Mher’s Corner: Using Two Squads and Updated Cards

Mher's Corner: Using Two Squads and Updated Cards


Welcome to the Mher’s Corner, the column of Mher Ginosyan, that we are proud to include in our website. Know him better at the end of the article.

In this second episode, “Using Two Squads and Updated Cards“, the author explains if it is better to have a second squad from the same league or not and brings the major changes of the UP cards.


Using Two Squads and Updated Cards


Hello everyone.

Since I finished my last article talking about building your first team, today, I would like to continue the same topic, and I will talk about building your second team. Also, I will include some information about Updated Cards.


Using Two Squads


When building the second team, there is a question: should the second squad be from the same league as first one or no? I think there is no a right answers to this question. There are advantages and disadvantages for both decisions.
Let’s discuss in more details.

First case will be using the same league.
Having 2 squads from the same league will benefit you in the following situations:
You will be able to substitute a player during the match if he will get injured, tired, or someone will get a red card, and you will be able to keep your team’s chemistry high. Also, you will be able to substitute before the match, if there is an injured player in order to save coins for healing cards. In addition, it is easy to get to know to the market of one league than two or more.

The disadvantages of using the same league are that you will have less choice of players. There are some leagues that do not have several good players for a same position. For example, if you are going to use Bundesliga, the only good choice of LB is Alaba. Even though, he is rated 81 (the regular one, not IF), he is the best choice in Bundesliga. For your second squad, you can use Schemlzer or Jansen but none of them are a good choice for a high-rated team; they are just regular cards rated 78 and 76. Another example can be LM/LW/LF for the Bundesliga. The best choice, of course, is Ribery for that position, but he is available for only rich players. Reus is the second best choice after Ribery. However, Reus is not a cheap choice either. Since, besides Reus there is no more a good choice, he is priced around 90k. The only good choice after Reus is Elia but he is rated 76 and does not have appropriate stats for a high-rated team. But if we take a look on EPL choice, there are a lot of them. Young, Schurle, Willian, Hazard, and even Podolski. We can go forever with these lists of different positions on different leagues, so it is easy to understand why using the same league is not a good choice.

Basically, if I will talk now about using different leagues, the advantages and disadvantages will be just the opposite. The advantages will be that different leagues give you more variety of players, and disadvantage will be that you won’t be able to use a player in both squads.


Mher's Corner: Using Two Squads and Updated Cards

Eden Hazard is one of the several good left wingers playing in Barclays Premier League


UP Cards


Now, I would like to talk about several Updated cards that give you really nice connections.
I would like to start with Benatia. His regular card was 82 and he got 2 Ifs (83, 84). Players liked to use him with Chiellini because he has a decent pace 73, great defending 84, and 80 heading. Since Chiellini is the best CB for Seria A, he is the first choice for a CB among all others CBs. Even though Benatia has decent stats too, there were a lot of players that were not using him with Chiellini. Instead, they were using Barzagli, Caceres, and Ogbonna. Nonetheless, after the Upgraded cards, I think everyone would like to use Benatia. His updated card has the same pace (73); however, his defending and heading increased to 87 and 83 respectively (I am just mentions those 3 stats because they are the most important for a defender). In my opinion, Chiellini and Benatia would be one of the best CB couples in FUT.

Continuing the updates about CBs, the next one that made a lot of EPL fans happy is the update of Koscielny. His card has been updated from 81 to 83, and his updated card has 78 pace, 82 defending, and 81 heading, with which, he is exceeds David Luiz. Now, I think many players will consider using him with Kompany.

Liverpool fans are probably the happiest about the upgrades. Their striking pair Suarez and Sturridge has been upgraded. From 86 and 80, their cards updated to 88 and 82 respectively. Now, YNWA fans will be able to use a very decent striking couple in their team. Even though you are not a Liverpool fan, they are great strikers to use in EPL team. For example, Suarez can be used a high-rated team for rich players because he has really good stats. He has 89 finishing, 92 ball control, 89 FK accuracy, 95 dribbling, and a lot more. While Sturrindge is more into pace. However, he has a good shooting stats too, with 87 finishing and 87 shot power.

I tried to go over the most popular updated cards and I hope that the information given above, will be helpful for you. If you have any questions, just let me know.

Thank you very much.


Note: The author has sent this article before the second batch release.


Author: Mher Ginosyan

Mher is a 20 years old guy from Armenia. Now, he is in USA studying business. Football is his first priority, so FIFA is his hobby. He is also an amateur photographer and a Gooner.


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  1. Dear Mher,
    I believe there is a mistake in this guide that you should know about. You can see it explained in more detail in the chemistry guide. Basically, in your guide you said having same league players in your second squad allows you to substitute for players and keep chemistry high. However, it does not matter what league a sub is from; a substitute player has the same individual chemistry as the subbed out player, and team chemistry stays constant. For example, i have a Bundesliga squad in 352 formation with Reus in LM position. He has 10 chemistry. In my subs and reserves i have a BPL/BBVA hybrid in 433, which i switch to when my BL team’s fitness is low. If i wanted to, i could put Willian in LM position and he would receive ten chemistry, despite linking only to Lewandowski, Schweinsteiger, and J. Boateng, none of which share league or nation with Willian and despite Willian’s position being LW with no manager bonus. Chemistry guide shows this. Please correct this error wherever it appears.

  2. Hey, Rodrigo! If Mher allows, if everybody wants, i can translate this article to portuguese, and then you can post in the pt version of the site.

  3. XXxTheMisfitxXX

    I have 3 squads, and I do have some high priced players. Reus on my Bunds. Squad is quite expensive, if you were to combine Bunds and BPL (or EPL jk) what would be the ideal squad? Taking high priced players over 100k out of the equation.

    1. I made a decent bpl/bund/tur squad.. Gk Neur lb Cole lcb luiz rcb Dante rb lahm cm melo if LM up hazard rcam Rooney st van persie rcam sneijder sif rm Robbin you need an English manager from turk league. Everyone is 10 Chem melo and Rooney 8

    2. It depends on what kind of squad do you want… like which formation? which are the key players you want to use from your existing squad?

  4. You can change players during the match without affencting the chemistry. Which means that you can put players from different leagues or nationality of your squad, because the player who enters later in the game take on the chemistry from the player substituted. This issue has already been discussed in the chemistry guide. Take a look there. Rodrigo will agree with me. Sorry if I wasn’t clear in my explanation.

    1. I completely agree with you but using subs is not recommended because it you will lose contract. However, if you don’t care about the contracts, do subs and make your game better 🙂

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