Team of the Season Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Team of the Season Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


Do you know everything about the Team of the Season for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ? Let’s see if it is true or not…


May 20th, 2015
EA announced that they are releasing the TOTS at May 20th

May 2nd, 2015
EA announced that they are delaying the launch of TOTS

April 19th, 2015
Dates and TOTS are not yet confirmed by EA Sports

Team of the Season Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Q: What TOTS means ?
A: TOTS means “Team of the Season“.

Q: What exactly is a TOTS ?
A: A Team of the Season joins the players who have played better on the whole season.

Q: What is the difference between TOTW and TOTS ?
A: Team of the Week is about the best players of the week. Team of the Season is about the best players of the season.

Q: What is the difference between TOTY and TOTS ?
A: TOTY is a team made by the players who played better during the calendar year, according to the FIFPro’s voting. The TOTS has nothing to do with the calendar year. It is about the players of each league who have played better during the season (usually between August/September and May) and they are not chosen by FIFPro members.

Q: Which one is better: TOTY or TOTS cards ?
A: To the same player, TOTY card has better stats than the TOTS version. That’s why they are more expensive.

Q: The TOTS cards are In Form cards ?
A: Yes. TOTW, TOTY, TOTS and MOTM are all In Form cards.

Q: How can I get one of these cards ?
A: You can get a TOTS card in the same way you can get any other card: on packs or on the transfer market. If you want to try your luck on packs, you can go to the store and buy them with coins or FIFA Points. The chances of getting a TOTS card in a pack are low. However, during the TOTS weeks, the Ultimate Team store have special packs available. Find here how to choose the right pack for you.

Q: It is possible to get a TOTS card when opening a free pack like the ones of the Manager Tasks?
A: Yes, it is. It is possible to find one of these cards in any pack with rare players cards that you open during the TOTS season.

Q: Do I have chances to pull a Team of the Season card from a pack that I won before the TOTS season ?
A: If you open it during the TOTS season, then you have chances.

Q: The TOTW will still ran as usual ?
A: Yes. TOTW will still ran as usual. You can expect a new TOTW every Wednesday.

Q: I have the regular card of a TOTS player. Why my card hasn’t changed ?
A: Because the cards don’t change. You will need to buy the new card if you want the improved version of your player.

Q: How TOTS cards looks like ?
A: The TOTS cards are blue, like the TOTY cards, but on the background they have the colour of the category (gold, silver or bronze). The following picture shows to you how these cards look like:

Team of the Season Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Q: There is only one Team of the Season ?
A: No. There is one Team of the Season for each one of the most popular leagues. There will be eleven squads.

Q: The several TOTS are released all at once ?
A: No. Usually, there is a new team every Wednesday. Two of the TOTS will be released in a Friday.

Q: Which Team of the Season will be released ?
A: It was not confirmed yet, but it should be the following ones:
Gold Community Team of the Season;
Silver Community Team of the Season;
Bronze Community Team of the Season;
Barclays Premier League (UK);
Football League (English Lower Divisions);
Bundesliga (Germany);
SPL (Saudi Arabia);
La Liga BBVA (Spain);
Latin America (Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Mexico);
Ligue 1 (France);
Serie A (Italy);
Benelux (Netherlands and Belgium);
Rest of the World (ROTW);
EA Sports

Q: The MLS is not one of the leagues with a TOTS ?
A: No. It is true that EA Sports releases a team of the best MLS players but they do not call it a TOTS. The cards are also blue and they are released more than one month after the last TOTS. This year, this special team will be released on July 29th, after the MLS All-Star match in Denver.

Q: What is a Community Team of the Season ?
A: It is a squad made by players who played very well the whole season but never had the luck of getting an In Form card. They are also known as ‘most consistent never in form’. There are three community TOTS, one for each player category (bronze, silver and gold). These teams are chosen by the FIFA community and the cards are released in packs all at once.

Q: There is any rule to build the Community Team of the Season ?
A: Yes. Roster needs at least 6 players from UK leagues, two from French Leagues, two from German leagues, two from Spanish leagues and two from Italian leagues. In the bronze community TOTS, instead of two player from these leagues, roster only need to have one player.

Q: What is the ROTW Team of the Season ?
A: It is a team made with the best players of the season from the whole world except Spain, UK, Germany, Italy and France.

Q: What is the EASFC Team of the Season ?
A: It is a squad chosen by the FIFA 15 Dev Team from the best players of the other TOTS. It is the last Team of the Season to be released.

Q: How the TOTS are chosen ?
A: It depends of which TOTS. Community TOTS are chosen by the FIFA community. EAS FC is chosen by the Dev Team. The other teams are usually chosen by a special team of EA Sports.

Q: All TOTS can be found in packs for a week ?
A: Most of them yes. However, the English Lower Leagues, the ROTW and the EASFC have shorter times.

