Guide to Team Rating in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Calculation and Tips

Guide to Team Rating in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Calculation and Tips


Team Rating is something that can be manipulated for your own benefit. Get to know what it can be good for and how it’s calculated.


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    What is Team Rating
    How Team Rating is Calculated

    Considerations and Myths

    What’s the purpose of Team Rating



    What is Team Rating


    Team rating is a quality evaluation system that allows you to compare different teams. It measures how good, supposedly, a team can be.

    This measurement is made through each player’s individual rating/overall in a team (all starting eleven plus the seven substitutes). It is, then, a little subjective, since we already explained in our Players Guide that the player’s rating doesn’t really measure his quality, but his reputation.

    The Team Rating varies between 0 (worst) and 99 (best). As the image below illustrates, this number is shown on the superior right corner of the active squad menu.


    Guide to Team Rating in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Calculation and Tips

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    Besides measuring the quality of the team, it also provides another general rating: the Star Rating. The Team and Star ratings are related in the following way:

      5 stars for team ratings above 80
      4.5 stars for team ratings between 77 and 80
      4 stars for team ratings between 74 and 76
      3.5 stars for team ratings between 70 and 73
      3 stars for team ratings between 66 and 69
      2.5 stars for team ratings between 64 and 65
      2 stars for team ratings between 62 and 63
      1.5 stars for team ratings between 60 and 61
      1 star for team ratings below 60



    How Team Rating is Calculated


    The Team Rating is basically the result of the average between all 18 players’s overalls plus a correction value. This correction value is there to give different weights to the starting eleven, giving them more importance than the players that start on the bench.

    The way team rating is calculated is not well known by the FIFA players community. For this reason, it’s interesting that we share this. We’ll try to make it as simple as we can.

    In order to find out the team rating you just need to know each one of the starting eleven and substitutes’s ratings. As it was said here, the first step is to calculate the average between all these 18 players’s ratings. You just need to sum all those ratings and then divide the result by 18. Each player whose rating is superior to the average contributes positively to the correction factor with the difference between these two numbers. For the substitutes, this factor is divided by two.

    This is the general formula used to calculate the Team Rating:

    TR = AR + CF
    em que

      TR – Team Rating
      AR – Average Rating
      CF – Correction Factor

    The Correction Factor is calculated in this way:
    CF = ((IR1 – AR) + … + (IR11 – AR) + (IR12 – AR)/2 + … + (IR18 – AR)/2) / 18
    in which

      IRn – Individual Rating, Rating of the player number n

      Remember that, in each one of these steps, it’s always the whole nearest to the value that counts.

      Do you have doubts on how this calculation is made? That’s natural. Take a look at the following example.




      Consider the team shown on the image above. The starting eleven’s ratings are: 86, 85, 86, 86, 79, 88, 86, 87, 85, 88 and 85. The substitutes’s ratings are: 81, 82, 83, 87, 84, 84 e 83.

      Step 1 – The AR calculation
      Step 1 – The AR calculation. This is extremely easy. Add up all these numbers together and you’ll get 1525. Divide it by 18, then you get 84,72. Therefore, the AR is 85, the nearest you get from 84,72.

      Step 2 – The correction factor calculation
      The correction factor equals the difference between each player’s rating and the average you got at step 1 divided by 18. Therefore, CF = ((86-85)+(86-85)+(86-85)+(88-85)+(86-85)+(87-85)+(88-85)+(87-85)/2) / 18 = 13 / 18 = 0,72. That’ll be 1.

      Step 3 – The team rating calculation
      Finally you add up the values obtained at steps 1 and 2, which equals 86.


      Considerations and Myths


      For those who are not very good at math, we gathered here some conclusions you can get from the team rating calculation in order to tear down a few myths.

        – The Team Rating will never be inferior to the simple average between all the 18 players’s ratings because the correction factor is always positive;
        – The starting eleven’s ratings weigh more over the Team Rating;
        – The correction factor raises as the difference between ratings get bigger;
        – The Team Rating does not depend on the reserves;
        – The Team Rating does not depend on the players or team’s chemistry;
        – The Team Rating will not vary if a player card is regular or IF as long as they have the same rating.



      What’s the purpose of Team Rating?


      JWe have told you that the team rating is there so you can see how good a team is. But this isn’t enough return for such effort. Why is it that we should know how it’s calculated if that doesn’t bring us any benefits? Besides, the game does it itself.

      The truth is that the Star Rating, which gets its results from the Team Rating, is important in two different situations: in tournaments and matchmaking.

