Transfer FUT 14 Progress From Current to Next-Gen Consoles

Transfer FUT 14 Progress From Current to Next-Gen Consoles


FUT 14 will go cross-generation. It means that you can transfer FUT 14 Progress from current-gen to next-gen consoles.


    November 25th, 2013
    Added a new chapter explaining the Career Mode transfer
    August 25th, 2013
    EA Sports has changed the rules to transfer FIFA Points. You will be able to transfer FIFA Points between PS3-PS4 and XBox 360-XBox One as many times you want. You will be able too to a one-time transfer of your FUT 13 FIFA Points to FUT 14 FIFA Points.


Transfer FUT 14 From Current to Next-Gen


Transfer FUT 14 From Current to Next-Gen


FIFA 14 to PS3 and XBox 360 will be released on September but to PS4 and XBox One it will be released only at the end of the year. This may be a problem since gamers need to choose between the current-gen or the late next-gen version. Or not.

EA Sports made everything it is possible to be made to turn the migration between current and next-gen consoles in a pleasant journey. Players will not need to choose between the two generations, since they will be able to transfer FUT 14 progress from current to next-gen without any troubles. To the lucky ones with enough money to buy both FIFA’s, it is the perfect scenario. And to EA Sports it is a gold mine.

But how the next-gen carryover will work ? Here are the things that can be shared between Xbox 360® and Xbox One®, and between PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4.

    All your cards (including players);
    All your coins;
    All your trophies;
    Your Season Division;


Transfer FUT 14 From Current to Next-Gen


This will be possible because FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will share a common auction market. One to PS3/PS4 and another one to XBox360/XBox One, like it currently happens. Playing FUT 14 in a current gen console or in a next-gen console will be the same thing. The only thing that will not be possible to do is to play matches between the two generations. All changes made in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will be reflected in both consoles so gamers will be able to compete with their squads on either console throughout the season.

If you begin your FUT 14 experience on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you will maintain your current division in Seasons mode on the new consoles. After the new consoles launch, fans who complete their current division matches and their current tournaments on one console, will earn status that will be recognized on both consoles: between Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

EA Sports didn’t said nothing about it but we suspect that they will give a bonus to players that transfer FUT 14 from current to next-gen consoles. As it will happen with the players of FUT 13 that will play FUT 14, the FUT 14 current-gen players that migrate to the next-gen will get a welcome back offer (packs).

Gamers will also have the chance to transfer their FIFA Points between Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. But pay attention: it can be made only once.

All these news seems be great to players that will play FUT 14 on PS3 and on PS4 or on XBox 360 and on XBox One. But to transfer FUT 14 from current to next-gen consoles you will need to be on the same platform. It will not work well with PS3/XBox One or XBox360/PS4.


Transfer FUT 14 From Current to Next-Gen


Transfer FUT 14 Career Mode From Current to Next-Gen


Unfortunately, you can not transfer your Career Mode players or club from Xbox 360/PS3 to Xbox One/PS4 because of the way in which the different save files are stored from generation to generation. You will, however, receive rewards based on your Career progress on Xbox 360/PS3 that can be applied at the beginning of a new Career on Xbox One/PS4.

How does it work? As you go through the boot flow of FIFA 14 on next-gen, the game will recognize if you played FIFA 14 on Xbox 360/PS3, including how many games of Career Mode you have played. It will inform you of any carry over or perks that apply to your gaming progress. Regarding Career Mode – any time you start a new Career you will be presented with a screen showing you the rewards you have been awarded and the option to disable some of them for that particular CM save file. You need to have played at least 15 games of Career Mode on Xbox 360/PS3 to qualify for these perks, and the more you played, the better the rewards. Below is a detailed breakdown of what you would get based on the amount of games played.

    Tier 1 (Played at least 15 games)
    +1 to all Career Pro attributes
    1 Top GTN scout for one season
    +15% Initial transfer budget
    Tier 2 (Played at least one season)
    +3 to all Career Pro attributes
    1 Top GTN scout for one season
    +30% Initial transfer budget
    Rematch Ability
    Tier 3(Played at least 2 seasons)
    +5 to all Career Pro attributes
    1 Top GTN scout for one season
    +60% Initial transfer budget
    Rematch Ability
    Edit Player functionality


329 thoughts on “Transfer FUT 14 Progress From Current to Next-Gen Consoles”

  1. “All these news seems be great to players that will play FUT 14 on PS3 and on PS4 or on XBox 360 and on XBox One. But to transfer FUT 14 from current to next-gen consoles you will need to be on the same platform. It will not work well with PS3/XBox One or XBox360/PS4.”

    Hi Rodrigo, what do you mean by it will not work well? Will it work or will it not?

    I was playing fifa 14 on ps3. I’ve recently purchased xbox one and thinking of buying fifa 14 on it so I could transfer all my players over. I have fifa 15, but at times i wish to play fifa 14 without switching console.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  2. Hi Rodrigo,
    I am trying to transition between games and consoles here.
    I play fifa 14 Ultimate team on Xbox 360.

    However I’ve purchased Fifa 15 and bought the Xbox one.

    I cannot seem to figure how to transfer my UT from the old Fifa 14 on xbox 360 to the new Fifa 15 on Xbox one …
    Any thoughts ?


  3. I brought my step son a PS3 he has been playing Fifa 14 on Xbox 360, can he transfer all his progress between the two different consoles?

