Follow our guide to know how to start FC 25 the best way possible.
How to Start FC 25

Starting Guide

For seasoned FC Ultimate Team players, the anticipation of a fresh start is always invigorating. It’s an opportunity to begin anew, on equal footing with others, armed with the wisdom gained from past mistakes. Every move must be meticulously planned to propel you to greater heights of success, faster and more enduringly. If you’re ready to surge ahead or wary of stumbling at the starting line again, read on.

For newcomers to Ultimate Team, this guide serves as a primer for the challenges that lie ahead. While each player has their strengths-be it in trading or on-field prowess-successful club management is essential for all. Establishing a foundation of sustainability is crucial for any aspiring club. Timing is key, especially at the outset of FIFA 25 Ultimate Team, which marks a pivotal moment in the game’s trajectory.

Here’s our checklist of essential steps to kick-start your journey in FIFA 25 Ultimate Team—the perfect launchpad:

  1. Prepare Yourself;
  2. Start as soon as possible;
  3. Customize Your Club;
  4. Sell all your cards;
  5. Collect even more coins;
  6. Start Trading;
  7. Form your Team;
  8. Play.

Prepare Yourself

Before diving into the season, preparation is key. You need to plan ahead. Just as no one wins a chess match without understanding the rules, success in FC 25 Ultimate Team hinges on grasping its intricacies. While you don’t need to know every rule, a solid understanding boosts your chances of success.

For newcomers, familiarizing yourself with the basics on our website can be immensely helpful. For returning players from FC 24 or earlier, it’s about uncovering what’s changed and what’s new.

During the planning phase, clarify your expectations. Take a moment to envision what you want for your club. Do you aim for multiple teams? Are you after the best players or keen to explore lesser-known ones? Will you focus on regular players or aim for the special IF versions? Define your objectives—whether it’s competing in elite divisions or simply playing for fun. Consider your preference for bronze, silver, or gold players, along with the time you’ll invest and your pack-buying strategy.

The more questions you can answer, the better prepared you’ll be. Addressing these considerations upfront will set you on a path to enhanced results.

Start as Soon as Possible

The early bird catches the worm in FC 25 Ultimate Team. Getting a head start at the beginning of the game is crucial as the market stabilizes over time. Acting swiftly allows you to seize opportunities and anticipate market trends.

Early action doesn’t just pay off in coins; it can also give you a competitive edge by assembling a superior team and winning more games, leading to further coin accumulation.

So, how can you kickstart your journey to success?

  1. Play the Beta
    Get familiar with the game by participating in the FC 25 Beta.. While progress doesn’t carry over, the experience is valuable.

  2. Web and Companion Apps
    Access the web and companion apps for limited SBCs to earn initial coins.

  3. EA Play
    Invest in an EA Play subscription for an early advantage, potentially securing key victories.

  4. Special Edition
    Consider the Ultimate Edition for loan players and 4,600 FC Points, accessible during early access.

  5. Buying FC Points
    If money isn’t a problem, purchase FC Points for an immediate coin boost, especially beneficial at the game’s start.

  6. Game Release
    Be active at launch when many newcomers flood the market with valuable items at lower prices.

Customize Your Club

There are a few steps before you start playing that allow you to customize your team a bit more:

  • To choose the nationality of the best player from your starter pack;
  • To choose a player on loan;
  • To choose the main and the alternative kits;
  • To choose the badge of your club.
When starting Ultimate Team, choose a rare gold badge and a rare gold kit, preferably from a popular team. Then, go to [Stadium], [Club] and select another kit and badge as active. Finally, list the items you’ve chosen in the transfer market. They will guarantee some interesting coins.

Sell all your Cards

We understand that card availability might be limited, but it’s crucial to sell whatever cards you do receive to accumulate coins.

Once you’ve opened all your packs, that’s when the real game begins. You’ve been given the basic tools to set up your club, and it’s essential to manage it wisely with what you have. Many players stumble at this stage, finding themselves unable to progress after a few matches due to insufficient rewards to purchase contracts.

To avoid this pitfall, we recommend players remain patient and hold off on playing those initial matches until they’ve completed all the checklist tasks.

The primary goal is to make your club financially independent, and coins are the key. The first significant step is to convert all available assets into coins. Every bit counts, as it provides a foundation for future growth.

While there may be alternative strategies, we suggest selling all tradeable items except the untradeable ones. You can use these untradeable items for the initial SBCs. However, don’t rush to sell your tradeable items at low prices. Take the time to evaluate if any of them hold unexpected value, maximizing your returns.