      There are tournaments that require a maximum or minimum amount of stars. If you don’t know how to change your team rating, you won’t be able to disguise in order to earn your right to participate.

      Matchmaking is the game system responsible for finding your team a fair opponent. One of the considered factors is the Star Rating. Pairing two players who have a similar team value is its role. If you’re one of those players who don’t like facing teams full of superstars, then you just have to artificially lower your Star Rating to the minimum possible without having to lose any players you intend to use. If you already learned how to calculate the Team Rating, then we don’t need to go any further.

      This is an excelent trick and it makes your way to the 1st division title easier. Want some help? Alright. Go to the auctions market and buy 7 low-rated players, the lower the better. Have you realized that the Korean Moon Byung Woo, the lowest-rated player of the game, is not that cheap? Place those players on the bench and play with your best starting eleven. See that the Star Rating will change if you place a substitute that’s better than that bronze player. If you feel like you need to place better players on the bench, do it, but know that because of this you’ll be facing an opponent with a stronger team.

      Despite being very useful for many players, this trick has its disadvantages. One is that, most of the times, opponents who have weaker teams end up being tougher. A loss in these situations may demoralize a player, making him weaker for the next matches. Another disadvantage is all the work you have to go through in order to reorganize the team. Searching your club for other players will be frequent because of potential player injuries and suspensions. Also, when players have their fitness decreased, they have to rest between the reserves while a match goes on. That’s another problem. Finally, there’s that obvious disadvantage of not being able to make good substitutions in a match. If your connection isn’t very good you may end up facing a player with a better star rating than yours.

      If you’re aware of this method, know that it’s possible to reach considerable star rating changes for your team. We tested as an example placing together the best starting eleven possible full of TOTYs alongside with seven low-rated players. The result was an impressive team rating decrease from 95 to 87. Obviously, in this case it wasn’t possible to change the star rating, so it really doesn’t make any sense to do that while having starting eleven with such high ratings. On the other hand, in a situation such as the calculation example we have showed, it’s possible to make a 5 stars team become a 4.5 stars one without great difficulties, like the following image illustrates.


      Guide to Team Rating in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Calculation and Tips

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65 thoughts on “Guide to Team Rating in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Calculation and Tips”

  1. Hi,can i ask u a question please?
    Can i play fifa 14 android offline and which mode offline(ultimate team,kick off…?)
    Can i purchase all 3 modes through google play?is this feature out of date(sell)?
    Only one question,my smartphone is not fast enough to play FIfa 16 Android,so i wonder,Will EA close Fifa 15 Android and support only Fifa 16 Android?
    Thank u so much:D

  2. My average for my 18 players is 83.66666 which I assume is 84
    My first team’s CF is 4
    My substitutes’ CF is 5
    Together the total CF would be 9
    9 divided by 18 is 1/2 which I assume equals 1
    84 + 1 equals 85, but on my app, it tells me that I have 84 rating and 100 chemistry.

    My team is as follows:
    Rene Adler 82, Benedikt Höwedes 82, TOTS Leonardo Bonucci 86, IF Stefan Savic 80, Claudio Marchisio 83, Sami Khedira 84, Thomas Müller 86, Yuto Nagatomo 76, Paul Pogba 84, Miroslav Klose 81, and Gonzalo Higuain 84.

    My substitutes bench is as follows:
    TOTS David De Gea 92, Sergio Busquets 85, Xabi Alonso 85, Gerard Pique 84, Stephane Ruffier 84, Oscar 84, and Mehdi Benatia 84.
    Other 84 rated players I have are: Iker Casillas, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Samir Nasri, and Arda

    I would appreciate any help especially as I packed all these players since the middle of BPL TOTS.

    By the way, your reviews are awesome – keep it up!!!

  3. Hi!

    Found a squad online that needs some players to have their position changed.
    I created a Concept Squad, and it only reaches 3 stars. Will this reach the 4.5 when 3 players have their position changed?

    My question is, does having the “right” position affect the rating of the team?

    Thanks for a great site

  4. I don’t know what’s the problem. I calculated the average rating and it was 84.55555 (that must be 85 right?then I calculated the correction factor and it was 0.555555555 that must be one then I add up this two numbers and it o6 but my team rating is still 85. What’s the problem?

  5. I have a question, when I add up all the rating of individual players, then divide 18 is = 84.1111 and my correction factors is 0.4722. Should I round off my average rating first or add correction factor first then only round off?