  4. As I’m buying a PS4 When the Web app comes out will I get my coins that I make on the web app transferred to my ps4. I played FIFA14 UT on Xbox360

  5. Leandro Rodrigues Stwart

    Hey Rodrigo,

    I have a PS4 and a PS3, both with FIFA 14, I haven’t played a significant amount of career mode games (under 15 games). Will I still receive the bonuses if I sim an entire season or two?

    Thank You,
    Sincere Regards,
    Leandro Rodrigues Stwart

  6. If I have a fut account on Fifa 14 on the Ps4, and I exchange the Ps4 for a new one, will I still have my account?

    1. Sorry but can you explain to us again ?
      If you are asking if it is still possible to transfer your progress from old to new gen consoles, yes it is.
      If you are asking if you can go back to PS3 and then again to PS4, yes it is possible too.

  7. Just to make it sure. Can i bring my fut fifa14 players from ps3 to ps4? Or it will only carry exp, coins etc.

  8. Just another question, i have a ps3 with fifa 14,, can i still link my accounts with the ps4 (i dont have fifa14 for ps4) so that in fifa 15 they know i habe been playing wfifa for a long time (and receive my welcome packs)

  9. Hey, let’s say I have an xbox 360. Will I be able to buy players that people with the xbox one put on the transfer market on ultimate team? Also, will I be able to play with xbox one people?

    1. Hi Justin.
      The market is shared between the XBox One and XBox 360. It means that you will be able to buy players that people with the xbox one put on the transfer market on ultimate team.
      However, you can not play against them.

  10. Brayden Simon

    If I wanted to transfer my stuff to Xbox One from 360 would I need to physically have both copies of Fifa 14 because there is a deal at my local game store if I trade it in now I would get more money but I won’t get my console for another month.

  11. Kevin Kiernan

    I played fut ultimate team FIFA 13 on ps3 I now have a ps4 with FIFA 14 but different email address how do I get my fut coins from ps3 fifa13 account to transfare to my ps4 fifa14 account I have a total of 292,936 coins in my fifa13 ultimate team account

  12. Hi, I have fifa 14 on ps3 and ps4. I have a ps3 round my grandads house with fifa 14 so if I play fut online seasons with the same origin account that I use on my ps4, will that mean when I play fut seasons on my ps3 it will delete the seasons data on ps4?

    1. Hi.
      We haven’t test it but we almost sure that you will keep your division. If you look to the picture of this post, you will see that the arrows are in the two directions.

  13. Can you trade or play with ps4 players of fifa 14 if you have fifa 14 on ps3, if so how?

    1. No.
      You can buy and sell cards to them but you can not make a transfer offer because PS3 gamers can not be friends of PS4 gamers.
      The gameplay is also different, so PS3 players can not play against PS4 players.

  14. Hi I’m picking up a PS4 today with FIFA 14 so when I start it up all my ultimate team items (players, coins etc) will be transferred to next gen. Can I still play ultimate team on PS3 as my friends are still on current gen and will I still have my items? Thanks

    1. Exactly. You can play on both consoles with the same team.
      Just be sure to use the same PSN ID on both consoles.
      More details HERE:
      “Everyone want to know how to transfer their UT progress to the PS4 or to the XBox One. However, just a few know that it is possible, at any time, go back to the current-gen console and play Ultimate Team with the same squad. Just need to turn on and play. Every change made on a console can be seen on the other one.
      Obviously, it can be done only between PS3 and PS4 and between XBox 360 and XBox One.”

  15. Thank you Is there an autobidder buyer for ios platform ? Can I download the team I created in order to play with computer or after the server will drop 1 or 2 years later you lose all the money invested to buy players

  16. Hi I use fut 14 ios platform can I transfer my coins and players to pc platform cause I can’t find an autobidder buyer for ios platform

  17. Ive got fut 14 on 360 and im looking into getting xbox one, obviously i still play fut now and have got a horrendous record due to letting every tom, dick and harry play on it. But i have got a half decent team which i understand can be carried over to the xbox one and im just wondering if it carries the record over aswel?l Because i would rather start from scratch with the same team if you know what i mean? (My record : W154-D74-L147

  18. Hey Guys,
    I want to get a PS4 this month so I wanted to know how this whole transfer Process works.I looked inside the Fifa 14 box and I didn’t find a transfer code to the Ps4(like there is in AC4) so now I’m a little bit scared because I think I lost it…Is the transfer process different or do I need a transfer code?(Sorry for the bad english im from switzerland :D)

    1. Hi. I imagine the cold you are feeling there. Here where I am I get 20ºC in any time of the year. Jealous ?! 🙂
      About your question, it is simpler than you imagine. You don’t need any code. If you have played FIFA 14 on a PS3 you can transfer all your UT progress to the new console. Usually, people say that you only need to use the same Origin account but there is a small trick that it will make it easier: use the same PSN ID on your PS4 that you are using on your PS3. If you do that, the system will recognize your Origin account automatically and everything will be OK (otherwise, you will get your FIFA progress but not your UT progress).

  19. I started a fut on ps3 and it was my friends so I gave it back and then I brought the ps4 and when I go to go on fut it says I have to change sercurity question on the system that I went on fut first (ps3) but I don’t have it any more what do I do :((I have 2informs )

  20. Hello, I was just wondering if someone is on xbox 360 and you are their friend can you transfer offer them from the xbox one?

    1. No. In fact it is a really really good question. The reason is simple: your XBox 360 friends are not your XBox One friends. So, it is not possible.
      We have published about it HERE.

