Trading Guide for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

Trading Guide for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


If you want to know how to get rich in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, then you’re in the right place.

Our trading guide explains every detail of how you can get there.

Who knows us already know that we like to expose the subjects in a detailed and organized way. The theme on how to earn coins in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is very extensive. There’s a lot to explain.

We decided to create a main article that directs you to other twenty-two and that gathers all the ways you can earn coins. Even those that are more difficult to put in practice. Although, the information wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t create a guide about trading. These are the tips that will help more the players to quickly reach the coins they desire.


Short Cut

  • How to earn coins in FUT 13
  • What is needed to be rich
  • Introduction for Trading
  • The ten golden rules for Trading
  • Trading Methods
  • Practical Cases
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    How to earn coins in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


    Trading is the best way to become rich.. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way. If, for example, you have no time and a lot of money, you can buy the coins you need directly. In this case, trading won’t be worth at all.

    We’ll list the other ways there are for you to earn coins in FIFA Ultimate Team:


    The method that most players start using is earning coins by playing matches. Many don’t even use another method.

    When they notice there are tournaments and seasons with better prizes, they decide to try their luck in these competitions. It’s a good way to take advantage of what the game has to offer and to save some coins at the same time. Although, they hardly get to build great teams that way.

    As they start to face opponents with great teams, the players choose one out of two paths: some spend their budget in packs, hoping to find that miracle card that normally never appears; others rather turn themselves into cheating, without knowing that they will certainly lose coins and players.

    Things may seem complicated but they’re not. The truth is that there are easier methods in order to earn coins. Winning the TOTW challenge, attending giveaways, using the EASFC catalogue, buying the Ultimate Edition, or giving your old coins usage are different ways for you to save some coins. They’re not a lot, but some.

    When finally running out of patience, many players decide to do what they were trying to avoid: buying coins with real money and solving the problem as soon as possible. This is a method that keeps gaining supporters and is no longer morally reproved by other players that claim inequality. Still, it costs Money…

    Most FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players have difficulty getting rich with these methods. But not all of them. Those who can make fortunes sometimes even decide to lend coins and profit from the interest income.

    Each one of these methods are explained with details on their own articles. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the tips on how to maximize the profit you can get from each one of them.


    FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Making Coins

    For most FUT 13 players, trading is the best way to make coins


    What you need to be rich in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


    You finally found the article that will explain to you how to become rich in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. You’re excited for reading it and then know how there are so many players with incredible teams. “There’s gotta be a trick”, you think. “It’s not possible to buy so many great players.”

    If this is much or less what you’re thinking, you’ll be very disappointed with us. We won’t bring you any big secret on how to become rich fast. But don’t delude yourself. You won’t find it here, neither in any other place. Every time someone says you can instantly get all the coins you want, just know that you’re about to be fooled.

    The sad truth is this: you won’t get rich in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team without lots of work. Forget the coins generators, card duplicators or other cheating methods people tell you about. They are no more than scam tactics that will make you even poorer.

    But in the end what do you need to be rich in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team? This is an important question because if you can’t perform the basic requirements you’ll never be able to build your dream team.
    Here’s what’s really indispensable:

    • Time
    • Time is money everywhere. And in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team it’s not different. You’ll need free time enough to apply some coin-earning tactics. The more time you have, potentially more chances you’ll have to earn lots of coins.

    • Work
    • It’s a fact: 90% of the players that read this kind of article are looking for a magical solution for their financial problems. The large majority won’t get past this phase because they’re not disposed to work.

    • Patience
    • Stay calm, you need to have patience. You won’t get rich tomorrow or even on the following day. Many of the methods that are used to earn coins require that you have a lot of patience. Everyone who is rich in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team also started for having almost nothing.

    • Market Knowledge
    • Knowing the market in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is very important. Use the database or add your targets to your watch list and monitorize the behaviour of these cards. Knowledge is power.


