Mher’s Corner: Tips for Beginners for Fifa Ultimate Team

Tips for Beginners for Fifa Ultimate Team


Welcome to the Mher’s Corner, the column of Mher Ginosyan, that we are proud to include in our website. Know him better at the end of the article.

In this first episode, “Tips for Beginners for Fifa Ultimate Team“, the author explains some basic concepts that every FIFA Ultimate Team player should know.


Tips for Beginners for Fifa Ultimate Team


Hello everyone.

Today, I would like to talk about tips for beginners for Fifa Ultimate Team.
In my article, I would like to talk about the following:

    1. How to start?
    2. Which games to play for the beginning
    3. Which league to use for the beginning


At first, I am going to explain how to start building a new team. There are a lot of players who buy coins with real money in order to build their team, and they will say that it is impossible to build a good team without spending real money. I doubt that. It is more than possible to do that.

At first, after getting the players from EA sports ( the ones that have 45 contracts), you have to try to find the best formation that fits to those players. Second, NEVER try to sell these players because you will not get anything but 0 coins. Some players sell them after playing several games… Even when you will get your new team, do NOT sell them. You will use them soon.

After completing the team, you are ready to play some games. DO NOT start from playing online games. For the beginning, it is much better if you start to play offline (Single Player Season/Cup). Why? The answer is logical. Since your team is really weak, you will most likely lose most of the games if you play online because as I mention above, there are a lot of players who buy coins and make their team strong from the beginning. Single player seasons are really easy to win. In that way, you can win the games, have fun, and the most important is that you will earn coins. After getting 10k coins, which is very easy to get, you can build your first team.

Of course, with 10k you cannot make a strong team, but it will be enough to make a team with which you can start you way for the Division 1 title:) Also, you will do the manager tasks, which will give you a gold pack. In addition, you can keep track of the cup tournaments, and you can win some coins and packs there too.

For the first team, you have to choose the right players. Which league to choose? It depends on several things but most important is your preference. I think Seria A is a good league to start from because they have high rated players that are really cheap. For example, Mario Gomez 86 is around 2k. For more information about the squads, formations, and which players to use, you can use our squad guide HERE.


Mher's Corner: Tips for Beginners for Fifa Ultimate Team

Mario Gomez is a good example of a cheap good player for beginners


Do you remember when I said not to sell your bronze players? Now, you will be able to use them. Even if you have your first good rated team with which you can play online, you will still need to use your first team with low rated players. Since they have 45 contracts, they are very important. As a starter, you do not have enough coins to buy contracts and fitness cards. Your first team will come to help you. With your low rated team, you will continue to play single season matches, while your other team players will rest. Players get tired after each game, as a result, we do not advice to use them 5 games in a row. Depending from the players, each player gets -2 to -6 fitness from each game (gk is the one who gets the least tired). So, after playing 2-3 games, it is better that the players will rest. They will get their fitness back by being in the subs and revs. You can put your low rated players in the subs and revs in the high rated squad so they will also get their fitness back. You can play 2-3 games with your better squad online games, and 1 game with your other squad single season (1 game is enough for others to get their fitness back). After all, when you will have enough coins for the trading, you can start to use one of out suggested trading method, to make coins. For out trading guide, click HERE. Trading does not bother you to play and have fun, it will just benefit you to earn coins more quickly, and finally, you will be able to make your favorite squad.

Thanks everyone for reading, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment:)


Author: Mher Ginosyan

Mher is a 20 years old guy from Armenia. Now, he is in USA studying business. Football is his first priority, so FIFA is his hobby. He is also an amateur photographer and a Gooner.


13 thoughts on “Mher’s Corner: Tips for Beginners for Fifa Ultimate Team”

  1. Trevor Colvin

    I’m pretty new to FIFA entirely. FIFA 14 is the first game I’ve owned. I’ve followed the FUT guide for Barclays.. I tried to mix the teams based on the amount of coins I had.

    my current set up is the 4-4-2

    I have Eto’o and Fernando Torres as my STs ( Javi Hernandez is my reserve)

    Then Schurrle, Cazorla at left CM Eriksen at right CM and Valencia

    Then Clichy, Koscielny, Kompany, and Walker

    Lloris in net.

    I currently have about 50k coins. Again I know very little about FIFA and futbol in general outside of this guide and the team guide.

    What changes should I make to improve my team?

    1. Hi.
      Comments on BPL guide are closed because there are enough comments there to answer to your question.
      Try to get a more defensive midfield, like Ramires or Fellaini. On a 442, one of the CM’s needs to help the back four.

  2. Hey, good post Mher. Waiting for the next one, hope you stay here for a long time. Welcome!

          1. thank you luiz! the poruguese version gonna love it! ( nao fales mto em portugues que os gringos passam-se e ainda pensam k tamos a planear um ataque terrorista xD )

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