TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team – The Best Players of 2014

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014


The TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team was build with the eleven best players of 2014.

Find out who won a very very special blue card. They are the most desirable IF cards of the whole game.



The TOTY was announced at 5:30pm and
the first cards were released at 8pm (UK time).



You can watch the Ballon D’Or Gala live here

UK Times
12:30 – 13:30: Press conferences
16:00 – 17:15: The Red Carpet Show
17:30: FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014 Gala Ceremony


TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team – The New Cards


There were 55 the nominees but only eleven could win. In the day that Cristiano Ronaldo won his third Ballon D’Or award, the FIFPro announced those who were considered the best players of 2014.

Each one of the eleven FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTY players were released in a very special blue card with improved attributes and with a very limited edition. Most of these cards will cost more than one million coins.

These IF cards will be available into packs on the following days:


GOALKEEPER 12/01/2015 8pm 14/01/2015 6pm
DEFENDERS 13/01/2015 8pm 14/01/20145 6pm
MIDFIELDERS 14/01/2015 6pm 16/01/2015 6pm
FORWARDS 16/01/2015 6pm 17/01/2015 6pm

(1) UK Time
(2) All players were released in packs at once between Saturday and Monday
(3) The ratings and stats of TOTY players are only announced when their TOTY cards go out.
For example: Messi and Ronaldo stats were only known in Friday.


TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team – The Eleven Players


Here are the eleven players chosen to the TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team:

    GK: Manuel Neuer – FC Bayern (90 > 96)
    RB: Philipp Lahm – FC Bayern (87 > 88 > 95)
    CB: Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid (87 > 88 > 94)
    CB: David Luiz – PSG (82 > 89)
    CB: Thiago Silva – PSG (87 > 93)
    CM: Toni Kroos – Real Madrid (85 > 86 > 93)
    CM: Iniesta – FC Barcelona (89 > 95)
    CAM: Ángel Di María – Manchester Utd (86 > 87 > 94)
    RM: Arjen Robben – FC Bayern (90 > 91 > 92 > 96)
    LW: Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid (92 > 93 > 94 > 99)
    CF: Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona (93 > 94 > 95 > 98)


TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


We will publish here both cards: the NIF and the TOTY for each player.


Position: GK
Nationality: Germany
Date of Birth: 27 Mar 1986
League: Bundesliga
Club: Bayern München
Rating: 96
TOTY 2014: Yes

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014


Position: CB
Nationality: Brazil
Date of Birth: 22 April 1987
League: Ligue 1
Club: Paris Saint Germain
Rating: 89
TOTY 2014: No

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014


Position: CB
Nationality: Spain
Date of Birth: 30 Mar 1986
League: BBVA
Club: Real Madrid
Rating: 94
TOTY 2014: Yes

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014


Position: CB
Nationality: Brazil
Date of Birth: 22 Sep 1984
League: Ligue 1
Club: Paris Saint Germain
Rating: 93
TOTY 2014: Yes

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014


Position: RB
Nationality: Germany
Date of Birth: 11 Nov 1983
League: Bundesliga
Club: Bayern München
Rating: 95
TOTY 2014: Yes

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014


Position: CAM
Nationality: Argentina
Date of Birth: 14 Feb 1988
League: Barclays PL
Club: Manchester United
Rating: 94
TOTY 2014: No

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014


Position: CM
Nationality: Spain
Date of Birth: 11 May 1984
League: BBVA
Club: FC Barcelona
Rating: 95
TOTY 2014: Yes

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014


Position: CM
Nationality: Germany
Date of Birth: 4 Jan 1990
League: BBVA
Club: Real Madrid
Rating: 93
TOTY 2014: No

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014


Position: CF
Nationality: Argentina
Date of Birth: 24 Jun 1986
League: BBVA
Club: FC Barcelona
Rating: 98
TOTY 2014: Yes

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014


Position: RM
Nationality: Netherlands
Date of Birth: 23 Jan 1984
League: Bundesliga
Club: Bayern München
Rating: 96
TOTY 2014: No

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014


Position: LW
Nationality: Portugal
Date of Birth: 05 Fev 1985
League: BBVA
Club: Real Madrid
Rating: 99
TOTY 2014: Yes

TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - The Best Players of 2014


Learn more about TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, here.


