Time Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

Time Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Be a true trader and earn FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins thanks to the Time Method.

Find out what you must do to earn coins with this method and how to maximize the profit.


What is the Time Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Even unconsciously, most of us use the Time Method.
We know that, in order to make profit, we need to sell items at higher price than the one we have paid for it.

The time method consists ontaking advantage of the best times to buy and the best times to sell.


How to earn coins with the Time Method


In a very general way, we can say that the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team cards prices decrease over time. However, their evolution can not be graphically represented by a straight line with negative slope. This is effectively the trend, but along the way there are some fluctuations.

To apply the time method you need to know when the price decrease trend inverts.

If you know how to identify the events that set when the market is interested in buying (higher prices) and when it is interested in selling (lower prices), you can create a lot of profit.

See later in this article which are those events.


The 3-Step Method


Here are the steps to apply the Time Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team:

  • Step 1 – identify

The first step is to identify the event that will change the normal behaviour of the market.

  • Step 2 – Buy

At the times in which average prices of the cards are low, buy.

  • Step 3 – Sell

At the times in which average prices of the cards are high, sell.


Optimize the Hours Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


The major optimization that you can make in this method has to do with the reaction time.
Try to be as fast as possible when the chance is created. Many other players have the same idea that you had but only the first is able to apply the method successfully.


Good Times to Sell and Good Times to Buy


You finally came to the most important part of this article: the one that shows the right times to buy and the right times to sell.
Here are the events that you should pay attention.


  • The three days of the week with highest traffic in the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team market are, respectively, Sunday, Saturday and Monday.

    As we explained in the Hours Method, high traffic times are great to buy but also to sell. Who sells in these days have many interested parties that inflates the cards prices. Who purchase in these days benefits of the high quantity of the cards for sale. They are so much that most of players do not find it since they do not refresh the page fast enough.

    If the weekend is approaching, you should fill your watch list with cards to sell.


  • The FIFA 13 Ultimate Team start is the best time to a trader make profit.

    When the game is launched, the market is very irregular. There are not very large differences between the players cards’ prices: the lower rated players prices are inflated; the top players are cheap since there are not much money in circulation.
    If, for example, you have the lucky of buying a Messi in the early days, after one month you can sell him for a price almost ten times higher.

    One month before the FIFA 14 release is the right time to sell. Soon the cards’ prices will reach its minimum price.


  • TOTW
  • Every Wednesdays, at 6pm of London, is launched a new TOTW (Team of the Week).

    The regular cards’ prices tend to decrease whenever is launched a In Form version of its on the TOTW. This happens because there are many people trying to sell the NIF to buy the improved cards and, as you know, when the market tends to sell the prices fall.

    If you own one of these regular cards try to sell it as soon as possible. If you are sure that a particular player, in who you are interested, will be the next TOTW, wait a few more days to be able to buy his regular card cheaper.


  • TOTY and TOTS
  • The release of a TOTY or a TOTS has a slightly different effect on what happens with a TOTW.

    At such times there is a lot of people buying packages to try their luck. Most of them have to sell their cards to get coins for the investment. What ends up happening is a considerable price reduction of all FIFA 13 Ultimate Team cards.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team TOTY


  • UP
  • Whenever the rating and the attributes of a player are revised upwards, which usually happens in January or February, his previous regular card undergoes a strong devaluation. This decrease is even greater if it is launched a UP card for a player that already have an IF card.


  • If a player moves to a more popular club or league, the price of his new card will be higher. Otherwise, it will be lower.

    The old card will become increasingly rare, as it will not come in packages anymore, so its price will increase after a few weeks.


  • NEW IF
  • Every time a new IF card is released for a player who already had one, the earlier versions devaluate.


  • There are a few times of the year in which packages sales are higher. Christmas is the greatest of them.

    When it happens, prices go down because many of the players put on sale the cards that they received on the packages.


  • In Happy Hours special packages are put on sale, increasing exponentially the number of sales.

    Also during this period cards’ prices reach the lower values returning to its normal after it.


  • In the early hours of a tournament and in the first hours after it, the average cards’ prices usually changes a lot. The higher the value of the prize, the greater will be the changes.

    The requirements of the tournaments affect the cards’ prices. For example: if the tournament requires silver players, the trend is to have many people buying silver players at the beginning of the tournament and discarding them at bargain prices at the end of it.


  • Who thinks that what happens IRL (In Real Life) does not affect the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team market, are extremely wrong.

    The good performances of players in big matches increase the number of people who want to play with them and consequently their prices in the market.
    Even the great victories of some clubs, since they have mediatic impact, makes the price of their players rise in the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team market.


How many coins can I earn with this method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team ?


In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, the amount of coins you can earn with this method is virtually unlimited.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Time Method


The Time Method is based on knowing the market and its behaviour.
A good trader can not live without it. Especially because it offers several ways to achieve profit and it works very well in conjunction with other methods.

Even if you know the market well, which is a requirement, you may be harmed by sudden price fluctuations of the cards. You should always have caution when cards come at prices too low. The market may have changed, you do not have realized and you may think that low prices is the effect of the time that you are buying.

High success rate

It requires deep knowledge of the market.
Sensitive to price fluctuations.


Should I use the Time Method ?


Sure, you should.

If you are a good trader, you already use it.
If you want to be a good trader, it’s time to begin. Now!


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    1. If you are a FUT 13 player, you will be able to do it before the new FUT 14 players. FUT 14 Web App Release (PS3, XBox 360 and PC) will be available on September 17th (to be confirmed).

  1. Hi, thank very much for the tips. i have a question, i have isco from malaga but i know he is moving to Real Madrid, what happens with my cards? They update or not? What happen whit my card ? I waste my many? Thank

    1. Hi. Last year on FUT 12, EA Sports updated the cards with the summer transfers between July and August. The same should happen this year. But your card will be always the same. Only the new cards from packs will change.

  2. Hey, I want to buy a TOTS Cazorla. When would be the best time to buy him? Would his price increase over time to sell him for more?


  3. when will they prices go back to normal…i save up around 80k and bought alot of cheap players to sell back when the market goes back to normal but that might be after all the TOTS are done right? thanks!! Great site by the way!!! any chance you guys would release a Liga MX squad???

    1. Hi Edward. Thanks for your comment.
      Nobody can be sure but, in our opinion, prices will keep falling until the release of the last TOTS. Prices will never go back to normal. They will raise a bit on the end of the last TOTS relese because people will try to get their teams back but it will not raise enough to get the prices before the TOTS.
      We will release a Liga MX guide to FIFA 14.
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