the Squad Battles menu. It has three windows:

This is where you set the difficulty level and pick the opponent you will play. You can see his squad, formation and tactics. If you already played against him, you will see the final result. Four new teams are added every time you click on the ‘Update Opponents’ button (if available).

This is where you can see how well you are going and which rewards you can get. Just like in FUT Champions, you have several tiers, that goes from Bronze 3 to Elite 1 and also TOP 100. Remember that the event only ends on Sunday night, so your current ranking is not the final one.

3 TOP 100
This is where you can see who are the best Squad Battles players in that moment. As we explained, the rank is determined by battle points. Who has more battle points, gets the first position. If two or more players have the same points, the player with fewer games played gets the higher position. The leaderboard updates every five minutes.


Squad Battles Opponents

Understanding the Squad Battles opponents and the opponents update feature

Squad Battles Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team


In Squad Battles you can play against two kinds of opponents:

Four new teams are added every day. Because this mode changes from minute to minute, you and your friends may get different squads.

In the Featured Squad Battle, you can challenge the squads of football players, pro FIFA players and celebrities to test your skills and build your team. Everyone gets the same squad for this one which keeps available for one week. The Featured Squad Battle may sometimes skip a week.

The Opponent Update is how you refresh your list of available Opponent Squads. When you have played all the available Opponent Squads, you’ll have to wait until an Opponent Update is available before you can get a new list of Opponent Squads. To maximize your battle points, make sure to use all your Opponent Updates during the event. If you miss using an Opponent Update, you won’t get the maximum battle points for the event.

Games carry over for 1 turn. If you miss a day, you are still able to play the four matches of that day. In order to do that, just be sure that you don’t press the ‘Opponent Update’ button before you play them. As soon as you press R1/RB, the opponents list is refreshed. However, if you update your opponents too late, you may be missing the games of a few days.


Squad Battles Schedule

When will you be able to play against your opponents?

Squad Battles Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team


In Squad Battles you are limited to play up to four matches per day, except on the weekends. To make the things more clearly, we will show you the times for each day.

ROUND 1 ⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
Four Matches
From Monday 01:00am to Tuesday 01:00am ?? GMT (UCT +1)
From Sunday 08:00pm to Monday 08:00pm ???? EST (UCT -4)
From Sunday 05:00pm to Monday 05:00pm ?? PST (UCT -7)

ROUND 2 ⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
Four Matches
From Tuesday 01:00am to Wednesday 01:00am ?? GMT (UCT +1)
From Monday 08:00pm to Tuesday 08:00pm ???? EST (UCT -4)
From Monday 05:00pm to Tuesday 05:00pm ?? PST (UCT -7)

ROUND 3 ⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
Four Matches
From Wednesday 01:00am to Thursday 01:00am ?? GMT (UCT +1)
From Tuesday 08:00pm to Wednesday 08:00pm ???? EST (UCT -4)
From Tuesday 05:00pm to Wednesday 05:00pm ?? PST (UCT -7)

ROUND 4 ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
Four Matches
From Thursday 01:00am to Friday 01:00am ?? GMT (UCT +1)
From Wednesday 08:00pm to Thursday 08:00pm ???? EST (UCT -4)
From Wednesday 05:00pm to Thursday 05:00pm ?? PST (UCT -7)

ROUND 5 ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
Four Matches
From Friday 01:00am to Saturday 01:00am ?? GMT (UCT +1)
From Thursday 08:00pm to Friday 08:00pm ???? EST (UCT -4)
From Thursday 05:00pm to Friday 05:00pm ?? PST (UCT -7)

ROUND 6 ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
Four Matches
From Saturday 01:00am to Saturday 09:00am ?? GMT (UCT +1)
From Friday 08:00pm to Saturday 04:00am ???? EST (UCT -4)
From Friday 05:00pm to Saturday 01:00am ?? PST (UCT -7)

ROUND 7 ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪
Four Matches
From Saturday 09:00am to Saturday 05:00pm ?? GMT (UCT +1)
From Saturday 04:00am to Saturday 12:00pm ???? EST (UCT -4)
From Saturday 01:00am to Saturday 09:00am ?? PST (UCT -7)

ROUND 8 ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪
Four Matches
From Saturday 05:00pm to Sunday 01:00am ?? GMT (UCT +1)
From Saturday 12:00pm to Saturday 08:00pm ???? EST (UCT -4)
From Saturday 09:00am to Saturday 05:00pm ?? PST (UCT -7)