164 thoughts on “TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team – The Best Players of 2014”

  1. Vaibhav Chauhan

    I want to buy Toty Ronaldo
    Budget 12 million
    will his price go down during TOTS
    and also can you do a TOTS prediction for FUT 15 with their expected prices
    that will be awesome
    Thank you

  2. Geovanni Akra

    Hi Rodrigo,

    Any reason why prices are increasing quickly ? last week Neuer TOTY was 1,700,000 now he is 3,300,000 weird increase, should I re buy him at this price ? Sunday night I sold him at 2,850,000 I thought prices will decrease!! What do you think when will prices will decrease ?


  3. i bought Neymar for 325k on ps4 and now he’s worth 600k. Should I sell him or will his price go up higher? Will his price go down soon and if so, should I sell him now?

  4. Hello Rodrigo, first of all I would like to thank you for all the help you provide to FUTers. So I have 2 TOTY David Luiz and my question is whether I should sell them now or wait for some time? Like can we expect a rise in the price in the coming days?

  5. Hi Rodrigo,

    Awesome articles, very nice work! i have a question. I earned some coins in the crash and was planning on buying Neuer and Robben (regular cards). Robben is already up to 1m, do you think his price will keep on rising or should I wait a week or 2 to purchase them?

  6. Hi Rodrigo

    I purchased my whole team during the happy hours last week, and I have noticed that prices have shot up since then. I was just wondering when you expect prices to peak? As I want to do the best trading business possible, is it worth selling them tonight/this weekend and re-buying everyone next week?

  7. Hello Rodrigo, Messi and CR7 prices are rising more and more. Do you think this will keep going to sunday or even next week?

  8. Hey Rodrigo,
    I brought Messi for 3.117.000 coins and saw that he goes now for 4.900.000 to 5.200.000 coins. I know that players are often more expensive in the weekend/mornings. My question to you is: Do you think L.Messi will be more expensive Saturday/Sunday or even ,ore exensive in the following week?

    Looking forward for a reply from you 🙂

  9. Vaibhav Chauhan

    Hey , Rodrigo I have boight around 20 toty Kroos, 30 toty Luiz, 10 toty Lahm and Iniesta and 5 toty Neuer. So I want to know that what Is the best time to sell them. and waht will be there estimate prices.

    1. It depends of the players. TOTY prices are very irregular. Our suggestion is to analyse the prices of these cards almost everyday and sell them as soon you see they are lowering.

  10. Alvin Cunningham

    Hi Rodrigo, is it worth keeping TOTY Iniesta? Or should I sell it to buy inform players and wait to be upgraded in February?

  11. Hey rodrigo i picked sif sanchez for 500k (i know he was cheaper than that) and im planning to sell him but when do i do it?last year when diego costa if got upgraded many people started investing in him before the upgrade and when he got upgraded he was cheaper because many people started to sell him So should i sell him this week on saturday?or after upgrade thx

    1. Hi.
      It is a good question and we do not know the answer. If you want to sell him before the upgrades season, you should do it in the end of the month, because many people will still buying him until there.

  12. Hey! I see all the toty player prices dropping. Will the toty players prices be increasing after the toty week is over or will they stay the same as at the moment? I got duplicate Kroos so i would like to know if i should sell him now or wait. Thanks

      1. Will the NIF versions of TOTY continue to rise as well?

        They are much higher than they were at previous peaks for Robben & di maria

  13. hey rodrigo, i just packed toty lahm and it was after the realease of the toty attackers atm he is going for 800k when should i sell him because he is 95 rated and i think his price will rise. thanks

  14. I think the lesson I have learnt for next year is not to expect any NIFs for TOTY (or TOTW that week) to decrease during TOTY week.

    I had sold my team in advance and bought most back at massive discounts. Though I was looking to get Robben, Di Maria, and Sanchez as well, their prices decreased loads the days leading up to TOTY but then rose massively during TOTY – I presume because of the lack of NIF cards being packed.

    Anyway, I have 50+ players to sell when prices are steady again so should be able to get them.

