Why I Can’t Transfer my FUT 16 Progress to FUT 17?

Why I Can't Transfer my FUT 16 Progress to FUT 17?


If you read our FIFA 17 Carryover Transfers Guide, you probably already know that you will lose your coins and cards when you drop your FIFA 16 to start playing the new EA Sports title. But why you can’t carryover your progress? What you should do with your FUT 15 coins and cards? Keep reading because we will help you.


This article is based on consoles.


Why I Can’t Transfer my FUT 16 Progress to FUT 17?


Why start from the bottom ?


So much effort for nothing. A whole year trying to get the best players for your team. So many hours spent setting up auctions and then you lose everything. This is probably what’s going on inside your head now… Everyone who’s been through this knows the feeling. But believe it or not, the truth is it just goes away as soon as you start a new FIFA and you go back to chasing that perfect team once again. You’ll see…


But why do we really have to start from the bottom and not be able to keep our cards and coins?
It’s basically for three reasons:

    Playing the same game all over again may not be very stimulating. It’s true that you might already have a good team and all, but going back to square one can be much more interesting than it seems to be, especially when everyone is doing the same. This year you’ve probably made a few mistakes and now it’s time to take advantage of what you’ve learned. It’s an opportunity to do it the right way to reach perfection. You can buy several managers right at the start and this will help you save tons of coins throughout the year, for example; you can buy that great player before his price starts to rise madly. Soon you’ll be conformed and will be telling yourself “I’m going to follow this awesome site’s tips and this time I will get Ronaldo”. Every year, the FIFA community is accepting better this rule. Otherwise, in FIFA 20 every squad would have Messi and Ronaldo.

    Let’s not be hypocrites. As, players, there’s the motivation of building a whole new team and that’s quite enough, EA Sports’s only true reason to carry on would be the money. As soon as they “vanish” all those cards and coins assuming FUT 17 is a completely new game, they’re about to get some ridiculously high profit. It’s not only about forcing players to go for the new packs. It’s a complete new world for the FUT gaming community, everything loses its value from a moment to another; all the old cards and coins go to waste. Don’t think we’re talking small shares of the business. FIFA digital game sales’ annual growth rates have increased and EA Sports already makes more money selling FUT packs than the actual game.

    Logistics Problems
    If people would keep in FUT 17 everything they had back in FUT 16, there would be other problems concerning the game’s mechanics. It wouldn’t be the end of it, but that would certainly make the game more confusing and unfair. What’s the logic on having several different rated cards of the same player just because the season has ended? Is it fair to have your players underrated just because they’ve had a worse season? Where’s the fair play when you start the game having millions of coins while others have nothing? This would make the game unsustainable for beginners since all prices would be ridiculously high. In a way, it’s really necessary that the coin flow is managed so we can have a fair, competitive and sustainable game. And this can only be done once we start a new game.

Why I Can't Transfer my FUT 16 Progress to FUT 17?

What to do with all the cards and coins ?


Now that you know you’ll be having useless cards and coins, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do with them. Most players try and enjoy them until the very end. There are also people that decide to spend them all on packs – fair enough.

The truth is that those coins could be converted to real money, but right now this isn’t really a brilliant deal. In two months before the release of the new game you won’t be getting more than 50 euros for each million of coins, and for another month past this is reduced to half. So here’s a lesson: if you want to be best rewarded for your effort you’re going to have to think about starting your business sooner next time.

If you’re a generous friend, find someone who’s not getting FIFA 17 and offer them you coins. They will certainly be very thankful. Bear in mind that very few people go back to playing an old FIFA after they’ve started playing a new one, so don’t worry about regretting a possible donation.

Why I Can't Transfer my FUT 16 Progress to FUT 17?

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  1. How long is it possible to play fut16? 2 years? Wht about the previous years’ title? Can people still play them?

    1. Yes, people are still playing FIFA 16 and FIFA 15. At lest 2 years you can play. Probably more. However, after the first year, EA doesn’t release more stuff to the game (TOTW, IF cards, featured tournaments, etc…)

      1. Don’t you think running out of player and manager contracts will be a problem because of the transfer market?

          1. Ok. So what about the fut16 web app and fut16 campanion app? Will both be available after the fut17 web app comes out?

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