ROUND 9 ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪
Four Matches
From Sunday 01:00am to Sunday 09:00am ?? GMT (UCT +1)
From Saturday 08:00pm to Sunday 04:00am ???? EST (UCT -4)
From Saturday 05:00pm to Sunday 01:00am ?? PST (UCT -7)

ROUND 10 ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪
Four Matches
From Sunday 09:00am to Sunday 05:00pm ?? GMT (UCT +1)
From Sunday 04:00am to Sunday 12:00pm ???? EST (UCT -4)
From Sunday 01:00am to Sunday 09:00am ?? PST (UCT -7)

ROUND 11⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫
Four Matches
From Sunday 05:00pm to Monday 01:00am ?? GMT (UCT +1)
From Sunday 12:00pm to Sunday 08:00pm ???? EST (UCT -4)
From Sunday 09:00am to Sunday 05:00pm ?? PST (UCT -7)

Be aware that, if you are in the middle of a match and the event ends, that match won’t get tracked.


The Battle Points

How can you earn points?

Squad Battles Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team


Your rank is determined by the total battles points you get in a single week. You earn them playing matches.
Your rank is determined by battle points. You earn them by playing matches.

Your battles points, per match, is based off how well you played the game, the difficulty of the squad you played and if you won the match. We will show you now, how these points are calculated:


The Difficulty Bonus is a coefficient that measures the difficulty of your matches.
Here are the coefficients according to the difficulty level and the result:


Ultimate 2.6 0.7
Legendary 2.1 0.6
World Class 1.6  
Professional 1.0 0.5
Semi-Pro 0.7  
Amateur 0.6  
Beginner 0.5


The Match Complete depends on the team you are playing against. Basically, it is based on its chemistry, team rating and skill level.
There are only two match results possible on Squad Battles: you win, and you get 200 points, or you lose, and you get 50 points.
Skill Rewards are the sum of bonuses performance and penalties performance. Player’s good performances are rewarded with squad battle points, while there will be point deductions for negative performances. In other words, are the sum of the bonuses by scored goals, shots on target, successful tackles, corners, clean sheets, pass accuracy, possession and man of the match and the sum of the penalties by against goals, fouls, cards and offsides according to the following table that shows the number of points awarded/deducted for each performance:


✅ Scored Goals +40 5 +200
✅ Shots on Target +5 10 +50
✅ Success Tackles +1 20 +20
✅ Corners +5 10 +50
✅ Clean Sheets +75 1 +75
✅ Pass Accuracy % +1 80 +80
✅ Possession % +1 80 +80
✅ Man of the Match +15 1 +15
❌ Goals Conceded -20 4 -80
❌ Fouls -5 4 -20
❌ Cards -10 8 -80
❌ Offsides -1 15 -15


Each goal you score gives you a different ammout of battle points based on the difficulty level you choose.

Ultimate 160 5 800
Legendary 140 5 700
World Class 100 5 500
Professional 60 5 300
Semi-Pro 40 5 200
Amateur 20 5 100
Beginner 10 5 50


Squad Battles Rewards

What can you win in FIFA 18 squad battles?

Squad Battles Guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team


Squad Battles rewards are released a couple of minutes after the competition closes, upon which the leaderboards, and Squad Battles game mode will reset, and start again for a new week. We already said that you’ll get your rewards as soon as the event ends but, to make your job easier, here are the squad battles rewards dates and times:

Every Monday at 01:05 am ?? GMT (UCT +1)
Every Sunday at 8:05 pm ???? EST (UCT -4)
Every Sunday at 5:05 pm ?? PST (UCT -7)

If you want to know what the Squad Battle rewards are, you just need to click here and see.


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  1. Is Squad battle not available on xbox 360 FUT 18? I tried a lot but did not find this option

  2. Rodigo if my team is an 87 100 chem do i play more difficult squad battle teams than if my team was an 81? Im an Elite 2 player, but lately I can barely beat a 68 70 chem team on Pro….

  3. I was playing and at the same time the event end, they didnt gave me the packs. I was at Gold 1. I thought that the match was the one that wouldnt count, but when I logged out I had 0 points and no packs. It was really sad.

  4. I dont understand the player percentage in SQUAD BATTLES.If my rank says “63% of all players” then what does this mean?

