How to Swap FUT 13 Coins versions and platforms

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If you are still playing the previous version of FIFA Ultimate Team but you have coins of the latest version, then know that you can swap them with other players at a very advantageous ratio.

The same is true for the different platforms. If you have coins of other platform than the one you usually play, you can monetize it by swapping with other players.


How to earn coins with other versions and platforms ?


When a new game of FIFA series is released, most of the players migrate to the newer version. But not everybody. If you, for example, continued to play FUT 12 when almost everyone is playing FUT 13, then you can monetize this situation. In the beginning there will be very few coins to circulate in the new version while the value of the coins from the old version will be very low because there were many people who gave up playing it. If you can gather some FIFA 13 Ultimate Team coins, you can exchange them for FUT 12 coins at a very good ratio.
The opposite is also true. If you migrated to the newer version of FUT, then you no longer need the coins of the old version. Try to find someone who wants to and make a deal. Obviously the ratio will be very low but at least you will earn a few coins.

You can also earn some coins when you migrate from platform. If for example, you stopped playing FIFA 13 Ultimate Team on Playstation 3 and started to do it on XBox 360, then try to find someone who is in the opposite situation. Both can profit with a swap of something that had become worthless.


The 3 Step Method


Here is what you should do to earn coins with other versions and other platforms:

  • Step 1 – Find

The first step is to find someone willing to swap. Make sure that he is trustworthy. Ask by his the feedback that he received and, if in doubt, propose a middle man.

  • Step 2 – Negotiate

Suggest a exchange ratio. Remember that it is better to get some coins for something that has no value to you than continue with nothing.

  • Step 3 – Swap

Now is the time to make the exchange. In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team it is not possible to give coins to anyone directly. Both should put a card at sale on auction with a BIN equal to the agreed value.


The Method Exemplified


Imagine that you still have 500k FUT 12 coins but you already play FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. The best thing you can do is to find someone who has some FUT 13 coins but that plays FUT 12. It is not so difficult. Try to use our forum or our Facebook Page.

Forum - Swapping Coins of other versions and platforms

Our forum has a topic where you can post situations like this.


If you find someone that gives you 30k FUT 13 coins for yours 500k FUT 12 coins, you will be earning. If the deal is done, try not to be the first to make the transaction. Put a card in the FUT 13 market with a BIN of 30k coins and ask him to put a card in the FUT 12 market with a BIN of 500k coins. Note that you may need to recalculate these values ​​relate to the 5% tax.


Optimize the Method of swapping Coins from different versions and platforms


The hardest thing in this method of earning coins is to find someone willing to make business with you. If you have migrated to the latest version of FIFA Ultimate Team, this task is very complicated. But, if you continue to play the old version, then surely there are many people willing to swap the coins that have become obsolete for them. In that case, even if you have not bought the last FIFA, you can access it from FUT Web App, redeem the coins that are there waiting for you and even increase your balance. Every few coins you can gather will be worth much when you swap them for coins of older version.

Knowing in advance ratios applied to the different FUT versions and different platforms can bring you some more coins.


How many FUT 13 Coins can I earn with this Method ?


The amount of coins that you can earn with this method depends of the amount of coins that you have to the exchange and your negotiation skills.

Still, we can tell you the ratios usually applied:
1 FUT 13 coin = 12 FUT 12 coins
1 PS3 coin = 1,1 XBox 360 coins


Advantages and Disadvantages of this Method


Unless you have coins of the latest FUT version and want to swap for coins from an older version, the main difficulty of this method is to find who wants to swap with you. It is worth making a search because the benefits of making the exchange are huge. Firstly, the only investment you are making is something that has no value to you. Also, the ratios can be extremely high. Favourable or not, you will always win.

Eventual good exchange ratios.
Chance to earn with something that many consider obsolete.
Difficulty to find players to swap.

Should I use this Method ?


Yes, you should. This method is suitable for those who have coins that are no longer needed. For these players, using this method is synonymous of earning some coins.

For those who play an older version of FUT, this method is probably the greatest source of income. It is sufficient to monetize the coins of latest FUT version in the FUT Web App and swap them for coins of the older version.


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  1. Matthew Beere

    I have Xbox 360 fut 14 coins that I would like to swap to ps3 so if anybody could help that would be greatly appreciated

    1. Adrian Chacon

      I have almost 100k of xbox coins fut 14 and want to swap them to ps3 coins fut 14.

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    1. Adrian Chacon

      I have almost 100k of xbox coins fut 14 and want to swap them to ps3 coins fut 14. Also have PC coins.

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    btw its on xbox

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    1. Adrian Chacon

      I have almost 100k of xbox coins fut 14 and want to swap them to ps3 coins fut 14.

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