    Trading in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – Introduction


    Trading is the best way to become rich in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. But no one said it’s easy. It’s necessary to know exactly how everything works.

    You can find everything you need in this guide. We are experts in this area just as the millions of coins we earn in all FIFA’s can prove. Besides that, we’ve done rigorous investigating works and tests in order to bring you the best information possible.

    Trading is an English word that means buying and selling a property or service. The most basic idea you should have is that in order to earn coins in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team you’ll have to sell a card for a price that is higher to the one you paid to have it. And it will have to be at least 5% higher in order to cover the taxes that EA retains over all the transactions.

    Most of players can’t buy and sell cards with enough profit to build great teams because they don’t understand the market and the way how the deals are done. Many don’t even know the basic rules of economy. And that doesn’t help at all. The fact is that the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Market is so big in a way that its behaviour is similar to a real and global market.

    If you want to become a real trader in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team we advise that you try to learn some basic notions about microeconomics. If you’re a curious you can extend your research into the applied math called Game Theory and you’ll see how it also applies itself to the FUT 13 market. Since we want to keep the article simple, we’ll restrict ourselves on what is essential to know in order to have success as a trader.

    One of these fundamental concepts is all about the law of supply and demand. This law stabilizes the relation between the demand of a product and its quantity that is offered. In other words, with that law it’s possible to describe the consumers’ behaviour on the acquisition of products in determined periods, according to quantity and prices.
    During the periods when the offer of a determined product exceeds the demand, its price tends to fall. In periods when the demand starts to exceed the offer, the tendency is a price increase.
    The stabilization of the relation between the offer and the demand normally defines the price a product will be transacted for, once the buyer and the seller are conformed with it. It’s called market balance.


    FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Market Rules

    Supply and demand curve


    The offer is the relation between a product’s price and the quantity sellers put for sale. The higher is the price a product can be sold for, more sellers will be disposed to provide it.
    The law of supply says that the price and the quantity offered in a determined market are inversely proportional. In other words, the higher is the price of a product, less people will be disposed or will be able to buy it. When the price of a product rises, its sale power decreases and the consumers go for cheaper products.

    The price of a product can be a positive incentive or negative so that the consumers acquire what they need, but this is not the only one. Just like it happens in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, the decision may depend on the person’s buying power, desires and needs, the concurrence and the existence of complementary alternatives or substitutes. In the same way the offer exercises an influence on the consumers’ demand, the frequency people look for determined products can also increase and decrease the prices.

    In a perfect market structure, of monopolistic or oligopolistic competition, the consumers are the ones who determine the prices. In a cartel or monopoly situation, the opposite happens.

    If you comprehend these ideas, you’ll have a wider perception about the market’s behaviour in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.


    The Ten Trading Golden Rules in FIFA Ultimate Team


    As we already said, the best way to earn coins in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is buying cheap and selling expensive. But how to know when, where and what to buy and sell ?

    If you follow the ten golden rules you’ll definitely be a success trader.


    Rule #1: Study the Market Carefully


    Knowing the market is fundamental in order to have success as a trader in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.

    The most basic idea about trading is selling at a price that is superior to the one you paid for. If you buy a card hoping to find someone to buy it for more coins than you bought it for, you’ll never succeed. Things don’t just happen like this. The market is somewhat predictable. You’ll have to study it to start recognizing a price that is below the balanced price and to predict the price that the demand is willing to offer.

    In order to study the market you can spend hours looking at the cards to see the ones that are sold and the ones that aren’t. But also you can use more useful tools in this process. It’s the case of the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Database. With them you have easy access to the valuable informations about any card in the game: average selling prices, transaction amounts, price history, concurrence, new cards, etc…

    There is another tactic, simpler, that has good results when you want to study a specific market. You just add a big amount of the same card to your watch list and observe their final prices..

