Mher’s Corner: Upgraded Cards – Part 2

Mher's Corner: Upgraded Cards - Part 2


Welcome to the Mher’s Corner, the column of Mher Ginosyan, that we are proud to include in our website. Know him better at the end of the article.

In this third episode, “Upgraded Cards – Part 2“, the author shows which UP cards are his favourites and explains why.


Using Two Squads and Updated Cards


Hello my friends.

Today, I will continue my last article and I will talk about more Upgraded cards.

I think, many UT players are happy of his updated card. His card was one of the famous cards and after the update it got better. Can you guess about whom am I talking? I am talking about Eden Hazard. His normal card was 85 and his updated card is 88 now. His updated card is better in all aspects, but I will try to go over the most important ones. What’s everybody’s most favorite attribute? Of course, it is pace and his pace is now 89 instead of 87 (acceleration went up to 94 from 91 and sprint speed 87 from 85).
Second important attribute for him is shooting. His shooting is now 82 instead of 79, however, there is a lot in details. His long shot has been increased by 7 and it is 87 now. His finishing went up with 7 as well and now it is 85. His FK accuracy and curve are 86 and 89 respectively. I can go on and explore every attribute, but I think those were the most important ones. Now, he is one the best winger in Barclays Premier League and one of the bests in all Ultimate Team. Of course, the price of the updated card is really high but I think he is worth that. However, the updated card gives chance to afford the old card because is it cheaper now. If you are lucky enough to afford him, then you will just enjoy his game and love that card.

Another big upgrade is gold rare card of Jese Rodrigez. His card got up upgraded from 72 to 76. The rating is very good but another good fact about the new card is that it is gold now. Why is that good? Because his old card was silver and it was overpriced (up to 120k). Now, it is very difficult to do the price fix on the card and his gold card is getting cheaper. Even though he costs around 20k now, he is worth it. Also, the price will go down very quick. This upgrade is very good for a Real Madrid fan because they didn’t have any choice of using LM/LF/LW besides Ronaldo who is one of the most expensive cards in UT. In addition, his old card was ST which was not that useful in my opinion because Benzema was a perfect alternative. Now, his upgraded card is LM which enables players to use him in LM/LW/LF positions. He has a decent pace (88), 86 dribbling, 74 shooting and 71 passing. It is not a very good card, but he can be very useful especially for Madrid fans.


Mher's Corner: Upgraded Cards - Part 2

If you want to see the full list of UP cards, just click on the image


Oscar is another player whose card has been upgraded this winter. His upgraded card is now 84 instead of 82. Again, like all other upgraded players, all attributes has been increased. However, he may be very useful for his nationality. He can be perfect in hybrid teams with Brazilian players such as Thiago Silva (one of the best CBs in UT), Neymar, or Dani Alves. Now, his upgraded card will be used a lot in my opinion.

The next card that I would like to mention is David Alaba. I have talked before about his card as being the only choice of LB in Bundes Liga. I think his updated card will be sold in market very easily because he is the only good choice for that position. Anyone who has a Bundes Liga team, will try to get him for sure.

Another player from Bundes Liga who got a nice upgrade is Jerome Boateng. His card got upgraded to 83. Let’s take a look on defenders main attributes which are pace, defending, and heading. His pace and heading did not change and is still 75 and 82 respectively. However, his defending has been upgraded to 82 from 79. I think, this upgraded is not a really good one because there is just a little change even though his overall got 83 from 81.

There is one more card that has caught my attention. It is Felipe Melo. His card got upgraded from 80 to 82 and total stats +14. He has a decent pace (76) for CDM and great heading 86. His defending is 83 and 75 shooting. He is called all-rounder, which is a player who has all stats over 60 like Pogba or Cabaye. I think Felipe Melo is more being used in Brazilian squads than in Turkish League squads. I think he is one of the best Brazilian CDMs in UT.

I think I will finish with those players, and if you want me to talk about anyone else, just suggest.

Thank you everyone for reading, and if you have any questions, just make a comment.