  5. How many games a week consist of? Is it like 7×4 ÷28 games per week wih 4 games per day? I played Monday’s games(all 4 of them) then updated the opponents sqaud and missed the games of tuesday wednesday thursday and then played Fridays games. Does that mean I have 8 games left for Saturday and Sunday? I read that there is not a limit onwl weekend games.
    Its my first Squad Battle so…

    1. Hi. You have 4 matches each day from Monday to Friday and then 3 rounds of 4 matches on Saturday and then on Sunday. IT’s a total of 40 matches with an extra match against the featured squad.

  6. John Richards

    Why is there a 3-0 loss attributed to the other team when there is a server error and one is logged out due to the server error?

    1. Tobias Schirmer

      because if you got disconnected in game, it is like abandoning/ending match early. which is an automatic 3-0 loss and no points.

  7. Saul Beltran

    great post. I missed the first couple of rounds and ivebonly played 3 full weeks so far. agree that it affects my family life on weekends. I play word class – legendary and place elite 3 to elite 2 depending whether I complete all matches or not. the question is. what is the highest rated player anyone has gotten because I have not been able to pack anyone worthwhile. thanks.

  8. I wonder which of my squads others play against in squad battles? Is it the last squad I used when playing against another squad? Or is it my currently active squad in FUT?

      1. Thanks for the fast reply! ッ If it is my active squad that can become someone else’s opponent, then consequently, I guess that if my active squad temporarily lacks players in the starting 11 then my squad can not become an opponent in squad battles (as long as it lacks enough players).

    1. Hi. Thank you for your suggestion.
      It’s important to us to understand what exactly the community wants. DO you want a guide listing all the SBCs, explaining how to complete them or giving general details about this game mode?

  9. I have played all my games for Saturday, and 4 for Sunday so far, I start work on Sunday at 9am untill 6pm…. I have 8 games left… would i be able to play those 8 games after work? As in 4 and then refresh another 4 straight away?

      1. Did you read the article?
        “Games carry over for 1 turn. If you miss a day, you are still able to play the four matches of that day. In order to do that, just be sure that you don’t press the ‘Opponent Update’ button before you play them”

  10. Very true and once you can beat world class convincingly it’s much better to play that level.

  11. below one of the pictures it says


    if you apply that method/formula to the pic above it, the points do not come to 348 as the pic shows? (the points would actually come to 308)

  12. I’m on the verge of gold 1 after playing today, do I have to play every day to stay/better this position? And if I don’t will I fall down the rankings? Or will I remain gold 3? Thanks

  13. has everyone had there packs? I have logged in on my phone and nothing, do you have to accept when logging in on your console? worked hard all week to get to gold rank 1 playing mainly on legendary so will be annoyed if I get no packs after playing 20 or so matches

  14. “Games carry over for 1 turn. If you miss a day, you are still able to play the four matches of that day”.
    What do you mean by 1 turn, and is it possible that if I start on Wednesday for example, that I can play both Monday and Tuesday’s games still?

    1. Turn = round.
      If you start on Wednesday, you will be able to play the round of four matches you have on your screen (Monday). As soon as you press ‘update opponents’, the screen will be updated for Wednesday opponents, which means that you will miss Tuesday.

  15. If you lose a match on Legendary, you end with 3-500 coins, it is not worth losing a game. I usually switch between Legendary and World Class depending on team rating/chemistry and have lost 3 games in total so far and have between 40-50,000 points. I am ranked Elite 1 as of last night, but I only played 4 of the 12 games that were available to play Saturday. You cannot expect players to complete all 12 games on a Saturday in addition to the weekend league going forward. Even with most of the games missed from yesterday, I had only dropped to Elite 2, after playing the 4 games, I was back up to Elite 1. The point increases on a daily basis are not as drastic so it is possible to rank highly even if you miss a day or two.

  16. If I lose a match on legendary or ultimate – the multiplier is not what it’s supposed to be (ultimate is not 2.6, legendary is not 2.1)..it goes down to .6 or .8 and i only receive 400-500 BP. Can anyone confirm that if you lose a match, you do not get the multiplier that is stated? This seems obvious and correct, otherwise everyone would just play on ultimate and lose and get huge battle points…right?