    In the end, this is the most basic information you’ll have to know: at what price a determined card is bought/sold in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. At least this analysis you have to make very carefully. Obviously, with so much information available, you can make a deeper research about the market and then maximize your profit possibilities.

    We advise that you analyse the following aspects of the market you’re about to study:

    • If the evolution of the prices is regular or if there are many “peaks”;
    • The price variation over the hours of the day;
    • The price variation over the days of the week;
    • The price variation according to the card’s tactic, possible different positioning, etc;
    • The existence and the behaviour of the prices of the cards that can substitute the ones of the market you’re about to study;
    • The quantities that are normally transacted;
    • The introduction of new cards on the market (UP, IF, etc).

      As you can see, you already found some practical utilities to the basic notions of economy. Whoever is able to manage all this information will have an advantage over the concurrence, which can be turned into profits.


      FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Market

      You don’t need to catch up with all the auctions in order to know what the demand is disposed to offer for a card. Use the button “add to watch list” on all the same cards you find and later you’ll be able to see for how much they were sold.


      Rule #2: Focus on a parcel of Market


      The world economy’s big successes were reached by the ones who got specialized in determined sectors. The Amazon, for example, started selling books. Only after becoming leader in the sector they expended their business to other products.

      If you want to be the best trader, you’ll have to focus on part of the market and not itself in general. It’s impossible for someone to have a good control of all the cards in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Even because this market isn’t static and implies too much availability for someone to keep up with its dynamics.

      Choose a branch in which you feel comfortable, study it and keep yourself updated about the changes that happen in this specific market. It’s going to be a lot easier to know about what prices you should buy or sell cards. Remember that being fast is a very important characteristic a trader must have: being fast in order to make a move and not miss the opportunity, being fast selling to increase the number of sales, being fast to notice the changes of the market, etc…


      FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Trading

      When choosing your branch make everything possible to make your work easier. If you choose, for example, Tévez as a target, you’ll have Agüero between the results of your search because there are not enough filters to differentiate them. Cardozo, for example, is the only Benfica Paraguayan attacker, so it’s a good choice.


      Rule #4: Know What to Buy and Sell


      This is one of the trader’s most common doubts. “What cards should I buy and sell in order to profit? Which ones are the best?“

      There are many books and websites that take advantage of these players’ fragility to sell what they want to hear. The best example of that are the several lists pointing out the supposed best players there are to sell.

      Forget it. This doesn’t exist. Many people will disagree because the idea was already sold for them but the truth is that there are no best cards to buy and sell. All the cards can produce profit if you completely understand their behaviour in the market. That’s what’s really important. It’s obvious that there are cards that can be bought and sold in a limited space of time, like the IF cards or the IRL highlighted players, but except for that there are no “more buyable” cards. Don’t forget that the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Market has many thousands of players and it’s constantly in a almost-saturation state. You won’t find out of a sudden a card that will give you an eternal profit.

      Many FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players insist that there are branches you should bet on: fast players, the silver market, England’s secondary leagues, silver and gold Brazilian players, etc. All of them are apparently very attractive targets because their prices are usually higher. But they are higher not only for who buys but also for who sells. Don’t fool yourself.

      This rule’s main idea is that you’ll be able to get profit from any card. But don’t forget to adapt the target to your availability. If you bet on cards that are launched in big amounts, be prepared for many small profits. If you bet on cards that are launched in small amounts, be prepared for just a few sales but with considerable profits.


      FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Trading

      As the image illustrates, some Brazilian silver players reach impressive prices. Anyway, they’re not always better choices than other cards because they can be sold at a high price but are also not bought for much less.


      Rule #4: Always Have many Cards to Sell


      Imagine you own a store. Every time someone walks in your store willing to buy and you have your shelves empty, you’ll miss the chance of making profit.

      In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team the same happens. You always need available cards to sell. Always, always.

