It Is Worth it Buying FIFA 16 Packs ?

It Is Worth it Buying FIFA 16 Packs ?


Before you buy FIFA 16 packs, you should ask yourself if you should do it or not. This is probably the most common question about FUT 16. And we are here to clarify you. Everything you need to know to take the right decision: advantages, disadvantages, odds of pulling a good card, studies and much more.


Should I buy FIFA 16 packs or not ?


When you make a purchase, you are giving something to get another thing in exchange. If you bought it, it is because in your opinion the thing you are giving is less important than the one you are purchasing. The problem in Ultimate Team is that you do not know what is inside the pack you are buying. There is no way to know if the exchange will be profitable to you. You have expectations in relation to the purchase but you do not know if they will be met.

It is possible to pay packs with coins or with FIFA Points. In the first scenario, your expectation is to pull cards whose market value exceeds the price of the packs. In other words, you want to make profit. This rarely happens. That’s why buying packs with coins is an awful idea.

When you buy FIFA 16 packs with FIFA Points, the chances of getting good cards are exactly the same, but instead of investing your coins, you are using real money. It’s like you were buying FIFA coins but you don’t know how much you will have to pay for them. In these cases, only you can say if it is worth to buy packs or not, depending of how much real money you are willing to spend.


It Is Worth it Buying FIFA 16 Packs ?


Is there any study about this subject ?


It isn’t easy to make a reliable study about this subject because it only works with a huge sample. Imagine, for example, that you open packs worth 3 million coins. If you open an extra pack and pull a Ronaldo IF card, your conclusions will be completely distorted. It is not possible for a single person to open enough packs to conclude if it is worth to buy packs or not. We did it but we combined our results with the community experience to conclude that, in a general way, you get back 60% of what you have paid by the packs. The other 40% are EA’s profit, ie, your loss. The same happens in the famous bookmakers sports scores where part of what you bet reverts automatically to the house, regardless of the result. Usually, they keep with something between 10 and 15%, but EA is not satisfied with less than 40%.

This first conclusion allows us to be sure about how bad a strategy it is to buy FIFA 16 packs with coins, except if you are someone really lucky. This study also helps us to calculate how much you will get back when you open packs bought with FIFA Points.

So how do we make this calculation ? First we use the packs prices. In average, the packs you buy with 1000 FIFA Points can also be bought with 50 thousand coins. Since you only get back 60% of your investment, in fact you will be buying 30k coins with those FIFA Points. We also know the average prices of FIFA Points which means that it is not difficult to conclude that 100 thousand coins can be indirectly purchased with £26 or 31 €. It’s up to you to decide if this is an high price or not to strengthen your team and your FUT account.

Obviously, when you decide to buy a pack you do it because you are dreaming with pulling a few amazing cards. You don’t do it because of profit. There is always a hope. However, if you make a study like we did you will realize that your chances of getting good cards are low. Since you can buy cards directly in the market, the importance to this study is to know how much the FIFA 16 packs are worth. That’s the only way to compare with your investment.


It Is Worth it Buying FIFA 16 Packs ?


Are many people getting success with packs ?


No. The most experienced Ultimate Team players agree with us about how bad of a strategy it is to buy FIFA 16 packs. But there are still many less experienced players with another opinions. They are asking right now why are there so many people showing of the fantastic cards they have got in packs ? Maybe because no one likes to show off rubbish and useless packs. If only good packs are shared, it gives the idea that all the packs have good cards. Nothing less true.

Buying packs with coins is not a good strategy to build a good team

Many players also think that the only way to be millionaire is buying FIFA 16 packs. They find other players on the market that are selling several very expensive cards and they think they got the money buying packs. They don’t. They probably are really good traders or have used scam techniques.


Is EA Sports forcing me to buy FIFA 16 packs ?


Yes. Don’t forget that this is the FIFA core business for EA Sports. Think about it. To sell more packs, they try everything. They use a very aggressive marketing strategy, trying to give the impression that it is easy to pull good cards in packs, using their social networks to show players that got a good card or supporting the most lucky YouTubers that publish videos opening packs with the greatest players. On the other hand, they don’t add good cards to packs, forcing players to try their luck again and again hoping to get the same good cards that other players and youtubers got. The Happy Hours are strategically chosen and they even created an extra chemistry point – loyalty bonus – to force you to buy more packs.

Are you seeing how it works ? Youtubers want to be famous and to be supported by EA Sports, so they produce videos showing how easy is to get good cards in packs. Those who have the luck of getting good cards in FIFA 16 packs also want to share it with the world, to show their happiness or simply to make others jealous. They share it with EA Sports and the company share it with the world. All we see is good cards in packs, so why don’t we do the same. We buy one, two, three, four packs. ‘Maybe in the next one’, we think. Most of the times, players spend part of their coins or a good amount of money and they don’t get a single good card.


It Is Worth it Buying FIFA 16 Packs ?


Are you saying that I should not buy packs ?


We are not saying to not buy packs any more. It is important that people keep buying packs. First because they are paying the Ultimate Team mode (in the first year it was paid). Then, because the game only works if cards keep being inserted into the game and the only good way to do it is through the store.

If players want to use real money to buy FIFA 16 packs, they should know that they will need to spend a good amount of money to get a good squad. We are not saying that it is not a good strategy, we are just saying that it is not a cheap option. For who don’t cares with money, it is a decent decision.