          1. Look at the articel here is written the Multipliers:

            Level: WIN Loose
            Ultimate 2.6 0.7
            Legendary 2.1 0.6
            World Class 1.6 1.6
            Professional 1.0 0.5
            Semi-Pro 0.7
            Amateur 0.6
            Beginner 0.5

  17. I share the same dissapointment as GA. This was supposed to be an alternative to FUT Champions mainly because of the high number of matches within 72 hours. Now It’s not only that 40 games per week is still too much for casual players taking into account you still want to play vs humans as well…. the fact that you are constrained by a schedule, especially in the weekend, is worst. All in all it would have been great if :
    1. In the weekend it would be still 4 games per day, not 12.
    2. The possibility to catch up on the rounds missed. Let’s say i have a busy week and i don’t play any FIFA Monday-Friday but i have a free weekend. I can play Saturday my Monday-Saturday games and Sunday my Sunday round and that’s it. 28 games. If you want to be flexible for casual players with limited time due to life, then be flexible for the love of god…

    1. Honestly, I think EA should create some games-limit in Battle Squads. EA could stay with all that rounds, but players could only choose something like 5 rounds in total (and make 20 games). Right now, I think Battle Squads are not about your (offline) skills, but how many games you can play.

  18. I see your point but it is pointless if you are going for a rank or elite finish because the difference between World Class and Legendary is so small that your theory doesn’t apply. Once you play the better CPU the harder it is to score more.

  19. So many rounds and games in the weekend… It’s ridiculous!!! How possible get high raking and have an own life?!?! It’s very easy you miss rounds at the weekend and I should say it’s almost impossible you play all of that six rounds in two days… It’s like you need be at home all the time and go play FIFA18 every eight hours. That’s totally crazy. It’s not even healthy in all dimensions. I really think EA should reduce the number of games in the week and special in the weekend. In FUTCHAMPS, for example, you can play when you want and don’t have this addicted pressure. With so many offline games per day, how people will find out time to play seasons? This is very disappointing.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Just realised I’ve been missing out playing 8 games each weekend because they need to be played between 1am and 9am. When am I meant to sleep at the weekend? Ridiculous from EA!

    1. I totally agree, fifa is a game for everyone so also for kids. Not the right decision. If they make it 6 games a day plus 2 games if u complete all 6 it would feel better

    2. I find myself playing 40 games plus per week of this game mode. I work nightshift and coach a football (soccer) team during the week and we have a match on a Saturday morning, I even go and support my big team as well (Aberdeen) who I have to travel over 100miles to see!

      So what I’m trying to say is it’s VERY possible to play all the games AND have a busy lifestyle but sadly the rewards do lack!

      However, I have to make sure to benefit from being able to roll a set of games over at the weekend so I can play almost all the games. I normally stop when I have enough points to finish in Elite 3 (Normally around 42-45k)

  20. I play squad battles and I didn’t play it for a day or two and I think I went down a rank I’m not sure can someone confirm if that happens

    1. Because some guys likes to play this game to challenge themselves and not like wasting their time just to collect coins. It doesn’t make sense to reward an easier game more than a hard one. Bottom line is the points system should be better in order to encourage people to improve their playing style and play harder difficulties not the other way around.

  21. I feel the points system is a little bit easy to manipulate. For example if i play semi-pro and win 5-0 i get +600 points but if i play professional and win 2-1 i will get less points. What i mean that you can collect more points playing the easier modes than better players who like to compete with AI. What do you think Rodrigo?

    1. I agree with this, I can win games 2-1 on Professional but it is far better to win 5-0 on Semi-Pro and have a guaranteed chance of winning and have the chance of getting more points.

    2. It’s all about math. After your comment, I made a few tests and I believe you may be right. Winning 5-0 on Semi-Pro gives a few more coins than 2-1 on Pro. Maybe EA should pay attention to this and make fine adjustments.

    3. it’s unfair in your view and in mine which is you can win all the 5-0 600pt games while i win 5-0 on legendary and rack up 3000 pts. Rewards grow each level but they really start to leap gold to elite to top 100, top 10 and if you get first 100k coins and a couple of the games best players. Saw a guy open his 1st place packs, and packed TOTS 99 Ronaldo, 98 Messi and a 97 DE Gea. Sold his TOTW 97 Ronaldo for 1.3mil instantly bc everyone else wanted over 2. So he then snatched up TOTS 97 Neymar, 95 Ramos and a 400k 94 Pele with 200k leftover. Dude got first without the DEATHSQUAD. TOP 10 now on an off week lol.

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