  21. I have a XBOX 360, and i´ll buy a PS4 in next generation, can I transfer my XBOX 360 account, to my PS4 account?

  22. hey, my fifa 14 in ps4-in ultimate team- show me that my account is locked, i had changed my password and the security question, he sant me a code but still doesn’t let me log in… what should i do?!

  23. All I want to ask is the question that everyone wonders about, is fut 14 handicapped on Xbox one I ask this as I have progressed but as I buy better players my teams seem to falter and get beaten easier I had messi, Ronaldo, bale, Xavier, iniesta, di Maria, Marcelo, Ramos, pique,Alvie’s and of course Cas the goalie and they fall over each other , ref gets in the way the players don’t move for me, the opposition players seem to be a lot faster than mine and I am currently playing on Xbox 360 and getting ready to go to xbox one. Sorry for the question

  24. Hello, i have a question. I ordered a ps4 and i have an incrediable Nice team FUT on ps3. Can you tell me how i can carry over my FUT from ps3 to ps4?
    Do i have to go to the ps store or Will it pop up when i start up fifa14 on ps4?

    I invested alot of time, sweat and money, i dont want to lose my team.


    1. Hi.
      I will teach you a trick that nobody told me when I start up FIFA 14 on PS4: use the same PSN ID on PS4 that you had on PS3. It is really important to do it. Everyone says that you just need to use the same Origin account but believe me that the PSN ID is the most important thing (and probably the only one).

      1. Thank you for your answer! The PSN ID is the name you see when you play someone ingame in online seasons for example? The one you see in your friendslist? Or is it the email where you login with in the beginning?

  25. Hannes Nilsson

    Hi! How do i change orgin personas on my ps4? ( i can do it in the webapp)
    becuse for some reasone it made a new team on my orgin account when i logged in 😛 so i have 2 now 😛

  26. I have just bought a ps4, and when playing fifa 14 ultimate team i kept getting a pop up saying ‘you currently have some seasons progress saved from fut 14 from you ps3…’ and then saying it will have to delete the current season. I click yes but it still pops up every time and when I play a match in seasons mode it doesn’t register it as a win. Any ideas?

  27. If I have FIFA 14 for a tablet, am I able to trade with a friend who has FIFA 14 for a console?

  28. Hi I have built a team on my old xbone I have just moved to ps4 I’m guessing it won’t switch am I correct thanks

  29. Moaiad Alhindi

    Can i put players on the transfer market from the ps4 and people on the ps3 would be able to buy them? like do we have the same transfer market or seperate ones.

    1. Yes, it is possible. The consoles share the same transfer market. What you see is what everyone see. Don’t forget that your friends of PS3 can not be added to your PS4 friends list, which means that they are not able to make a ‘transfer offer’ for your card.

  30. hey i have fifa 14 in my ps3, the only way i get the ps4 is if i sell the ps3, within that mean that i have to delete all my acounts and sell it to someone. Then buy the ps4 and fifa 14, what do i need to do in order to still have the same level(30) and all my career. do i need to start all over again?

  31. Hi, i want to play the ut team in ps4,however they ask me to set a secret question. I have tried many times but still can’t enter the game. I played it in xbox before, but I forgot the secret question before. Do I need to use back the previous question? How can I solve this problem? Thanks

  32. Rodrigo, Can you please answer a quick question? – I am manager of QPR in career mode & the transfer window was ending with countdown, I had 2 deals with 2 players + cash for 2 new players ; & they did not go through because my squad was full !, surely 1 player in 1 player out is the same squad total ? – is this a glitch ?, thankyou Mark.

  33. Hi. I was just wondering if my ultimate team from my xbox360 will transfer to my new ps4? I really hope it does because I spent allot of time and money on my team. All I want transferred is my players. Thanks for your help

  34. Arsalan Rahimian

    Is it possible to transfer my ultimate team from my xbox 360 to playstation 4?

  35. Hi i started playing fifa14 ut on one of my roommates xbox 360 and my other roommate just bought an xbox one and fifa 14 for xbox1. Will i be transfer my ut to xbox1 by using the original origin account i started on, even if the xbox1 was set up with a different origin account? Basically, can you play fifa 14 on xbox1 with different origin accounts on the same console

  36. hello i used the fut web app for ultimate team. I have never played the game on my ps3 because i wanted the game for ps4 and i did not want to buy it for each consoll. So can i still transfer even do i never played the game on my ps3 but only on the fut web app?
    Thank you

    1. Yes, yes, yes. 🙂
      It is a very good question and it is very hard to find the answer. We did it for ourself.
      Just a tip: use the same PSN ID. I’m not talking about Origin. Use the same PSN ID in order to get things of Ultimate Team transferred. Just the Origin is not enough.

  37. Thomas Smith

    Hi everything is working great with fifa on next gen just wondering if I bought the season pass on 360 would that carry over ?

  38. Do I need to keep same account to keep data from fifa14 on ps3 when I play ps4 or just my origin account information?

  39. Morgan Pitman

    if i transfer my players ext on to the xbox one, will i still be able to play ultimate team on the xbox 360, however starting over again ?

  40. Hi , i was given a new ( fifa ultimate edition code ) – xbox 360 , i already had fifa 14 on xbox one i cant redeem the code on xbox one but it does say i can wen i login online , will i get the FUT gold packs bonus from this code on my xbox one ?? Thx.

  41. Hi
    I was wondering if the transfer market on the two consoles is the if someone listed a player on their 360 could i find and buy this player on my Xbox one?

