Tackling Techniques in FIFA 13

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You can find here some advices about tackling in FIFA 13.


Tackling Techniques in FIFA 13


Here are some of the tips that you should use in order to perform good tackling moves in your FUT 13 matches:

    Make sure you select the defender nearest to the player you want to tackle by tapping LB (XBox360) or L1 (PS3) or flicking the right stick. Don’t pull players out of position to ‘chase’ opponents around the pitch.
    Tackle the appropriate way according to the situation. Press the B button (XBox360) or Circle button (PS3) close to an opponent to perform a standing tackle. Only press the button when you are close to an attacker and when you are sure you’re going to get a foot on the ball.
    Timing a standing tackle badly could lead to an attacker skipping past you. Contain or jockey opponents by holding LT (XBox360) or L2 (PS3) until you get close enough for your player to automatically tackle the opponent. This leaves you free to worry more about the formation and positioning of your team. Use slide tackles when you are sure you can win the ball back and keep possession of the ball.
    Never tackle from behind or you risk having a player sent off. Use slide tackles as a last resort in the box if a striker is about to shoot for goal or to block shots if you’re not close enough to a player. Use push/pull to get your body in front of the attacker and edge him away from the ball.
    Don’t use push/pull too much as you are effectively fouling your opponent.


Tackling Techniques Video


This week tips on The Boot Room, Darren Cross from Match Magazine shares FIFA 13 tips on how to perform a good tackling move.