    Hopefully their prices will decrease too at some point.

    Traditionally when do the post TOTY price peaks happen?

  15. Hi rodrigo i have still last 2 100k pack available… Is it worth to buy it… And what is the best time to get it??? Before it expires or just another pure luck??? Its already 3pm here in the philippines and 7am Uk… What do u think???

  16. I did read your guide I have about an hour left to take advantage of these packs as it is almost 12 noon here in canada eastern time zone. Will a 50 k pack be released on a hour? I ask bc according to your guide that is thr best pack to get. Then the 100k is second and mega is third *those 2 expire in a hour) if no 50 pack coming for these special toty players I will get the 100k for 2000 coins as this is the 2nd best pack to get according to your guide. If you could please respond before they expire that would be amazing ! Thanks

  17. Hi Rodrigo,
    Prizes seem to be rizing, even though there are 100k packs (limited). Do you think prizes will drop after 6pm uk time?

  18. Hi Rodrigo, prizes seem to be rising. Do you think they will be cheaper after 6pm uk time?

  19. Hey Rodrigo,
    Can you name some cheap totw players that I can buy.
    And can u plz help me with offence boost objective in android.
    Thank You

  20. Hey Rodrigo thanks as always you have answer a lot. Of people’s questions during toty. I live in canada eastern time and have approximately 12 hours left to buy either thr mega pack for 700 fifa coins each or thr jumbo rare players pack for 2000 ps coins for ps4. Will these two be the final 2 packs that have the possibility of these special players? I have 2300 coins and I only want to try packs one more time this year as my first was very unsuccessful haha is there on more pack options coming out after this 12.hours or is this it? I k ow chances are low anyways but if you were buying one last time for fifa 15 would it be these packs? Should I get 3 mega packs for 2100 or the jumbo rare for 2000? That is if this is thr best and fi al tome to buy. Thanks as always my final question until fifa 16 haha.

  21. Hey Rodrigo. i wanted to buy TOTY Ramos. In a hurry and thinking it wont drop any lower, i bought him off at 1.9million yest. Now his price is 1.55million. I want to with play him. but Is there anyway i can sell him and get back my coins and then buy him at lower price??

    Also i missed yesterdays 100k unlimited lightening rounds. Will it happen again with toty players in the packs? Also i am waiting to buy IF carvajal, IF lacazatte, bale, aguero, yaya toure, messi or ronaldo. When do you think is the best time to buy these players?? Please help mate

  22. Hey Rodrigo can you help me?

    Console: PS3
    Budget: no limit. ( BUT NO IF ronaldo or messi(or single player costing more than 2 million))
    Formation: 433(2)
    Players you want: courtois if carvajal ramos kompany fellipe luis as the back 4. Hazard and bale as wide men. I mainly want your help with the midfield 3( 1 CDM and 2 CM ) combination and the ST. I was thinikng of playing toure as CDM, ramires as LCM, modric/dimaria as RCM with aguero as ST.

    But now i see that toure”s work rate is medium. can you suggest a good CDM with good pace and high def work rate??I tried makeing it work with pogba, vidal. but chemistry is a major problem.

    Please suggest the midfield and st combination for my team. i like have a pacey team with good chemistry. If have any suggestions for other positions also, it is welcome.

    Leagues you want: No preference
    Any problem with IF? Not at all 🙂

  23. Rodrigo as you know david luiz and thiago silvad all totys have been released for 2 days do i buy them the 17 or the 18 of january which hour?

      1. I accidentally bought off ramos toty for 1.9 million yest. But his price now is 1.45million. Is there anyway i can get my coins back by selling and buying him Back?. I want him in the team. But seeing his price now, is just killing me

  24. Rodrigo,
    amanhã com os packs de 50k e 100k o TOTY team tb vai estar nestes packs? Ou acaba hj com o Megapack o TOTY team?

  25. I have tried to complete the offence boost objective in many different ways but it never gets completed.
    Can u please help me by giving me the right way of completing that objective.

  26. Hey Rodrigo, thanks for such nice inside infos, just a quick question if you could answer me please? are the going to put the entire toty in packs on 17th 6pm UK time or 18th? if they do, then i believe the prices will come much lower?