Author: Mher Ginosyan

Mher is a 20 years old guy from Armenia. Now, he is in USA studying business. Football is his first priority, so FIFA is his hobby. He is also an amateur photographer and a Gooner.


29 thoughts on “Mher’s Corner: Upgraded Cards – Part 2”

      1. I want to use them as a cm that can atttack when need but can defend pretty well .So I prefer someone who has decent pass and shoot but I also want him to help the defence

  1. It depends on your style of play too… for ex. I like to shoot from distance, so I always look for players with good shot power and long shots. Ozil, has nice dribbling and passing; however, his long shots are not perfect. I would prefer Oscar UP card which has better pace, long shots, shot power….
    However, I think, in your case Kompany is more important.
    And thank you for the suggestion, we will think about that.

    1. Thanks for your tip.
      Like you, I love long shots.
      I have gotten Kompany and UP Oscar.
      Now my squad is finished.Thanks.
      Now I can start saving up for Aguero or build a new squad.
      If I wanted to send a few extra guides to this website(I have a cuple of nice ones) how would I do it? And is there anyway I can join the staff of this website?

      1. I am happy that I could help you. I think you should ask Rodrigo about that who is the admin of the page. You can see how to contact them by going FIFA U TEAM on the top right corner and then “Join to our team” or “Contacts”. Also, [email protected] is the email address that you can contact with.
        Thank you.

  2. Um….hi
    I need help with improving my squad.
    My squad:
    ST Eto’o
    CAM Rooney
    CAM Oscar
    CAM Cazorla
    CDM Ramires
    CDM Ramsey
    LB Baines
    CB Luiz
    CB IF Koscielny(Untradeable)
    RB Richards
    GK Cech
    Who should i upgrade first?
    I have 30k

    1. Hello,
      I think you have a very nice squad.
      Which card of Ramsey are you using?
      For 30k I think you can upgrade just Clichy of LB if you want to…

      1. Thanks for the quick reply.
        My defence is pretty solid, I don’t think it needs a change.
        Also, my Ramsey is the normal one.
        Thanks for the comment on my squad.
        I was thinking of perhaps getting Kompany or IF Baines or IF Ramsey or either Ozil or Mata. Who do you think I should upgrade?

        1. Personally, I think the IF players do not worth that much money…Unless, you are a fan of a club/player. I think IF Ramsey CDM is a very nice card with decent stats, but it may be a bit overpriced… Also, with 30k I do not think there is any reasonable upgrade that can be done to your squad.
          I would suggest to buy Kompany is the best option among others. After him, you can upgrade Mata instead of Oscar (if Oscar’s card is the regular one).
          Thank you.

          1. I seem to have won a couple of wagers and now have 50k. Yes, you are correct, IF Ramsey is too overpriced. I am going to save up till 60k and then get Mata and another player(Ozil/Kompany). Which one of the two do you think I should get?
            Also, this website can have a section for “Hidden Gem” cards for each league. Like for example Kone or Deulofeu, who are beast players in their positions. Just a suggestion.

  3. hey. what do you think about the price oh Hazard 85? now it is about 200k (PC). what will happen with the prize after the 5th year anniversary?

      1. I agree with Rodrigo. I have talked about Koscielny in the other article, and I think he is the second best CB after Kompany.

      2. Oh yeah, one more thing… I am making a BPL squad and have a fairly decent one but am looking to upgrade some positions. I have Valencia at RM, Javi Garcia at CDM, Cazorla at CAM and Kaboul / UP Koscielny at CB (in 4-1-2-1-2 form.) So my question is who should I upgrade first? Should I get Navas, Toure, SIlva or Kompany?

          1. Actually, all depends on the coins that you have/want to use for them. Also, it depends on your play style. When you play, where you think is your weakest spot?
            Navas is the cheapest one among others but all of them are important.
            Also, I think Eto’o does not have an upgrade.
            I would rank with the following.
            4th-Yaya Toure

          2. Oops, sorry I wasnt clear, I meant upgrading my strikers with Eto’o, not an actual UP Eto’o, either way thanks for the help, this site has helped me a lot!

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