      In the first place, your trade pile must always be full. Every time you sell some cards you should immediately occupy the other spaces of the trade pile with new cards. We also advise that you use the EASF catalogue items to improve the size of your trade pile. The more cards you have for sale, more you’ll sell and more profit you’ll get.

      In order to replace your trade pile stock, you’ll always need to have available cards. Normally this replacement is done starting from the watch list but you can also keep some cards to sell in your club or even in another account. That’s why it’s important that you use the EASFC catalogue items to increase the size of your trade pile and your consumable pile.

      About trying to sell the maximum cards possible, don’t make it easy. Even with your trade pile full, it won’t be worth if you have 10 or 20 cards on your watch list. Define as a minimum limit having your preference list 80% filled. In high demand times, like on the weekends, it’s recommended that this limit be at least 90%. If you are a very good trader you’ll sell all your trade pile and watch list cards.


      FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Trading

      Always have a full trade pile. The cards you buy, before they are sent to the trade pile, can be stocked in your club or temporarily kept on your watch list.


      Rule #5: Give Your Cards Visibility


      If you own a store, the more time it stays open, more chances you’ll have to sell. It’s the same in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. The more availability you have, more profit you’ll get.

      Most FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players, when looking for a card, don’t go beyond the 60 minutes page. As a good trader you intend to be, your job is to give your cards the bigger visibility. The more people see them, more cards you’ll sell. In order to do that you should have them available the higher time possible between the first hour auctions.

      As it seems to be evident, you just need to list your cards with a pre-defined duration, one hour, and re-list them when the auction expires. Even better, re-listing them when there was no bidder and switching immediately to another right after it’s been sold, if that happened before the 60 minutes. This one’s apparently the ideal situation. If you can do that you’ll become rich in a moment.

      Although, no one has enough availability to renew the auctions every hour, during an entire day. This is what should be done always it’s possible. When it’s not possible, you should define the auction duration according to the time you’ll be away. For example, if you’re going to sleep, define the duration to 6 hours. Doing that you’ll make the cards stay available for a bigger amount of time on the market and you’ll be able to renew them when you wake up.

      Basically these are the two golden rules about the auction duration definition: give the cards visibility by defining the auctions with one hour durations and always keep selling. Although, there are exceptions for these rules. Imagine, for example, that you’ll be away for 6 hours. The normal situation would be defining a 6 hours duration for your auction. But if you notice that the last hour of the auction will be during a small traffic period, it may be better if you choose an one hour duration in order to get more visibility. Another example is the occurrence of programmed interruptions on the market access. If your cards are going to expire during the interruption period, you should change the auction duration so that doesn’t happen.


      FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Trading

      Listing a card three times in a row with one hour durations increases your selling probabilities in around 60% over listing it to a single 3 hours auction.


      Rule #7 – Define a start price according to your available time


      Knowing how to define a start price for a card you put on auction is extremely important to get profit. We could try to show you what is the ideal price for each card, according to how much you paid for it, but we would have to use some complex mathematics models.

      The value that really matters is the final price. Although, the start price has a big influence on what the final price is going to be, so its correct definition is very important.

      We all know that we have to sell on a price at least 5% superior to the one we paid in order to cover the EA taxes and not lose coins. Although, every player wants, in the first place, to make coins. If you define a start price that is very superior to the one you paid for the card, the most certain thing is that you’ll never sell anything. And that is also no good.

      On the other hand, if you define a very low start price you’ll attract attention to your card, but you’ll also take the risk of selling it for a price that is inferior to its actual market price. Your card will be bid more often because it appears more frequently between the search results with maximum filters. This will make more players watch your card until the end of the auction. In these situations, it’s normal to occur a curious phenomenon: since there are more players watching your card, some may get in a dispute for it, bidding higher values than the ones they were initially willing to. Even with this elevated profit possibility, we don’t advise that you define a low start price for two reasons:

      • In the first place for a risk matter. You can win, but you can lose. If you really want to earn coins you’ll have to do it with some safety.
      • In second place because every time EA interrupts the players’ access to the market, for a programmed maintenance or any other reason, the bids stay the same until the end of the auction, considering the last bid before the interruption started the winning bid. If you have the tough luck of having auctions with low start prices during a service interruption, then you may lose considerable amounts of coins sometimes.
      • In a third scenario, if you define a price that is slightly higher than the price you paid plus the 5%, it’ll take ages for you to make some coins. You’ll definitely sell a lot of cards but the profits will be so insignificant that you’ll never dream of having that top team.