      1. so we should wait to buy players. the prices are going to be down for few hours or in entire 24 hours that the packs are available? thanks

  27. If I get 72 rare gold players, what are the chances of getting Lahm toty?
    thanks for all your articles, best in the world!

  28. hi rodrigo my first question is that i have read your seria a guide and i am planning to buy a squad as follow
    4-1-2-1-2(2) strikers are tevez and higuain midfield is pogba marchiso vidal and de rossi and my defence is evra chiellini bargazli maicon and handanovic so are there any better players i can buy to improve this squad and when is the best time to buy the squad today or tomorrow and if tomorrow what time according to england’s time

  29. hey Rodrigo nice post
    I was wondering if there is a confirmation on when all toty players will ne out in packs ?

  30. Rodrigo the prices are extremely low, I bought already and incredible squad, and also I had spare money to buy Neymar, Hazard, Ribery and Bale only for selling them later when price go up again.

    When do the prices are going high again?

    1. From my point of view, the prices go up after the TOTY hype is overwith. As explained in the TOTY article, most likely, after the week of TOTY, the prices will gradually increase as the old players that expected the TOTY drop in price and sold their players or those who sold all of their players right before will want their players back, thus increasing demand, which then in theory makes the market rise. Not for certain, but the best time to sell your players would probably be in the middle of the week two weeks after TOTY and beyond. The prices will continue to rise, so watch for market trends and know the basement price for a player and his maximum. I find as a very good and reliable source.

      1. Ok then I should sell after TOTY but, when prices are going to drop again so I can buy?

  31. Hello again Rodrigo! Is that true that on IOS/Android packs have no limit?
    Because when I looked on them, there were no anything like that “x packs remaining”.

  32. Hi Rodrigo,

    I currently have 2 million coins right now and I am saving it up to buy some players like neymar, reus, yaya, robben, ramos, neur, lewandoski, bale, hazard, and aguero. Should I buy them now while the price is low or should I buy them on Saturday or Sunday instead? I wanna know if the prices for those players that I am planning to buy will dip down again this weekend.

  33. Hello Rodrigo,

    1 small question: After 100K pack comes out, when will be the best time to invest on players? 2 hours after that? Or maybe half day later? Really curious about that, have done some analysis, but not so sure.

  34. Hey rodrigo i bought toty david luiz and thiago silva for 650k and 940k yesterday xbox and i want to sell them to at least no lose money with the ea tax and rebuy this weekwhen all players are released the question is Which day of day should i sell them and at which hour uk?thx

  35. Parth Thakkar

    How many 100k packs would be available on the last day?
    would there be any 50k packs available with that packs?
    which special packs would be in store on the last day of TOTY?

  36. Is it a good investment to buy players like Lloris or Reus now as their prices are low according to sites like FUTBIN. I know people buy the players low now and sell them later but is it good to do this now? Thanks

  37. Hey Rodrigo,
    I have a few questions concerning TOTY and packs. What are the best packs to buy if you only have around 50k? Would it be better to buy several 7k gold packs or just one 50k? Are the chances of packing a TOTY or top rated player the same with every pack?

          1. Well, how valuable are they when it comes to making profit and getting rare players such as Kroos or Alives.( or better)

  38. When players receive their upgrades, eg NIF De Gea, if I already have De Gea, will he be upgraded or remain the same – with just newly packed players receiving upgrades?

    (Trying to work out if there is an investment opportunity here with the low prices)

  39. Hey rodrigo toty david luiz is 700k what do you think his price will be when all toty players are released?

  40. Hello, Rodrigo. I have a question. Will be time after strikers that all TOTY players (GF, defenders, midfielders and strikers) will be avalible in packs together? And if yes, when will it be?

    1. There is no confirmation about that. We almost sure that it will happen. Probably between Sunday (6pm) and Monday (6pm) or, alternatively, between Saturday (6pm) and Sunday (6pm).

      1. Ok, thank you. So do you think that is more profitable to wait with pack opening (I have more than 1kk to spend) to Sunday?