  42. Hi, i do have an xbox 360 with fifa 14. Now that i
    Know that i am able to convert the money from xbox 360
    To xbox one i wonder how to do it. I am
    Buying an xbox one soon but i need to know how
    To convert the money and players to fifa 14
    On xbox one. 🙂

  43. If you forgot you Microsoft details and still wan to transfer your things to the xbox 1 can you do it by origin what do you have to do

  44. Hi,
    I just wanted to know if you can play ultimate team on both ps3 and ps4. Example: if I played fifa 14 on the ps4 can I go on the ps3 later on and continue? Or can you only play on the ps4 once you’ve transferred everything?

  45. Hello,i have a problem me and my friend want to play online and everytime one of us joining each other invite say your connection has been lost or your opponemrnt has left and the same in the FUT can you tell me where is the problem ??

  46. How do i transfer my ultimate team from ps3 to ps4? i dont know how, it has my old ultimate team name but when i click it, its a new one

    1. To transfer your FUT from PS3 to PS4 you just need to use the same PSN ID. The system will recognize that you have the same Origin ID and will do it automatically.
      When you use the same PSN ID on your PS4 that you have used on PS3, everything works perfect. Everything is transferred, including your FUT14 squad and coins. However, if you use a different PSN ID but the same Origin ID, you keep everything you had on current-gen except your FUT. It is like you are starting over again, with welcome packs, etc… And the most curious thing is that you still able to see your old team on FUT Web App.
      To fix it, just use the same PSN ID and the same Origin account.

  47. If i have fifa 14 in Xbox 360, and i want to transfer all my stuff to Xbox 1 when i get it for christmas do i need to buy the game for Xbox 1 again?

  48. Hi, I used to have fifa 14 and ps3 until I sold it but I want to buy some packs on the fut website because im getting a ps4 with fifa 14. Can i transfer the money or team made via the web app? Cheers

    1. Hi.
      If you had FIFA 14 on PS3, you should be able to manage that team on FUT Web App. Just use the same Origin ID. When you get your PS4, try to use the same PSN ID and everything will be transferred.

    1. Yes, it is possible. But only once.
      The first time you play FIFA 14, if you use the same Origin account that you have used on FUT 13, the system will ask you if you want to transfer to FUT 14.

  49. Rasmus Læsø

    hello Rodrigo.
    I just started up my ps4, and offcourse i wanted to play FUT 14. unfortunantly it is only my bronze players who is left on my squad from my ps3. how do i get rest of my players on the ps4? I would be pretty pissed if i can’t, because i got a 300k team, so that would suck…
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Rasmus. I know what is going on with your team and I will try to explain.
      When you use the same PSN ID on your PS4 that you have used on PS3, everything works perfect. Everything is transferred, including your FUT14 squad and coins. However, if you use a different PSN ID but the same Origin ID, you keep everything you had on current-gen except your FUT. It is like you are starting over again, with welcome packs, etc… And the most curious thing is that you still able to see your old team on FUT Web App.
      To fix it, just use the same PSN ID and the same Origin account.
      Give us feedback please.

      1. Rasmus Læsø

        Hello again. I use the excact same logins as i did on my Ps3. I think it is realy fucked up that i got my bronze players but not my gold players. Should i try to reset my ps3 and start over?

        1. Hi.
          We are not talking about the Origin ID. We have talked about PSN ID. Are you sure you are using the same PSN ID and you have different players on your console ?
          Did you check if the players from console and FUT Web App are the same ?

  50. Hi there, can I be able to buy FIFA14 points on ps3 so I can use it on ps4? I have season ticket and I want my discount.

    1. EA Sports have disabled the discount for Season Ticket holders on PS4. It’s a shame.
      You can buy on PS3 and then transfer to PS4 but only once. If they already asked you about it, you will no be bale to do it any more.

  51. Hey buddy I was wondering if you can help..ever since I started playing FUT on ps4 I am not able to play seasons 9 online only tournament mode…any help with this?

  52. hello
    I want to try out the black messi glitch to try and make big money. I have fifa 14 for ps3 . The glitch only works on the ps4. So lets just say if I rented fifa 14 on ps4 and did the glitch and made the big profit, then gave the rented game back. On my fifa 14 ps3 account would i have the big profit .

  53. John carmichael

    Hi i’ve transfered my origan acc and it had my fut name and i aswered my security question but my players aren’t there?

  54. I’ve made a new PSN account but used the same origin account, can i still transfer my coins and players etc over to my new account?

  55. I played fifa 13 on ps3 after that i played fifa 14.Now Iam unable to play fifa 13.what i have to do? pls guide me.

    1. Very easy.
      When you login for the first time on your PS4, you need to use the same Origin account. If you do that, the system will recognize that you have played FUT 14 on PS3 and will transfer all automatically.

  56. I was wondering.. i will be getting ps4 later on december.. so is there any limited time to transfer Fut14 stuff from ps3 to ps4 ??? and how i can do it? is that done automatically or i must do it some other way? cheers

  57. I’m about to buy a new ps4 and in the meantime I’m about to sell my ps3. If i sell my ps3 first, will all the data in my previous fifa14 ps3 will be transfered to the new fifa14 of ps4? Kindly advise.

  58. How i can get a trophy on your way,if ii have mypro from ps3 and 77 accomplishment ?I need delete files?

  59. I’ve gone from ps3 to ps4 and everything’s transferred apart from my ultimate team?

  60. If have to swap my fifa 14 on the same xbox 360 console due to damage will I be able to keep all my progress?

    1. Hi.
      Yes, your FUT progress is saved on the server. Not on the console. If you check your team on the FUT Web App, it should be there even if you throw your console by the window. Don’t test it. 🙂
      Don’t forget the use the same Origin account. That’s all that matters.

