Mher’s Corner: Who will get the League Title this Season ?

Mher's Corner: Who will get the League Title ?


Welcome to the Mher’s Corner, the column of Mher Ginosyan, that we are proud to include in our website. Know him better at the end of the article.

In this new episode, “Who will get the League Title ?“, the author analyse the final stage of the football leagues.


Who will get the League Title ?


Hello everyone.

Today, I would talk about the football in real life and not UT. Of course, Ultimate team is very connected with real life football; as a result, I will try to talk more about what is going on in real championships.

In my opinion, UEFA Champions League is the most exiting tournament among different European clubs. We had the opportunity to watch very nice games such as R. Madrid vs BvB, Man Utd vs Bayern Munich, Chelsea vs PSG, and finally, Barcelona vs At. Madrid. All games were very interesting and unpredictable. Probably, the most predictable Semi-Finalist was Bayern Munich. Chelsea, Barca, and Real Madrid were also considered the teams that would most likely qualify for the Semi-Final. Real Madrid and Chelsea did qualify: however, in both competitions, we saw something different. After the first game of PSG and Chelsea, PSG had more chances to go to Semi-Final, but Chelsea won 2:0 and with aggregate 3:3 (away goal advantage) went to Semi-Final. Demba Ba, who scored the winning goal for Chelsea, got the MOTM and his MOTM card was released in Fifa Ultimate Team.

After the home win of Real Madrid vs Bvb by 3:0, chances of going to Semi-Final for Madrid, was very high. However, in the next game, Real Madrid played very bad I think. Even though they could qualify for Semi-Final with aggregate 3:2, their second game was very disappointing. I hope that they will play much better in Semi-Finals because with that game, they barely have any chance against Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich did not have any big problems against Man United who are not in their best form. However, I respect Man United for putting their all effort into the game and showing us nice games.

Probably, the most interesting game was Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona. After drawing 1:1 in Camp Nou, Atletico had an away goal advantage. The second game was just amazing. I haven’t seen Barcelona to in panic like that in the recent several years. Atletico did not give them a chance to start an attack in the first half. And in the same first half, Koke scored the only goal of the game which lead Atletico to Semi-Final . Later, Koke also got his MOTM card released in UT.

As always, the Semi-Final is as important and interesting as the Final. Some people even think that it is more interesting than the Final.
Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich
Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea
In both games, there are some key players that may not be able to play.

At first, Real vs Munich. Probably most people know that Cristiano Ronaldo is injured and we do not know if he can play against Munich or not. I hope that he will be able to play because he is very important in Real Madrid. Bayern Munich may also have a loss. Manuel Neuer got injured in the game vs BvB. However, the chances that Neuer will miss the game are very low. As a football fan, I do not want any player to miss any game, because they are the players who make the game very interesting.

In the second game, the most talked theme is Thibaut Courtios. Since he is player of Chelsea loaned to Atletico Madrid, he may not be able to play unless Atelico will pay the fee which is around 4 million pounds per game. Later, UEFA announced that they allow him to play vs Chelsea. However, the final result is not announced yet. Again, I hope that he will be able to play because he will be very important player.

Overall, I do not have any doubts that both games will be extremely important and there isn’t any team that have more chances for the Final. Personally, I am for Ream Madrid. HALA MADRID!

Now, let’s discuss about some Leagues around the world. Probably, English Premier League is the most interesting one. This year is has the toughest race for the title. Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, and Arsenal were very close to each other. However, after the last couple games, Arsenal’s chances are almost 0 for the title. They will try to get in the top 4. Man City also lost his chances after the loss against Liverpool and the tie with Sunderland. I think, Liverpool has the most chances to become the winners of Premier League after a long break. Of course, the upcoming game against Chelsea will be very decisive. The UT players know that soon EA will release TOTS. I think Luis Suarez is the best player of the year, and he will have his spot there. TOTS (Team of the season) will include the best players during the season. For more information about the TOTS, click HERE.

The next famous League is Spanish LA LIGA. Here, two teams from Madrid have the most chances because Barcelona lost his chances after the loss with Granada. I think, Atletico deserves to win the League even though Real Madrid is my second favorite team after Arsenal. Real Madrid have already won a trophy: Copa Del Rey. They defeated Barcelona and in the last minutes, Gareth Bale scored an amazing goal and created his MOTM card UT.

I think, every League is very interesting, but if I talk about every League, it will go forever. I tried to touch the most important parts during the last month. If you have any questions, please, feel free to comment.

Thank you very much.


Author: Mher Ginosyan

Mher is a 20 years old guy from Armenia. Now, he is in USA studying business. Football is his first priority, so FIFA is his hobby. He is also an amateur photographer and a Gooner.


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  1. i sent it again. Did u receive it?IF no, then can u send me a mail to my email address.

      1. Thanks for your quick reply. I have send another mail. I hope to know what are the things needed to be able to join your team.

  2. hi there Rodrigo and Mher
    I found the article very nice. I am personally a ManU fan(Moyes got sacked!!YAY!!), but Liverpool are the favourites to win the title.

    Also, no reply has come yet to the writer partnership mail I sent to the email id [email protected]. please look into it.

  3. Hello, thanks for sharing your opinion. After the loss from Sunderland, I think Chelsea does not have big chances for the title. Again, Liverpool vs Chelsea will decide a lot. You are right about the other Leagues. However, I did not understand your explanation about Arsenal. Man City won the Capital One cup I think more than a month ago. And if Arsenal wins FA Cup, it doesn’t guarantee them for UCL. How far I know, the first four places will qualify for UCL.

  4. Hey Rodrigo
    Personally,I am a chelsea fan and I want chelsea to win both EPL and UEFA CL but anyway Liverpool have chance in EPL while bayern are clear favourites in champions leagues.As for liga,I predicted the one who wins the semi finals will probably win the Liga bbva.Serie a and Bundesliga and ligue 1 are already over.Man city have just a outside chance in EPL due to the ongoing controversies in the Finincal FairPlay Rules.I guess arsenal migh qualify for Europa league if they don’t win the FA cup cause Everton have reserved their fifth spots and capital one cup quailing spot will go to the sixth placed team and if arsenal win FA cup,then it will be a fight between MAN U and Spurs.I guess Man U will win it.Please feel free to share your opinion

  5. No bundesliga…jk bayern already secured title. And other leagues are landslides too.

    1. you are right. However, BvB is showing a great football in the last games and they went to final of the cup where they will face Bayern. I hope BvB will win in the cup:)

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