        The difficult thing is to know what start price will give you profit. There is no exact answer because it depends on several factors, but we’ll try to guide you the best as we can. General rule, we think that you have to give a card a start price according to what the market is interested in. Don’t forget that a trader’s job started before that, when buying a card on its normal market price. Although, the start price you define must be related to you availability: the more time you have to make a deal, the lower price you should define for the start price. Confusing? A little. Don’t worry, after reading the examples of practical cases you’ll better notice how everything works.


        FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Trading

        If someone makes a 150c bid for this card and then a service interruption happens, the seller might have a huge loss. We do not advise the definition of a start price that low.


        Rule #7 – Define a BIN close to the start price


        The definition of a “Buy It Now” price isn’t mandatory but it can be interesting for many situations.

        If you define a BIN much higher than the market price it’ll be just like you never defined it. No one will pay that price.

        You can define it slightly or moderately higher than the market price. Choose the first method. The truth is that, unlike you were supposedly thinking, our tests indicate that if the BIN price is near the start price, your chances of selling a card are bigger. In this moment you may think “it’s obvious that I’ll sell more if the BIN price is lower”. This wasn’t what we said. Read again. What we transmitted to you is that, for example, if you put a card on auction with a 150c start price and a 200c BIN price, you’ll sell more and faster. And that is great, since you’re even selling it for a superior price.

        Except for some cases, you should define a Buy It Now price always you put a card on auction. You’d only have something to lose if you had defined a buy now price that is lower than what the buyers were willing to pay. If you had defined an adjusted start price, you just have to increase about 10% to have the BIN we consider ideal. Don’t go below this percentage because you give the buyers the idea that you defined the start price too high.


        FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Trading

        The best way to get profit from cards that don’t matter to us any more without discarding them (quick selling) is putting them on auction with a 150c start price and a 200c buy now price. It’s the ideal scenario for club items that don’t interest us and neither the market. Although, you should always check if it’s best to have these cards on auction or if you should just discard them in order to spare space on your trade pile for other cards that might give you bigger profits.


        Rule #8 – Avoid Looking like you’re making Price Fixing


        A lot of times we go buy a card and, immediately before we do so, we see there are equal cards being sold at the same price by the same seller. It’s enough for us to abort the deal.

        When this happens, we have to question if we found the best price possible. If someone is selling many equal cards, this person is counting on profit. And you can only make profit if you bought at a price lower than you’re going to sell. And if he can, we also can do so.

        We know that we advised you to bet on branches. But if you want to have success you should be careful not to make this mistake. When putting your cards on auction, don’t put equal cards all by once. Mix them with other cards or take some seconds intervals. If you have big amounts of three or four different cards, this procedure will become a lot easier.

        There’s also who utilizes a slightly different strategy. They have many equal cards to put on auction and decide to fix a price for 80% of them and another one slightly lower for the other 20%. With this, they manipulate the idea the players have about this card’s market price, and guarantee the sale of at least 20% of the cards. The tests we made with this strategy reveal lower profits than expected.


        FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Price Fixing

        When there are many equal cards on auction from the same seller and at the same price, we’re almost sure about a price fixing case. Avoid buying in these cases.


        Rule #9 – Confuse the Buyers


        Confusing the buyers is an usual strategy real markets use.

        In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, there are more and more players trying to make the buyers confused. Normally this is done by selling low price cards with similar characteristics to the cards whose buyers are effectively interested in.