  6. Hey guys. Ok my team gets better rating with Jesus Gamez(79) than with Dani alvez(84). And Alves is a lot much better.
    And with Gamez the team has 87 rating, with Alves 86.
    I dont understand

  7. Great article!
    But I didn’t understand the Correction Factor part. Do we find the difference for all the 18 players or only the players in the starting XI? You took the difference for only 8 players. Can you please explain the Correction Factor Part? And my Starting XI average is 85.5, where should I round it up?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi.
      If you already have your average (step 1) you are in the good way. You should round it to 86.
      You find the difference for all 18 players but the difference between subs and the average must be divided by 2. Why I did it only to 8 players ? Because the difference need to be higher than 1. You should only consider the players with average higher than 86.
      If you need more details, just help please.

      1. Ok. Thanks!
        So, if we need to find the Correction Factor, we have to find the difference of the players whose rating is more than Average Rating?

        1. Hi.
          You have a top BPL team but you should drop Lahm due to his low Individual chemistry. The same happens to most of your subs. In my opinion, Vidic is not a good choice for formations with 2 CB’s, but if you can play well with him, good for you.
          You can not improve it much more without IF cards. My suggestions (CB, RB) will not increase your rating because I think chemistry is more important than that.

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for the information.
    So if this is the formula how does leader board make one player higher if we both are rating 93 and chemistry 100 for example, what decides who is higher
    Regards and good work

  9. Hi,
    My starting 11 are 94 94 93 92 92 91 90 89 89 85 77
    Substitutes are 94 90 89 89 88 88 88
    Base on your explanation, my team rating should be 91.
    Why my game shows 90?

  10. Hi I’ve looked at the other comments of y a higher rated player makes the team rating go down and I still don’t get it my situation is I had Fellini and swapped with tots schneiderlin and the rating went down explain in simple terms pleaaaaaase

  11. You said something like different weights will be added to the starting 11 depending on the correction factor created by the bench. Some people act like card weight is a term that describes how likely ones percentage is of pulling a card but it means something different to me.

    1. When I said ‘different weights’ I was meaning about giving more importance to the main eleven than to the substitutes.
      We have an explanation about ‘card weight’, a different thing, HERE.

  12. I understand the AR value and the CF value but don’t understand the last bit of it eg. For the substitutes, this factor is divided by two. Please help. Thanks

    1. Good to see people trying to understand it.
      Yes, the diference between IRn and AR is divided by two to the substitutes. It is a way to give them a lower height.
      What exactly do you need to know ?

      1. Yeah, trying to understand it. I have a feeling if I did comprehend it the game would be spoiled even more than it is. Why are you interested in the formula when it is calculated for you?
        Star ratings do appear to effect player performances on a small level or rather the game play is effected in my opinion. Exactly how I could not tell you because I think it is different for everyone. The majority of my squads can be team rated at 82 tops but also depending on the order of my bench can fall to 4.5 star.
        I really do not understand match making as you say its purpose is “pairing two players who have a similar team value is its role” Team value? stars?. If i play with 5 stars I will be matched up with 5 stars usually but anything else the stars seem to differ. If I have 4.5 stars I will be playing a 5 star opponent 9/10 times.

        1. Hi.
          Knowing the formula is a challenge but it is more than that. If you know how it works it will be easier to take advantage from it.
          The matchmaking depends of how many people are playing with 5 star teams, 4.5 star teams, 4 star teams, etc… In theory you should been playing against teams with the same star rating as you but there are other factors in matchmaking that can change it (number of players, connections, ping, etc).

  13. Excuse me sir but do you believe there is any correlation between mechanics in the game for a new account or say a account that has been used for ten years. I have never altered my screen name/origin account and I have only ever made one 1 origin account that is linked to my original xbox name. I never play the game to benefit from disturbing mechanics or cheats, have played fifa for 10 plus years and I am wondering whether my account is literally spammed by EA. In FUT13 I used a silver bench for like a day got to DIV1 and never played seasons again on that version.
    This year I have simply played one game with a bronze bench and one with a silver bench and even though i won easily it was very disturbing and ever since i have been debated the question atop of this article.
    I notice the game feels much legit from my perspective if i am play a all gold requirement tournament. Could you please elaborate or rather enlighten me?

    1. Perhaps a simpler wording of my question…Do you think there would be any benefit for me to create a new account OTHER than the obvious benefits from trading? I am not a big trader either, I have no problem beating the TOTW on ultimate dif with various team ratings and squads(i play the game to make my coins).

  14. Hi rodrigo, first of all awesome guides n they help me a lot
    Actually in your guide u hv shown tricks to lessen your team rating
    However,I wanted to get it up to 85 so that I can get d achievement
    My current team is cech,zabaleta,terry,vidic,cole,arteta,young,cazorla,is co,navas,negredo with a 4-5-1 formation
    My subs r all 80-82 ovr
    Can u suggest players I shld buy to get my rating to 85 so dat I can get d achievement
    I have abt 25 k bt if it costs more it’s okay.