This approach also enables you to construct your team from scratch. Instead of building around one or two players from your initial packs, consider the freedom of building a team without constraints using the coins earned.
FUT 25 Guide

Collect even more Coins

Selling items at the beginning provides a solid start, but more coins mean faster progress. Explore every opportunity:

  • Seasons
    Utilize free rewards like Objectives for quick coin gains.
  • Evolutions
    Develop existing players instead of immediately buying new ones.
  • SBCs
    Complete early challenges, especially advanced ones, for profits.
  • Trade Coins
    Consider exchanging FC 24 or other platform coins for FC 25 coins, despite potential disadvantages, to bolster your initial investment.

Start Trading

Now that you’ve accumulated some coins, it’s time to grow them. Begin with safe investments, but always reserve some coins for backup. Don’t worry about starting slow; the season is long. Initial sales may be challenging, but as you build wealth, reinvest most earnings while setting aside coins for purchases. Continuous trading is essential throughout the game.

Early game market dynamics are crucial. Initially, the market is limited due to low cash flow and experienced players waiting for FC Points and matches. If you’re fortunate to pack a top player, hold onto them for substantial future value.

Player card prices start low, spiking within days. Over time, prices gradually decline with fluctuations. Capitalize on the initial money shortage by entering the market promptly to secure your future in the game.

For initial investments, aim for items priced between 150 and 300 coins, offering a 50% profit margin. Consumables are ideal targets due to unlimited storage. Ensure you maintain coins or items on hand to avoid setbacks.

Buy low, sell high: the key to wealth. Study prices diligently. Once your staff and consumables yield over 50k coins in profit, expand into player trading and address remaining checklist items.

Hire Managers

Managers can be the solution to a problem you should manage with extreme caution: contracts. These are the only consumables you are forced to buy to be able to play.

Most of the gold managers contribute with a raised percentage on all contracts: the rare gold with 3% and the non-rare with 1%. The rare silver manager also contributes 2%. You can hire managers so that the sum of your percentages equals 50%. Always choose the cheapest and, for example, check to see if there aren’t three non-rare gold managers cheaper than a rare golden one. The only important thing is hitting that 50% bonus at the lowest possible price.

As we’ve told you, the contract cards have an important strategic role. For example, if a player is injured, you can put him in the reserves until he becomes available instead of applying a healing item. That, however, is not valid when a player is without contracts. The only way of making him play again is using a contract card. This has to be done. Period. That’s why buying contracts as soon as possible makes sense, especially if you plan to play in the Champions Finals.

Build Your Team

Now that your setup is sorted, it’s time to assemble your dream team. In Ultimate Team, it’s not just about gathering top players; it’s about creating a cohesive unit with good chemistry. Look for players of the same nationality or league to enhance chemistry.

Consider more than just chemistry when selecting players; focus on their attributes and how they align with your playstyle. A high-rated team is useless if the players don’t complement your tactics.

To build a strong team quickly, invest wisely. Start by filling squad spots with mid-tier players who can serve as substitutes or reserves. Gradually add first-team players as your budget allows, analyzing market trends for strategic purchases. Utilize ‘Concept Squads’ to plan your team and prioritize purchases accordingly.

When building a team, it’s important to take into account the managers. They play a crucial role in managing contracts, a consumable necessary for gameplay. Gold managers boost contract percentages, with rare gold offering 3% and non-rare gold offering 1%. Optimize by hiring managers to reach a 50% bonus at the lowest cost.

Contracts are essential; without them, players cannot participate. Unlike injuries, which can be waited out, players without contracts require immediate resolution. Buying contracts early is wise, especially for those eyeing Champions Finals participation.


If you’ve followed our advice, your club is well-equipped for success. Practice before facing tough opponents. Start with Squad Battles on low difficulty, using your starter players. This saves coins and helps you get accustomed to gameplay.

Utilize loan players in early online matches to boost team quality without contract expenses. Activate the Trainer feature for in-game guidance, turning it off once you’re comfortable. Prioritize online matches for higher coin rewards.

Consider entering Draft for a fixed fee without needing consumables or a squad. Champions and Rivals offer better rewards for decent players. Don’t obsess over a perfect record initially; focus on gameplay over stats.

Never quit matches, as it negatively impacts your coin rewards. Sustain your club’s progress by maintaining consistency in play.