        Have you tried buying Thiago Silva? You’ll have to search the auctions adding club, position and nationality filters. It’s absolutely crazy the amount of the gold PSG Brazilian centre back cards you’ll find at exorbitant prices. Why? Because Thiago Silva costs too much and Alex doesn’t. The sellers will try to confuse the buyers by setting a start price for Alex that is slightly lower than Thiago Silva’s price. Since the cards are very similar and the players know that they have to be quick when finding good opportunities, there’s a huge risk for them to make a big mistake.


        FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Trading


        One variant of this strategy is that it can take advantage of players with more than one In Form version. If you compare two IF cards with the same colour and player, you’ll see that the differences are very small. It’s quite easy for one to be fooled by bidding the wrong card with the other expensive card’s price.


        FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Trading


        Rule #10: Use the Trading Methods


        If you want to increase your profits even more, you should try to apply the trading methods for FUT 13 we’ll describe on the next chapter.

        They are a good way to help you understand the market in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team in a deeper way. Use them separately or altogether.


        Trading in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – Methods


        The tips we gave you are essential for trading correctly. But there are other methods you’ll be able to use in order to improve your success or make these processes faster.

        Since explaining each one of the nine methods in details would make this article too long, we’ll just briefly describe them and then link you to the article where these methods are fully analysed. Even if you already know what these methods are about, be sure to read their respective articles, because you’ll find several tips that will help you maximize your profits.


        Tje Hours Method


        The market in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team has more supply and demand during determined hours of the day. The laws of micro-economy tell us that this means a price variation for a card.

        If you’re not careful, you may buy at a moment when the prices are higher and sell when the prices are lower. It’s very important that you know the best moment to buy and sell.

        Unlike what you could expect, the traffic is not always directly related to the best moments to buy and sell. There are phenomenons that may occur and so make this analysis more difficult than it seems.

        We recommend that you read the detailed explanation for this method HERE.


        FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - The Hours Method

        Click on the image in order to maximize it.


        The Time Method


        The same way there are hours of the day when the cards’ offer and demand vary, there are also events that may change the behaviour of the market.

        Knowing how to identify these events and what influence they have on the cards’ prices must be every good trader’s characteristic.

        If you want to become one, then you have to be aware of what days of the week the cards are transactioned, the irregular moments of the market from the start to the end of the game, the releases of In Form and UP cards, the transferred players’s new cards, the moments people buy more packs (such as Christmas and Happy Hours), the new tournaments and what is going on on the real world.

        We recommend you to read the detailed explanation for this method HERE.


        The 59th Minute Method


        General rule, the laws of the market work perfectly and the demand curve meets the offer in a determined point that will make a price settled. Although, what happens a few times is that the seller may define a start price for a card that is very inferior to the normal price. In these cases, if there is a Buy It Now price, you just need to be the first one to see it.

        The 59th minute method consists exactly in being the first to find the card. Since the default auction duration is one hour, you just need to search for the page where there will be auctions with 59 minutes and many seconds of duration left so you can see the cards that were just put on auction.

        We recommend you to read the detailed explanation for this method HERE.


        The Last Minute Method


        The Last Minute Method consists in going to an auction that is ending and bid the cards that are undervalued. It’s a tactic that most of the players use, since the price of the purchase / sale is only defined on the end of an auction. That is, the last minute.

        The deep knowledge of the market is a requirement for this method since you will have to evaluate the price of several cards and you must do this quickly.

        We recommend you to read the detailed explanation for this method HERE.


        The Enhancement Method


        The study of a specific market indicates that there are players looking for improved cards. And as we’ve seen above, when there is much demand, the offer tends to satisfy it.

        The Enhancement method consists in buying normal cards and enhancing them mainly through the appliance of training and development cards.

        We recommend you to read the detailed explanation for this method HERE.