    1. Hi. Thank you.
      I thought the most important thing was to build a competitive squad. But if your focus is only to improve your team rating, I can suggest you a couple of players. With 25k it will be very difficult to get it because BPL squads are very expensive.
      Our suggestions to buy during the TOTS weeks (prices wil be lower): Navas, Nasri and Soldado.

  15. Hi,
    I have a team with a rating of 91 and a chemistry of 100. But when I look at the ranking for best team, it says that my best team overall rating is 189, when I was expecting 191. Any clue why there is a difference?
    Thank you for your help

      1. I do mean the leaderboards but not the team value. Sorry I am translating the French version of the game. I have access to 4 leaderboards: one is for gains, the second one for transfers, the third one for team value (I think this is this one you are referring to) and the last one which is “best team” (I am translating word by word Meilleure Equipe) and that I am interested in. My understanding is that this last ranking is based on the sum of the team rating + the team chemistry. And almost always that matches. But in my case it does not. And that’s what I am trying to figure out. Thanks!

        1. HI.
          I tried to figure out how it works but without success. For most of cases top squads = chemistry squad + team rating. However, it doesn’t work for all the scenarios. I will keep tying to find out how it works.

  16. I’m playing FIFA 14 on my iPad since December.I’m happy to finally have a very good team(I’m german,so I have a german team with Reus,Schweinsteiger and so on…) But what happens,when Fifa 15 is released?Can I log in with my Origin-Acc and continue playing?

      1. Oh… Best idea ever from EA.You are the best… Than I’m very sorry for the players,that got Messi,Ronaldo,Neuer and so on… But why do I need to start from the beggining?That’s crap… Well,than I just enjoy the time I’m playing now…

  17. Hi,
    When I replace Pique 86 by Pique 87, the rate of my team goes down by 1. How is that possible? Thank you!

      1. I did test it. I came to the following conclusion: your formula works if you truncate the AR when calculating the CF, instead if taking the nearest.
        For instance, taking Pique 87 instead of Pique 86 makes my average rating go from 88,94 to 89,00.
        When I calculate my CF with 88 as the average rating, then the CF increases significantly, and that would explain why I have a better rating with Pique 86.
        But when summing up AR and CF, you just take the real values and round at the very end.
        Does this seem plausible for you this slight change in your formula? Thanks

        1. I don’t remember exactly which was my conclusion when it happened to me. I just remember that is was something to do with rounding.
          The only way I have to confirm what you said (I think you are right) is testing. And right now I don’t have 10 minutes to do it.
          Thank you

        2. Lets start out by saying the last time I took a math class it was called symmetry, shape, and space and I had a 16 on my midterm which led to me dropping the class.
          Regardless, I think I have also experienced what your talking about. Off the top of my head I can recall a player like 75 rated NIang raising my team average from 4.5 stars to 5 even though I was attempting to lower my star rating by replacing Niang with a higher rated player such as 77 overall rated but it had the adverse effect. I do not know what it means but I have noticed it maybe with one other player I have as well.

  18. Or, there is an easier way just add the highest player rating to the lowest player rating then divide by 2. If the answer is decimal them approximate. My highest player rating is 86 and the lowest is 82 add them then divide by 2 it will be 83.5 approximate it would be 84 and my rating is 84

    1. I think it is not true. It worked with your team but it will not work with other teams. Take a look to the example of this guide. According to you it would be 83 and it is 86.
      Thank you for your comment.

  19. Team ratings means nothing on your quest to division 1’as your matched up against people with a similar record to your online seasons one, the only time team ratings come into effect is when you play against someone who can see your att/mid/def ratings

  20. Rodrigo,

    Great article. Let me just confirm some things:
    1) Matchmaking is only affected by star rating, not team rating? 2
    2) Does the team rating affect “handicap” scripting? From personal experience, I believe it does, but I’m not sure it’s the only factor or what else comes into play.

    Thank you!

  21. Hi again,
    Thanks for the info. I’ll keep that in mind when I play online!
    Question: What about Leaderboards. How are they ranked? Max wins(online) or club value? and how do I get on the Leaderboard list?
    Your answer and advice is appreciated. As always.

  22. As usual another great article! Great work boys, is the best website for Fifa FUT insite! Regards

  23. That explains how lower rated players can raise a team rating. Lowering the average rating causes the correction factor to rise dramatically in some cases. For those who were wondering.

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