  61. I’ve switched to FIFA 14 on PS4 and my EA account has been carried over but my Ultimate Team has been started from stratch for some reason (bronze team with 500 coins). I can’t seem to find any way of retrieving my team from PS3.

  62. Can I use my origin account both on Xbox 360 and PS3? And will I be able to keep my progress on both consoles? Im 68 level on the Xbox 360.

  63. I have bought the ea sports season ticket for ps3 for fifa 14 and have just bought a ps4 with fifa everything transfer across fine apart from my season ticket I don’t have discounted packs or anything I checked my service list and it’s still on there until September next year I looked around and ea have said that it will transfer over from ps3 to ps4 but I haven’t found this to be true

    1. Hi Greg.
      Everything you said is absolutely true. Including the Season Ticket problems that happens too often.
      Try to contact them again. They will help you for sure. See HERE how to do it.

  64. can i get my season ticket fifa 14 on ps3 to xbox one because i plan on getting xbox one

    1. From our Season Ticket Guide:

      Q: Can I use my Season Ticket on Playstation, even though I am buying the Season Ticket on Xbox originally, or vice-versa ?
      A: No. EA Sports Season Ticket applies only to the platform you purchased it on and is not transferable between Playstation and Xbox.

      You can learn more about it HERE.

  65. what if i want to start again on seasons once i get the ps4 will i be able to do that or does it transfer automatically?

  66. Hi there, I have a quick question.

    Me and my friend went halves on fifa 14 from the PSN store. he downloaded it 1st, then I logged into my ps3 and downloaded it onto my system also. My question is we are both going to be getting ps4’s and will both also be buying fifa 14 ( Separately this time ) Will the Transfer of ( players, coins ect ) work for both of us to our new systems. I can’t lose messi! haha

    1. Hi Ryan. PS4 is coming… tic tac tic tac….
      If each one has a different Origin account, both will transfer everything from FIFA 14 CG to FIFA 14 NG. The important is to have different Origin accounts and use them when log in the first time on FIFA 14 for PS4.

  67. I have a Xbox 360 and Xbox One, both with FIFA 14 and I am currently having trouble getting the carryovers. I was able to get my FUT on Xbox One, but no season stats, catalogue items, online proclubs and online virtual player or bonuses when playing career. I have my Xbox 360 save files on the online cloud storage so it should work. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help?

    1. EA has announced this week that it is not possible to transfer your Career mode player or club data from one console generation to the next. However there will be some rewards to help you make the transition easier. We will update the article as soon as possible.

      1. I’m not getting the rewards in the career mode, nor the catalogue items I purchased on the 360, and no online pro club data either on my Xbox One. What am I doing wrong? The carry over perks aren’t there.

      2. I have a game face on my PlayStation account for ea is it possible to transfer that to my Xbox ea account

  68. If I have ps3 fifa and I am going to get ps4 fifa 14 will I have to stay on the same acount or can I change accounts and still get all my stuff. Thank you

  69. hey man i am planing on buying a ps4 on the end of december and i was wondering will i still be able to transfer my coins and players or i should buy the ps4 early to be able to transfer

  70. Anthony Maola

    Where will you be able to transfer all your fut stuff to the next gen console?

    1. Sure. You just need to use the same Origin ID on both consoles.
      Your stuff will be shared for both consoles, which means that you can use it on next gen in a day and on current gen on the next one.

  71. i downloaded the fifa 14 on ps3… got the ps4 but it does not show the game at a discounted price…. ea sports is actually thinking to charge people twice full price for the same game ????

  72. Hey, been playing ultimate team single player seasons.. I’m in div.3 and it says promotion gives me

    Hold 3,900 / promotion 6,200 / championship 5,800

    So does that mean if I win the championship which I need more points for I loose money? Or is it I get the promotion 6,200 coins plus the championship ??

    Thanks jake

  73. And the 24 free gold packs for pre-ordering the gam. Thats the packs i was wonderig about

  74. Hi, sorry to bother you again but apparety you bring in your fifa 14 on ps3 to eb games and pay $10 and then you get fifa 14 on ps4 . Will that still work or no

  75. Hi, do you need the same psn from ps3 on the ps4 to transfer everything you have on fut 14 and do you need to buy the game again on ps4. Also do all your free packs transferto ps4

    1. Hi. Nice to meet you.
      Do you need to have the same Origin on PS3 and PS4, yes. If you buy the game you will be able to use everything you have on your PS3 FUT14 account.
      About the free packs, which ones are you talking about ? The packs from the Ultimate Edition and from Season Ticket will be on your PS4 account as always has happened. Don’t forget that now you don’t have a PS3 and a PS4 account. It will be the same thing: a Playstation account.

  76. hello, i have fifa 14 in my tablet with origin account is and now i have bought it for ps3 is it possible to transfer my ultimate team from origin to playstation network ??

  77. Do you need to still have the copy of FIFA 14 for ps3 to transfer all the stuff to ps4 version?

  78. Joel Hardman

    Am wondering can I trade my Xbox 360 in at a game store with all games including fifa 14 and still be able to transfer, what I’m getting at is do I need the Xbox 360 to transfer all my things ie players, kits, ball etc
    Or do I just have to sign in to get my stuff back or transferred
    Thank you

  79. Sorry, I have a question. Would I be able to play my PS3 FIFA 14 career on the new platform? I mean, will I be able to continue my career on the PS4 FIFA 14 game?