        The Maintenance Method


        Markets are not perfect. Not even in reality, neither in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Sometimes a company’s shares are suspended until the company divulges relevant information or makes clarifications. In FUT 13, the interruptions happen normally because of programmed maintenances.

        When the players are temporarily unable to access the market, the bids will be kept normally until the end of the auctions, with nobody being able to bid again during the interruption period.

        The maintenance method consists in bidding the biggest amount of cards that have low current bids according to the card’s real price. If nobody else bids again before the maintenance starts, the cards will be yours.

        We recommend you to read the detailed explanation for this method HERE.


        The Consoles Method


        In any other market, whoever has privileged information will be in a good position to reach big profits.

        In the case of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, it doesn’t exist but can be found through price models that compare the behavior of the PS3 to the Xbox360 market.

        We recommend you to read the detailed explanation for this method HERE.


        The In Form Cards Method


        There are markets more predictable than others. This predictability is what differs a risk market from a safe market for you to invest.

        In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, the In Form market is more or less predictable, so it should be good for you to invest. Many FUT 13 players don’t know this standard behaviour the IF market has, since there’s not much concurrence. A low risk market with little concurrence is desirable for every good trader.

        You’ll just have to sell when the prices are high and buy when they are low. Easy, right?

        We recommend you to read the detailed explanation for this method HERE.


        Trading in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - In Form Method

        Click on the image to maximize it.


        Price Fixing


        Any company dreams about being able to win against the concurrence, even if in order to do that it would be necessary to buy the other company, so that they can rule the market. This means, as we have seen, that the consumers will not be the ones to define the prices of the products any more. The price will now be fixed by the seller, which naturally implies very considerable profit possibilities.

        Price Fixing is one of the most advanced trading techniques in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. It consists in acquiring a big quantity of the same card so you can fix its price on the market and get high profits.

        It’s not an easy method, even because it implies much availability and a big budget, but the profits can be fantastic.

        We recommend you to read the detailed explanation for this method HERE.


        Practical Cases – Examples


        If you started reading this article here, then you’re doing it wrong. We’ve already explained everything you should know about trading. Not only in this article but also the other ones linked to each method. Be sure to read them. With such vast information, you may have been a little confused. In order to ease your comprehension, we’ll give you some examples with a few practical cases.


        Example 1 – Beginner level trader


        Imagine you are looking for your first earnings in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. You don’t have many coins to invest but have studied the market and know you can buy a determined card for 150c. You see that there are also a lot of 450c auctions for that same card. What price should you set for an auction for that card? If you don’t try to sell it for less than 200 coins, you won’t have profit. So far we are all in accordance. If you know you can sell it for 450 coins, then it’s logical that you should set this value. But is that so ?

        After one hour of auction you sold, for 450 coins, 4 of the 40 cards you had for sale. You had a 1.200 coins earning. Since you know you have a lot of availability, you decide to lower the price to 350 coins with a 400 coins buy now price. After another hour, the most certain should be you selling at least 10 cards, earning 2.000 coins and with the advantage of selling some before the auctions expired, allowing you to immediately put other cards on auction on the empty spaces left on your trade pile.

        Although we didn’t discount the 5% tax, these gains are relatively interesting. After some hours you’ll have enough to start building you team. These estimated numbers are based on tests we made on the FUT 13 market.

        Doing that sounds very easy and it actually is. But many players can’t do it because of two basic problems: they don’t know what target to choose and can’t buy enough cards for 150 coins. The first situation can be fixed by putting some targets on your watch list. It’s a preparative job that has to be done. You should bid every card in your search even with much time left in order to buy a lots cards for 150 coins on the filters you chose. There’s nothing to lose when you bid. You may win only 10% of the auctions, but if it’s 10% of 100, then it’ll be 10 very cheap cards you managed to buy. And also you’ll have spent not much time because you don’t need to keep watching the result of the auctions. Either you win it for 150 coins or it doesn’t matter at all.


        FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Trading

        All the cards that can be bought for 150c and sold for more are considered good choices. The higher price the market pays for them, the better. The card on the image is a good example of that.


        Example 2 – Moderate level Trader


        Now that you have more coins to invest, you’re looking for targets that can represent bigger profits. You decide to go for David Luiz, one of the most transactioned players in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. That will allow you to get small profits, which makes you have some availability to renew the auctions preferably every hour.

        If the price is 3.000 coins, the best thing to do is to use the hours method. You’ll surely find many cards for 2.500 coins with a 3.200 coins BIN. Try also searching for auctions that end during the moments with less traffic and immediately bid 2.000 coins. It’s very likely that you win some.

        Since you buy cheaper you’ll always profit. The prices we indicated are mere examples. The important thing is that you try out lots of situations and analyse the results. In a short time you’ll have taken necessary conclusions in order to know the maximum buying value that you can offer and the minimum selling value you’ll be able to fix. As we have seen, not always selling at a superior price is a good sign. What really matters is your profit.


        FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Trading

        Buying cheaper even when you’re not at the market is very important. Bid all the cards at a low price even if the auction only ends after a few hours. This technique has good results on less traffic hours, principally if you bid a low price, but not too low. In this example, offering between 1.500 and 2.000 coins is a good choice.


        Example 3 – Advanced Level Trader


        Normally, traders on this level have a good budget. They know that they should never spend everything on their team because it’s always needed to have some coins to invest. Like in real life, money makes money. The more the better.

        A good trader also knows that, despite investing only in ranches, they should diversify. Having all the eggs in the same basket is too risky.

        If you’re an expert you should know all the rules and methods we explained in this article. You can also target cards with a 4-4-2 preferred formation on the minute 59, price fix a silver player or take advantage of the predictable price changes on TOTW cards during the week of their release. In anything you do, be aware of the sudden market alterations that may occur.


        Trading in FUT 13 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


        Q: What’s the best way to earn coins in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team ?
        A: For most cases, trading is the best way to earn coins.

        Q: How can I know the price a card is normally being sold for ?
        A: Use a database or, even better, use your watch list.

        Q: I don’t have much time to trade. Should I give up ?
        A: If your availability is limited it won’t be easy to make many coins. Bet on cards that are launched in small amounts. Even having little time, try to be always selling. Adjust the auction duration for this.

        Q: How to I increase the size of the trade pile, consumable pile and watch list ? ?
        A: Buy their correspondent items in the EASFC Catalogue. See HERE how to do it.

        Q: For what price should I sell my cards ?
        A: You should choose the start price for your auction according to the quantity of cards you have for sale, your availability and principally the study you have done on the cards you already sold.

        Q: Should I define a Buy It Now price ?
        A: In our opinion, yes. For better results, fix a BIN about 10% higher to the start price.

        Q: Out of the 9 methods presented, which one is the better ?
        A: There’s properly no better method. Some may result better for you and others for us. Read each one of the methods articles and you’ll know the advantages and disadvantages that each one has.


        This article is result of our staff’s big effort that had as an objective creating the most complete guide about earning coins in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.

        It should be understood as one whole thing. All the articles this one directs you to are part of this project. For total comprehension of the subject, you should read them all. You’ll find very useful information.

        Besides the vast experience we have in this area, we’ve made several tests to make sure we provided you the best information possible.


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    1. Hi. I really liked the method of fooling the buyer, since it worked on me once (bid on Khedira CAM instead of Ozil). So do you recommend I use that method? Which card should I use it with if I have 50k with me to invest? I was thinking Khedira-Ozil but is there some other cards you recommend I should use to confuse buyers?

      1. I do not usually use this method, however, there is a player that can be used with good results taking advantage of the physical resemblance between both: the player Scholles in place of Rooney, both Manchester United and ST. The “Overall” is different, however, it is easy to confuse. Both are almost twins!

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