Q: What time are Team of the Season released ?
A: They are announced at 4pm and released in packs four to eight hours later (London time).

Q: When the TOTS are released ?
A: It is not official but the TOTS may be live on the following dates (UK time):

Q: How can I know who are the players of Team of the Season of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ?
A: We will publish every Team of the Season on our website. You can also follow us to check our predictions.

Q: How many cards each TOTS has ?
A: Each Community TOTS, the EASFC and the ROTW TOTS have 23 players (11 on the main team, 7 substitutes and 5 reserves). Each one of the other TOTS has 18 players (11 on the main team and 7 substitutes).

Q: How many defenders, midfielders and forwards each TOTS has ?
A: There is no rule about it. Usually, it has something like 2 goalkeepers, 6 defenders, 7 midfielders and 3 forwards.

Q: How much the rating and the attributes increases on a TOTS card ?
A: There is no rule about it but usually the rating increases 3 to 6 points comparing to the regular card or, if exists, the last IF card. The attributes have a similar increase but it doesn’t mean that all attributes have to be improved.

Q: Which players have the biggest boost ?
A: Usually the ones with lowest rates, like the ones from the Community TOTS.

Q: Can a player change his category on a TOTS card ?
A: Yes. But not in the Community TOTS.
In the most consistent TOTS, any bronze player that get a TOTS card, will increase his rating to 64. Any silver player that get a TOTS card, will increase his rating to 74. If a player already has rating 64 or 74, it will not change on TOTS version. Only players that already have changed their categories on a previous IF card will get a different category from the one they have in their regular cards.

Q: Can a player change his position on a TOTS card ?
A: Yes, they can. It happens if they have played most of the season in a position which is different than the one it was printed in his card. It is more often on the Community TOTS.

Q: Can a player be released in more than one TOTS ?
A: Yes. All players from EAS FC TOTS are picked from the other Team of the Season. Besides that, a player released in Community TOTS can also be re-released in the respective league’s TOTS. When that happens, the new card has exactly the same overall, stats and position.

Q: If a player has moved from one club to another one, in which club is he candidate to a TOTS card ?
A: Only in the club where he was in form.

Q: How the new ratings and attributes are calculated ?
A: It is EA Sports who decide and it depends of the player performance during the season. Let’s look to the Neymar example: his regular card is 87 but his SIF card is 89. His TOTS card will probably be 92, because it is 3 points higher than the last IF card. And why 3 and not 4, 5 or 6 ? Because it is already a huge difference to his regular card.

Q: There will be happy hours and special packs during the TOTS season ?
A: Yes, it will.

Q: Where can I find the TOTS players of previous years ?
A: Here.

Q: The TOTS cards are expensive ?
A: Yes. A lot. Several cards cost more than 1 million coins.

Q: How EA ‘makes’ the price of TOTS cards ?
A: It is based in the regular card price, stats, league, nationality, position and card’s rarity.


Team of the Season Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Messi, Ibrahimovic and Diego Costa will get TOTS cards for sure


Q: What happens to the market during the TOTS weeks ?
A: No one can be sure because it is the first time that a TOTS will be released since the Price Ranges’ implementation. Probably most of the prices will go down but, unlike other years, the market will be far of crashing.

Q: When the prices will be lower ?
A: This is one of the most asked questions about Team of the Season for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. It is important to remember that prices are limited by the Price Ranges and because of that ‘low prices’ is now something relative. There are cards that no one want to pay not even the minimum price, while there are others that it is not possible to find in the market because the owners don’t want to sell. This will not change with TOTS. All the stages we are used to live during a TOTS will be now much more light:/p>

    Stage 1 – Before the TOTS Release
    Players’ prices go down a couple of weeks before the TOTS release. In anticipation for the Team of the Season, many gamers will sell their players. They know their cards will worth less in the coming weeks and they also need coins to invest in packs. The more closer you are from the release, the lower will be the prices. You may not notice a huge drop until the stage 2, but it is a good idea to sell your cards as soon as possible if you are planning to use the TOTS season to make coins.

    Stage 2 – TOTS Release Day
    As soon as the first three TOTS are released, you will clearly see that the prices are lower. Many gamers sold everything they had and they will now spending in packs most of the coins they got. It is the most basic rule of the market: when the supply exceeds the demand, prices fall and when the demand exceeds the supply, prices rise. In this case, there will be lots of players, consumables and club items on the market and their prices will be low because gamers will be opening packs until the last TOTS. However, the best cards of the game will still be very rare.

    Stage 3 – TOTS Weeks
    Many gamers have saved their coins to buy packs during the best TOTS. The prices will be very low until the end of this stage, because gamers are still buying packs.

    Stage 4 – After the TOTS
    As you may imagine, many gamers will want their teams back and, according to the market rules, the prices will go up again. However, don’t expect to go back to the same prices we had before the TOTS. Most of them should be slightly lower.