Which other options do I have besides buying packs?


There are other ways to get good players, but none of them are perfect. You can save the coins you earned in games, and use them to buy the cards you want in the market, but it will take a long time until you collect all the coins you need. Another good option is to make trading, which may be very profitable but it is also very time-consuming, specially now with Price Ranges. Finally, you can also buy coins directly to a coins store but there is a risk of ban since this is not allowed by EA Sports.


Why experienced players are still buying packs ?


Obviously, there are many players that already know that buying packs is not a good strategy. But that doesn’t mean that they give up from buying FIFA 16 packs. Why ? First because our brain is always trying to find the path of least resistance and finding ways to give as less effort as possible. Then, because the need of being better, more popular and integrated in a group. This may seems a weird answer but the specialist Gonçalo Cunha explains this very well in this fantastic article. You mus read it.


It Is Worth it Buying FIFA 16 Packs ?

The odds of getting Messi in a pack are like 1 to 60,000 for each card player you open in a pack.


How difficult is to pull a good card from a FIFA 16 pack ?


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team has more than 15,000 players. Which player do you want ? Probably the most expensive one, Ronaldo. Let’s see what the odds are of getting him in a pack. First we must know how many players cards have the pack you are opening. Let’s say that you are opening a pack with 4 players. It means that your chances of getting Ronaldo are something like 1 to 3,750, right ? Wrong! There are players with more cards in FIFA 16 packs than others.

Cardweight is a metric used to estimate how often a particular card is traded on the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team transfer market. The higher the cardweight number, the higher likely this card is traded on the marketplace. It gives an indication of how rare cards are. The cardweight of Ronaldo is 2, the lowest in the game. It means, for example, that he is 100 times less common than David Luiz which cardweight is 200. We know that cardweight does not measure the chance of finding a specific card in a pack since cards that are likely to be kept or quick sold by the original owner will not have an accurate weight. However, through complex calculations we have found a way to find the odds of getting a specific player in a pack using his cardweight, the number of quick sells of that card and the number of cards stored in clubs.

In this case, as Ronaldo is one of the players that when someone buys they do not try to sell again, the chances of getting him in a pack are 10 times lower than the average of gold players which cardweight is 150. In other words, the chance of getting him are something like 1 to 150,000 for each card player you open in a pack.

What do you think about this ? Do these odds create a good opportunity ? Let’s see. Pick a number between 1 and 150,000 and keep it to yourself. Now, ask someone to try to guess which number you are thinking of. How many times did that person try to guess it ? Thousands, for sure. If you want to know how much money you will have to spend, just multiply the price of each player card in a pack by the number of tries. Now is that a lot of Money ?!

You probably would be happy getting other good players besides Ronaldo. However, all the good cards are very rare. In the top 10 players with best overalls, none have a cardweight higher than 40. For your information, every time someone get a player card in a pack, the odds of getting one of these players are only 1 to 1,400. As you can see, it is very difficult to get good cards in FIFA 16 packs.


It Is Worth it Buying FIFA 16 Packs ?


Final note: if you want fun, choose opening packs. If you want success, avoid them, unless you don’t care about spending real money. In that case, EA Sports will thank you.


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  1. I play the transfer market. For example I will put in LW, La Liga, Barca, Brazilian. Then I will constantly refresh and put in a max price range of 100k. As soon as a Neymar that cheap comes up I will buy it. Buying packs is only worth it for special packs like team of the season.

  2. Finally a sensible and well-written article on this highly-controversial topic! I’ve always played FIFA, mainly with friends/family but decided to properly try FUT this season and it’s great. I’ve spent approximately £110 on packs and along with playing approximately 150 games, I have the full Barcelona team minus Messi. Which is good enough for me as a D3 player.

    Will I spend anymore? No. Wouldn’t advice anyone to go hunting fro Messi/Ronaldo. But will I spend next year? Probably £100 too. It’s a good way to set-up a world class squad, so many of which can be built without those 2!

    Enjoy and thanks for the article again!

  3. Hi Rodrigo and thanks for article.
    Price are going too fast in PC is it normal?
    what should i do?
    will they come down for TOTY?
    how can i have profit with TOTW?
    sorry if my questions are too many. 😀
    thanks for your answers

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Hi. I don’t play on PC, so I don’t know how the market works.
      Prices during TOTY should be lower than now.

  4. Great article. Great facts/data to support your position. I have been playing FUT for about 4 years. Over the years I’ve spent houndreds (thousands probably) on FIFA points>packs. I’ve got a lot of nice cards over the last years but never packed a Ronaldo or Messi. Like the article says, if you have the means and desire to put a couple hundred into your FUT team then please do, if not my best advice is to study the market. Study how the prices fluctuate (hint: look at the price of a TOTW card when it first comes out vs it’s price on Tuesday night). For me, the market is one of the aspects that makes FUT such an amazing game.

  5. Yesterday I spent $125 on FIFA points. Let’s just say, I’m never spending money on this shit (sorry) game every again. I read you pack guide so I just opened Mega Packs and 50k Packs. I got 2 Dani Alves. Which I sold for about 16k each. I got Inform Ruffier and some other Okay players. At the end, I made around 130k profit and I’m currently at 161,097 coins. I’m a bit pissed off at the Pack Weight.

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