Learn how to attack in FC 24. Follow our tips to pass through opponents more easily, assist, and score goals.
FC 24 Attack


Attacking refers to the actions and strategies employed by a player’s team to score goals and create goal-scoring opportunities. It involves a variety of offensive tactics, such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and creating goal-scoring chances through intelligent positioning and teamwork. Effective attacking also involves breaking down the opponent’s defense, exploiting weaknesses in their defensive line, and using the skills and attributes of the players to create goal-scoring opportunities.

Attackers in Football Club 24 are typically responsible for leading the team’s offensive plays, making decisive passes, and taking shots on goal to put their team ahead. Successful attacking requires a balance of individual skill and collective teamwork to penetrate the opponent’s defense and ultimately score goals.

Understanding attacking techniques has become more challenging than ever, mainly because of the complexities introduced by the new passing method. Players often find themselves needing to slow down their attacking pace, which adds an additional layer of tactical depth to the game. That’s why we created this page that will teach you how to attack in FC 24.

How to Attack in FC 24

We will share with you the best tips on how to attack in FC 24.

Play With The Best Formation and Tactics
Choosing the best formation and customized tactics may have a big influence on your attacking plan in any game mode. The configuration selected determines player placement on the pitch, while tactics regulate their actions and movement. FC 24 Ultimate Team contains a myriad of formations and strategies, each with its own set of strengths and limitations.

Use the Right PlayStyle
To excel in FC 24 Ultimate Team, understanding each player’s unique attributes and PlayStyles is essential. Every player, possesses distinct skills that impact their performance, such as speed, shooting, passing, and dribbling. Tailoring your strategy to these strengths is key for success.

Use Skill Moves
Skill Moves are vital for defeating defenders and creating scoring opportunities. There’s a wide range of moves to choose from, ranging from basic ones like the fake shot, heel-to-heel flick, to advanced techniques like the ball roll fake and elastico. These moves require specific button combinations on your controller. We suggest starting with some basic skill moves, like the fake shot, ball roll, and heel-to-heel flick.

Use L1/LB and R1/RB
L1/LB is used to call a teammate closer to you, creating passing options and space, while R1/RB is employed for making attacking runs exploiting spaces behind the defense. Skillfully combining these buttons can lead to excellent attacking opportunities.

Practice your Finishing
In FC 24, perfecting finishing is crucial. This involves practicing precise shots leading to goals across different situations, such as angles, distances, and under pressure. Diversify your shooting techniques, including finesse shots, powerful strikes, and volleys, through regular and focused practice. This not only enhances your scoring abilities but also enriches your offensive strategy.

Keep your Composure
When playing FC 24, it’s vital to avoid hasty moves that can result in errors and turnover of possession. Instead, focus on controlled plays and passing the ball to your full-backs to maintain control. Customized tactics bring versatility and unpredictability to your gameplay. Whether it involves utilizing wingers, a target man, or an attack-oriented midfielder, these tactics should be deployed thoughtfully, necessitating patience for optimal execution. Practice is key to mastering this approach, ultimately enhancing your attacking gameplay.

Analyze your Opponents
To excel as an attacker, it’s crucial to adapt to your opponents. Assess their strengths and weaknesses, considering their play style, formation, and tactics. Analyze factors like team chemistry and individual player ratings. Tailor your approach to exploit their vulnerabilities and counter their tactics. With dedication and practice, you can take on the best and succeed.

Use The Simple Pace Boost
When encountering challenges in ball possession, you can strategically initiate counter-attacks in specific game situations, particularly during demanding matches. The ‘Pace Boost’ tactic becomes invaluable in such instances. To execute it, press and hold the sprint button while your player is in motion, available on respective platforms. This action triggers a rapid acceleration boost exclusive to running scenarios. A brief right stick flick further enhances player speed, enabling you to outpace opposing defenders and create goal-scoring opportunities.

Use Set Pieces to your Advantage
Set pieces, such as free kicks and corners, offer excellent goal-scoring opportunities. Use the left stick to aim and apply power with the designated button for free kicks. For corners, aim with the left stick and press the cross button. Enhance your skills in aiming and timing to maximize your set-piece effectiveness. Experiment with various free kick techniques, like knuckleballs and curling shots, to catch your opponent off guard.