Q: Should I sell my team to make coins during the TOTS ?
A: In a business perspective, you should do it. As soon as possible. Remember that this is only a game and you should focus on getting fun. If you sell your team, you may not be able to play during the TOTS weeks.

Q: Is the TOTS a good time to build my team ?
A: Sure. If possible, try to do it during the best Happy Hours and most popular TOTS.

Q: How much will I have to pay for a TOTS card ?
A: It depends of the price range. However, the demand will be huge. EA will have to set a extremely high price otherwise it will happen the same thing that is happening now to the other best cards of the game: the owners will not want to sell them and nobody will find them in the transfer market.

Q: I have another question about TOTS.
A: First check if that question was not already answered in this guide. If it wasn’t, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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  1. Hello,

    Just to make things clear for me. If i open packs now, will I be able to get a tots player in my pack?


  2. If I bought de bruyne tots fr 291k wen he came out and he went down to 150k will he go back up around the same price

  3. Thanks A lot Rodrigo! Apologies for the typo.

    I just need Aguero even more than Messi in my team.
    Whatever that costs!

  4. Will the prices go further down when EAS FC TOTS comes out? Or is it at its lowest now?

    1. It is the first time that there is Price Ranges, so we do not know exactly what will happen.
      We believe that most of the players will be sold by their lower price range when EAS FC TOTS goes out.

  5. Thanks for the swift response! It s so disappointing but maybe this might change for fifa16?

    Anyway as EA sports new offer is to preorder fifa16 with 99$ and get Messi, Aguero and Courtois in ur team not to mention 4 jumbo packs each week? I am thinking of doing that but hesitant since it s too expensive! What do you think? Quite honestly I don’t want to start from scratch with Bronze players!

    1. Hi again.
      No, it will not change for FIFA 16 because in that case people would not buy packs.
      Honestly, it is a waste of money. We will publish a FIFA 16 Buying guide in the coming days.

  6. Thanks Rodrigo – what happens then to my Fifa 15 account with certain players? Am I really going to lose those? This is unfair! At least their values on coins?

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  7. Hi Again Rodrigo,

    I haven’t playing Fifa for the last 3 was and now I feel that I am starting from scratch – haha lost all skills and tricks I used to do – any help with that?

    Also, regarding tots – I am not an expert but what is the best strategy one can utilize now to get the best Tots cards yet sell some of his key players ?

    Lastly, when is best to go for packs since it never works and I can t buy coins anymore because it stops the fun and also I received a warning from EA besides whe I purchase Fifa 16 – does that mean that my squad will be transferred or yet I have to start from scratch again.


    1. Hi.
      1) It happens to everyone. When you stop playing for a while it is much harder to reach a higher division because who haven’t stop playing has now much better skills.
      2) There is no special strategy. The best TOTS cards are very expensive and you will need a good budget. You should have sure if you really need that cards because they are not good value for money.
      3) In FIFA 16 you will have to start from scratch again. If you want to buy packs, try to buy when there are many TOTS at the same time, like this weekend.

  8. hey, just wondering can we get all tot TOTS players on the same day like in TOTY?

  9. Who gets released in EASFC? Is it a combo of players from multiple leagues like TOTY for example?

  10. Hello. First of all i want to thank you for all of your amazing guides. They are incredibly helpful 🙂
    Now i have a question. I play the iOS version of FIFA 15 where Price Ranges haven’t been implemented and today i noticed that TOTY Di Maria was selling for around 950K. I was wondering if i should buy him now or should i wait until the TOTS cards are released (In hopes of his price decreasing even further).

    1. Dude It will decrease! Just bought my toty Di Maria, and just sold him for 1 mill! It may crash the market like last year, but the number of players on ios have decreased, so maybe it will….. Anyway, I suggest that you wait for TOTS because his price will definitely decrease! Sometimes it depends on whether they will get a tots for their toty price to go down!

  11. Hi Rodrigo, have you got any idea on what is happening to the market? I sold my entire team to wait for the tots but all player prices are increasing a lot and veryyy fast.

    1. Hi Mike.
      With Price Ranges, things will be different. There will no be a market crash like in previous years. I still believe that most of prices will decrease during the TOTS but it depends of a few factors.

  12. in the EASFC tots is it tots’ that have alread been released into leagues already (like BPL) or are they new tots Also what league should i spend the most coins on packs in?

  13. So I’m done with this FIFA and want to pack binge all i have, so do you think I should only pack binge during the last EASFC TOTS? Will that one have the best cards?

  14. Is the likelihood of getting a TOTS the same as getting the players regular card in a pack, just like TOTY?

  15. Prince O Farah

    Out of interest, will you be doing TOTS predictions on the site?

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