    1. Hi.
      You don’t have to say sorry. We are here to try to help.
      Yes, you will be able to continue career on PS4. Check THIS picture (bottom left corner) to more details.

  80. Hi, If i create a new xbox live account on the new xbox one will i still be able to transfer my progress made from FUT 14 on my last xbox 360 account by entering my origin details on my new xbox one account?


  81. A question which is kinda linked but if I change from PS3 to Xbox 360 will me FUT transfer across based on my EA login?

  82. Hi
    I was wondering does the one time transfer have to be right away or can be left till I get an xbox one ?

        1. In the same platform, you can move players and coins from your FUT 14 current gen cosnole to your FUT 14 next gen console whenever you want and how many times you want. In fact the market is shared: there is one single market for PS and other for XBox.

  83. When you say u need both games to transfer your stuff does fut14 web app count as the ps3 game and then the actual fifa14 game for ps4. -Many Thanks Josh

    1. Yes.
      You don’t need to buy FIFA 14 for PS3. You can build your squad on your FUT 14 Web App and it will be available on your PS4 when FIFA 14 comes out. Don’t forget to use the same Origin account.

  84. hi i just want to know if the fifa 14 ut players value will be the same in ps4
    as ps3 or they will be cheaper in ps4…

    1. They will be exactly the same. Same players, cards, attributes / stats and even prices. The market will be shared to the same platform which means that it will be the same playing on PS4 or on PS3.

  85. How would you be able to transfer the fifa14 UT players and everything on the ps3 to the ps4? What’s the process?

  86. I am not getting FIFA 14 until on PS4, but currently plating web app. Anyway I can but season pass, or enter code for 24 packs prior to PS4, ie via web, and not console?

    1. Hi. It seems that is possible. But we didn’t try.

      Q: When do I get my packs ?
      A: On the first time you go into the Ultimate Team mode after buying the EA Sports Season ticket. You don’t need to wait for the early access release or by the game release. You only get one pack per week and you have to access it every week or you will lose them.

  87. I’m just wondering, would they let you transfer points from fifa 13 again once you have done it the first time because i bought some more on 13.

  88. Can you buy/enter multiple codes for 24 free packs etc. Say my friend not interested in FUT, but has the special edition with free packs. Can I enter mine, and his codes?… ie, get 2 pack each week for 24 weeks?

  89. Can I but US FIFA 14 PS4 game and play on Australian PS4, I understand games are region free?… given my first question, can I use Australian online acocunt with foreign game?

  90. Hope you can help as i can’t find this answer anywhere.
    If i make a team on the web app but don’t buy fifa 14 for xbox 360 but just instead wait for xbox one and get it on that will my team on the web app carry over to the xbox one or will i have to start from scratch?
    Many thanks

      1. Ohh ok thanks for the help. My team isn’t fantastic anyway so it wouldn’t bother me much but would be a nice starting place as i will behind everyone who gets it for 360.
        Thanks again

  91. Hope you can help with my question.
    If I buy FIFA 14 Collector’s Edition For PS3 i will receive 24 Free Gold Packs.
    However I plan on purchasing FIFA 14 for PS4 as well. Will my remaining free packs from my FIFA 14 PS3 version transfer over to my new FIFA 14 for PS4, OR will I have to purchase the FIFA 14 COLLECTOR’S Edition for PS4 as well. Sorry if the question is complicated, hope you can help.

    1. Hi Eddy.
      You don’t need to buy the FIFA 14 collector edition for PS4. Do it for PS3 and the packs will be on your FIFA 14 PS4 account too.
      Keep in mind that the PS3 and PS4 market will be shared. What you have in one console will be the same that you have in the other one.
      If you will buy FIFA check THIS guide and THIS one.

  92. I have a question. Ive played FUT since it started on my Xbox 360, but since I plan on ditching MS altogether I’ve gone about cancelling my XBL and have preordered Fifa 14 for my PS3. My question: If I start playing FUT 14 on the web app with my one and only Origin account, will I be able to access my UT team from PS3 once it launches simply by logging in with my Origin account? I guess another way of stating is can I use one Origin account on two different systems on two different Fifas?

    1. Hi.
      We are not 100% sure because we never have tested it but we believe that it will be possible.
      Don’t forget that you will not be able to carry over your progress between different platforms.

      1. Hey thanks Im really concerned because Ive begun playing Fifa 14 Fut on the web that just launced. But Id be really bummed if when I start playing it on my PS3 Id have to start over, again, with a new club, established date, etc etc.

  93. Hey , Can you give me the way to transfer My FIFa Points from FUT 13 to FUT 14 , as u know the Web App is now open , but still i cant use them

  94. FUT Web app, can I change from PS to Xbox? Thinking of switching platforms. If not, will FUT Web app transfer accross to new platform? I am not planning on buying on current platform, just FIFA 14 on new platform but want to use web app in mean time.

    1. It will not be possible to transfer your progress (coins, cards, etc) between consoles of different platforms. It means that it will be possible to do what you want only if you already have FUT Web App access in the platform that you want (for example: to play in PS4 you need to have access to FUT 14 Web App PS3 account).

  95. how will i do this treansformation? do i just log into my origin account when i get xbox one?

  96. Conor anderson

    Thanks for the quick reply before, one more question so are the accounts linked e.g. Will my gamertag remain the same

    1. The FUT legends will not be available before the XBox One release, in late November.
      FUT legends will not be available all the season. It will work like the TOTS cards, for example, in specific periods of the year.