  41. Miguel Saraiva

    Estou igualmente a pensar em investir em alguns Alabas, mas não se deva…

  42. Miguel Saraiva

    Olá Rodrigo! Tenho uma pergunta rápida: hoje acaba a equipa da semana que tem o SIF Clichy. Achas que seria um bom investimento comprar uns quantos visto que é uma boa opção para a esquerda (apesar de haver Felipe Luís e tudo mais)?

  43. Hey Rodrigo, i want to build a squad with messi\ronaldo and kroos TOTY
    when it will be the best time to buy them?

  44. Hello Rodrigo, thanks for very good advice here, my question is what the best time to open pack to get any TOTY, sometimes spend almost 500k on packs when they releasin’ but got nothin’, is it base on lucky or got any specific hour time etc? thank you.

  45. Hey Rodrigo! I have been waiting for this week to upgrade my squad. I have read in your Futmas article that prices will be lowest after the release of TOTY attackers on 18th, so should I wait until 18th or upgrade it now?

    One more thing, I have like 1.5 million including my squad, should I spent all my money on players now and sell them back later (after 18th?) when their prices increase to gain profit?

    1. Hi.
      The prices should be lower in the weekend. It’s up to you to decide if you buy before or not.
      You can use all your money to buy cards now and sell them later because the profit is guaranteed. However, if you plan to use that profit to buy players remember that they will be more expensive in that time.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I had one more question, I have won many packs (15 or so) but I haven’t opened them yet, do I stand a chance (even minimal) to get any TOTY player when I open them later once whole TOTY is released? Or I would have to buy new packs?

  46. Hey rodrigo, thanks for all the great articles.

    I want to buy a brazil-America squad with neymar, marcelo, Ramires, wynne, opara, Howard etc..

    And also a BPL team with costa and sturridge.

    When is the best time to buy these players?

    1. IMO, like he said in this article, the best time to buy players is on Sunday(if all the TOTY players are released together). If they are not all released together, then a good time to buy players would be when the TOTY forwards come out(FRI-SAT). As usual, watch for any special pack, especially the 100k packs and 50k packs as prices will dip significantly when packs like these are released. Remember as well, the more expensive players(100k or more) will not likely experience a significant drop in price compared to players 100k or lower. Players that are normally 5k-50,000 will however. Lastly, there might be an opportunity to get players on Monday, the 19th, the last day TOTY players are in packs. Hope this helped.

  47. Hi Rodrigo,
    I was wondering is it the same chance of packing a tory card as it is of packing there normal card for e.g. before the toty the likelihood of packing luiz was quite likely compared to others will his card be just as likely to pack when his toty is out.
    THANKS! (:

      1. Yes, I think it is the same chance. The normal card of that player is unavailable in packs that week.

        But its not like the probability of packing Messi, Ronaldo or even some other player’s NIF is high. Their NIF card weight is also low. Because TOTY or not, these are some of the best players in FUT 15!

  48. Hello Rodrigo how are you> Thanks for all of your advice in the past. Do you know what is happening with the market right now? It seems that prices are very cheap is this because of toty. Last night prices were cheap for example deigo costa for 30,000 on ps4 benzema for 18000. This morning on Monday they seemed to go back to normal prices and now this afternoon they seem to be very low again. Is this going to last or will the prices just keep getttng cheaper now that the game has been out since October? I have an ok squard of epl players rated 83 but I also have 160,000 coins to upgrade my squad (Costa). Do you suggest I wait?

  49. Hello Rodrigo, please can you tell me why all the prices went UP after the release of GK and defenders of TOTY? Will the players like NIF Ramos, NIF Bale, NIF Neuer be cheaper during the night ?

    1. It is not true. That are many players which prices are now half of what they were yesterday.
      Remember that the price of the most expensive players don’t drop as the other ones.
      NIF cards of TOTY players are not a good example. They were very popular today and for that reason the NIF cards may be more expensive.

      1. Hello rodrigo.! Will there be one more 100k pack release between now and d end of toty

      1. David luiz was 400k on Sunday but I couldn’t afford him and now I have 450k and he has gone to just over 500k do u think his price will drop and when?thanx

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