  97. om jag köper fifa 14 till ps3 och vill köpa sen till ps4 blir det billigare eller någonting då ?

  98. i have a 360 and i would prefer to get ps4. i will have access to the web app on the 15th. so my question is since my account for the web app is linked with the 360, will there be anypoint making trades, add coins on webapp, since i will be getting ps4. thanks

    1. Hi.
      If you enter now (it is already available) you will get the bonus now. But you will not be able to transfer it to your PS4. When you get your new console, you should change the console that are linked to your Origin account in Origin preferences menu.

      1. okay thanks, so say if i make a new account now can i link it to the playstation network? Also is it true if i make a new account, i wont be able to use the webapp untill fifa 14 realeases?

  99. Righto thanks a lot for the quick reply!! I’m new to ultimate team so I won’t be loosing many great players. I just thought I could jump ahead n buy all next seasons better players for cheap then they would get transferred haha. I enjoy working for the players so it’s win win for me

    Thanks a lot for your help

  100. Hi,
    Will the EA Season Ticket carry over from ps3 to ps4 or will I have to buy it again on ps4 ? And will I have to transfer the packs every week between the two ? Whats the details on that.

    1. Hi.
      We think it will carry over but EA Sports didn’t official confirmed it.
      You will not need to transfer the packs since the Playstation accounts will be shared: what you have in PS3 will be the same you will have in PS4.

    1. Hi.
      In fact, you don’t need to transfer since coins will be shared to both consoles.
      The coins that you will have in your current gen will be the same that you will have in next gen the first time you open it.

  101. Hi… I have an Xbox, will I not be able to transfer my players over from fifa 13 to fifa 14? Only my points ? And if so do the stats update to the fifa 14 stats?

    1. Hi.
      The only thing that you will be able to transfer from FIFA 13 to FIFA 14 are the FIFA Points, XP Level, FC Credits and club name. You will lose your players and coins if you start playing FIFA 14.
      Yes, the player stats of FIFA 14 are not the same. In general, the stats are very similar but there are several updates. As you may imagine, Casillas will not be so good and Bale will be better.

  102. Have I understood this correctly if I say that if I buy fifa points today for FIFA Ultimate team 13 they will transfer to FIFA Ultimate team 14?
    If so, will it be availble when the web app launches so that I can open packs straight away or do I have to wait for the full game to release to buy some packs with the fifa Points I just bought now?

    1. Hi Michael. Thank you for your contact.
      Yes, you can do it. Every FIFA Point you buy in FIFA 13 may be transferred to FIFA 14 (pay attention that you need to transfer all your FIFA Points at the same time).
      Unfortunately, EA Sports didn’t give any details about when it will be possible. We don’t know if it will be in FUT 14 Web App release date or only in game release date.

  103. Charlie bailey

    Hi, sorry its so late, but I was wondering. It costs £60 to buy fifa 14 on psn which is more expensive then everywhere else. If I buy it on psn, can I get it on ps3, then redownload it for free on my ps4 when it comes out? Is that why it costs more?

    1. You will be able to transfer FIFA Points, club name, XP level and FC credits from FIFA 13 to FIFA 14. But not coins, players and other cards.
      If you were talking about FIFA 14 from PS3 to PS4, you will be able to transfer almost everything, including coins and players.

  104. Craig Meighan

    Hi there, as Fifa 14 has been confirmed to be free with all Xbox one pre orders, do you know if we will still have to purchase an EA Pass to play the game online? As usually the free code is inside the fifa box?

  105. hmmmm im asking questions and there not showing??? RIGHT 3 things when well you be able to transfer your fifa points 2. i read that you can win players? what kind of players and 3. why has people like saurez stayed the same and ageuro who done nothing last season gets a boost…… the funniest one is torres if you look at what hes won in the last 7 years hes dropping yet doinb better than the seasons before????? i thought strikers had to score goals yet he scores the most hes done in years but gets dropped EA suck all they care about is ronaldo and messi

    1. Sorry Lee.
      The first time someone publish on our website we need to approve it to avoid spam. With the FIFA 14 release coming, our answers are taking a bit more time.
      We already answer you to the other questions.
      About the ratings there is not much we can do it. It is how EA looks to the game. We agree with most of the ratings but it seems that Suarez should deserve a bit more.

  106. If I was to trade on the web app do I need fifa 14 on the Xbox 360 to send it over or can I send it from web app to Xbox one

    1. You will have access to FUT Web App if you have played FUT 13. If this is the case, you can do it even without buying a FIFA 14 XBox copy. We think that you will be able to use the team that you created on the FUT 14 Web App directly to you XBox One since the market will be the same for both consoles.

  107. have you found out exactly when we can transfer fifa points from fifa13 to fifa14 yet??

  108. last year there was a few sites with all the player ratings by now do you know any yet ?

  109. Thats a pitty and not fair . Ok thank you for the quick reply one more quation please is there away you could transfer your coins into fifa points ?

  110. my question is when i start playing fut 14 i will not have any players from my fut 13 squad ? will i start from the begening and build my team from zero ?!!

  111. michael…………. DO NOT BUY EA SEASON TICKET it doesn’t carry over you will have 2 buy it again DO NOT BUY IT……. Rodrigo 2 questions when can you transfer fifa13 fifa points to fifa14 ? and on the demo out on 10th 11th sep you can play on ultimate team a thing called ICEBREAKER can you buy packs on the demo ?? thanks

    1. Hi.
      Good questions, Lee.
      We don’t know if it will be possible to transfer the FIFA Points from FIFA 13 to FIFA 14 in the September 15th or 27th.
      About the Icebreaker, you will not be able to buy packs in the demo. The Icebreaker is an introduction to the beginners that let’s you play with one of the pre-set teams.

  112. If I create a new PSN account on my PS4, can I still transfer my Fifa 14 data from my PS3 to PS4 or do I need the same PSN account I used on my PS3 to play Fifa or do I have to enter the same EA email address in Fifa 14 on PS4?

    From Sam

  113. If I bought Fifa 14 on ps3 and ps4 and got season ticket would I get the free packs on ps3 or ps4 also would I still get the 20% discount on the ps4

    1. It will work as if you have a single account (PS3+PS4). Which means that you get the free packs on PS3 that you will be able to transfer to PS4. But you don’t get it twice.
      We think that the discount will work for both.

  114. phil…… i have 45,000 fifa points and im waiting for the 15th sep 300 premium packs one after another done it last year make 300 on day 2 over 1000 pound on trading…….. trick is open about 50 accounts play the 1st game and delete it (write down details ) then you get all those gifts 12 days before the game somes out you could sell the coins 100k for 17 at the star…… 50 accounts at least 100 gold pack 100k coins

      1. you call me a cheater for earning money?? i had 50 accounts last year i have over 300 now all i can say is i am guaranteed to get the squad i want for free. my main account is the holy grail……. 328 accounts so i am guaranteed at least 656 gold packs and 800-1.2m FREE im 14 and understand this takes time but all the emails are the same bar a number same password so its quicker than you think. Day one i will earn roughly 500 then i can bully the trading

  115. I was thinking of loading up on fifa points in fut13 so I can transfer them when the webapp is available on Sept 15th. When will we be able to transfer our fifa points? Any way to get the points available when the webapp is up ans have a leg up over everyone else in terms of packs? Thanks!

  116. If I but the ultimate edition and get the free 24 or so packs does that carry over into fifa 14 on the Xbox one?

    1. If you buy the FIFA 14 UT edition to xbox 360 you can transport all the cards to your FIFA 14 XBox One.
      If you are planning to buy it and you live in Europe, Amazon is the best store to do it. If you decide to buy it there, please follow our banner in THIS page. You will be helping us and you will pay exactly the same.

      1. Hi
        Just to calrify
        I can tranfere coins of FUT13 to FUT14 only if I buy PS4?
        But I cannot transfere the coins if I stay on PS3! Is that right?

    1. Does this mean every time a new Fifa comes out, all my FUT Coins are lost – and I have to start over with a new Fifa Version and new card in let’s say Fifa 15

  117. Do you need your origins account info to transfer from xbox 360 to xbox one or does it do it automatically if your on the same account that u were on when you played it on the 360

  118. So there is no chance you could start fifa 14 on the 360 and buy a ps4 to carry over?

  119. Harry Minguel

    Ive been trying to find the answer for this everywhere. You know if i was to buy fifa 14 Ultimate edition for xbox 360, but then i brought the xbox one and the fifa 14 for the xbox one and transferred all my data over, would the packs I should receive due to me buying the ultimate edition on 360 go over to my xbox one where I will start receiving the packs on there, if not what will I have to do if i want the ultimate edition the day fifa 14 is released for those extra packs?

    1. It is a great question. We never thought about it.
      You will be able to transfer your cards between XBox 360 and XBox One without any restriction. If you pay attention to the last picture of the article, you will notice that the club items will be shared in the two directions. You will be able to do it how many times you want.
      What we are trying to say is that we don’t know if the packs will be delivered in XBox One (we think it won’t) but it will not be a problem. You just need to open the packs on your XBox360 (or your FUT Web App), and transfer them every week to your XBox One account.

      1. I was actually wondering the exact same thing except that I am going to be selling my Xbox 360 when I get the Xbox one, can I still access my packs on the web app?

  120. Hi, ,I know I am late to this conversation but I was wondering if I bought fifa14 from the playstation store (as DLC), will I be able to transfer to a ps4?

    1. Let’s see with we have understood you question: you are asking that if you bought FIFA 14 from PSN to PS3 if you will be able to play it on PS4. It is your question? You will not be able to do it. You need to buy FIFA 14 to PS3 and to PS4 to play in both consoles.

      1. Yes that was my question and thanks for your answer. I thought it may be a way to save money. Ah well worth a try. Thanks again.

  121. I have the ps3 and was going to get the ps4 nd fifa14, if i get fifa 14 on the ps3 and then want to transfer it over to the ps4, would i have to buy fifa 14 on the ps4 aswell as the ps3?

  122. WIll the data transfer from FIFA 13 on PS3 to FIFA 14 on the PS4? (without having to buy FIFA 14 on PS3)

    1. No.
      FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 are different games. The data will transfer only between the same platform (PS3 and PS4, for example) and same game. And to happen, you will need to buy FIFA 14 to PS3 and FIFA 14 to PS4.

      1. i currently have ps3 and will be upgrading to xbox 1, i would like to know if i will receive the loyalty packs when i log in from the xbox one

  123. Cut to the chase. I have an xbox 360 however would prefer a PS4 over Xbox one(let’s face it, who doesn’t…) So simply if I buy Fifa 14 on 360 and then buy a PS4. Can I swap squad onto PS4? Or is it Microsoft—>Microsoft and Sony—>Sony only?


    1. Hi Michael. Thanks for this important question.
      We also think that PS4 will be better but we have the luck of having a PS3 right now. What we are trying to say is that is only Microsoft-Microsoft and Sony-Sony.

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