How to Choose the Best FIFA 16 Formations

How to Choose the Best FIFA 16 Formations


Do you want to know which formation is right for your team ? If so, you need to read this guide that shows you how to choose the best FIFA 16 formations to you.

Even if you already know which formation to use, be sure to read this article. You will find that there are many options and there is always room for improvement.


If you want to know every single FIFA 16 Ultimate Team formation in depth, click here


How to Choose the Right FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Formation


There is no better formation than another. All of them have strong and weak points. You should decide which one is better to you.

Before you even start to sign players, you should start by setting the formation that you will implement on your squad. If you leave the decision for later, you will not equip your squad with players who you really need and you will be penalized in the individual and squad chemistry. You can solve the problem by buying new players and, in certain cases, positioning cards but the investment will be very high.


The most common question is: How do I decide the formation that I will use ?

There is no exact answer, but you should consider a few factors:

  • What is your play style ?
  • Do you often attack by the wings ? Do you enjoy possession ? Do you have a patient style ? Do you often play in counter-attack ?

  • With which formation you are most familiar and which ones you like most ?
  • There is any formation that let’s you more comfortable ? Did you have better results with some formation ?

  • Into which formations the players that you think are essential fit ?
  • The attributes and skills of your essential players can be better used in some of the formations?

  • What are the formations best suited to the goals you set for your FUT 16 clubs?
  • Do you want to try to win all the matches even taking risks or do you will be happy even not winning all the matches ?



FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Formations Guide

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Best FIFA 16 Formations


If you want to know which one is the right formation for you, you should analyse carefully every single formation in the next chapter. However, if you are too lazy to do that, take a look to the top formation we have gathered for you.


Most Used FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Formations

The most used and the most popular formations are almost the same. This doesn’t mean that they are the best ones. However, if you don’t know from where to start, these ones are good suggestions:


From most used to least used


Most Attacking FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Formations

Please note that the most used attacking formation doesn’t mean it is the best attacking formation. If you are looking for a formation setup for an attacking style, please take a look to this TOP 5:

4-3-3 (4)

From most attacking to least attacking


Most Defensive FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Formations

Please, note that the most popular defensive formation doesn’t mean it is the best defensive formation. If you are looking for a formation good for a defensive style, please take a look to this TOP 5:

4-3-3 (3)

From most defensive to least defensive


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Formations for a Counter Attack Style

There are formations more suitable to be used in a counter attack style. If you identify yourself with this playing style, please take a look at the TOP 5 formations for you:

4-3-3 (2)
4-4-2 (2)
4-2-3-1 (2)

From best to worst counter attack style


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Formations for Possession

FIFA isn’t played the same way by everyone. If you prefer a passing and possession style, keeping the ball with you and building up your game patiently, you should look to the following TOP 5 formations:

4-5-1 (2)
4-1-2-1-2 (2)
4-3-3 (5)

From best to worst possession style


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Formations for Crossing

FIFA isn’t played in the same way by everyone. If you prefer a crossing style, taking advantage of the wings, you should look to the following TOP 5 formations:

4-4-2 (2)

From best to worst crossing style


Our TOP 5 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Formations

You already have chosen your formation, right ? Maybe not. Most of the time, even if you have your very own playing style, the best formation is not the most attacking or defensive one but the most balanced one. Take a look to our personal selection of the best five formations to be used in this game:


From best to worst


We shared with you the required know-how to choose the best formations. If someone ask us again what is the best formation to their play style, we will not answer. Consider yourself warned


54 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best FIFA 16 Formations”

  1. Hello Rodrigo

    I have the vision and magical passes, also I love going pacey and tricking opponent, which is the best formation for my style

  2. Hi Rodrigo,

    At the moment I’m still figuring out what formation is best for my play style. I like to play through the middle/centre, with a little bit patience but also a little bit attacking. So in between a patient and attacking play style. Rarely cross passing and in need of a good solid defense. What formations do you think is best for my me?


    (Currently my whole club consists of the following players:
    Bravo, Carvajal, Danilo, Mathieu, Ramos, Pique, Godin, Pepe, Marcelo, Alba, Rodriguez, Modric, Rakitic, Iniesta, Kroos, Isco, Koke, Griezmann, Martinez, Bale, Benzema, Piatti, Feghouli, Krychowiak, Vela, Konoplyanka)

  3. Guilherme Araujo

    Hello Rodrigo, please help me.
    I have a team entirely based at Bundesliga. The players who covers my back are Subotic, Naldo, Boateng and Benatia (I often play with a change of pairs).
    But every time my opponent try a counter attack, he score a goal (or more). Recently, I saw that my centerbacks aren’t cover a thing! It’s like they just left the opponent alone in the spaces of the field. What can I do to solve this?

    1. Olá Guilherme. Partindo do principio que você não tem ativa nenhuma tática personalizada, poderá ser uma questão de tática. Comece por experimentar uma com 5 defesas e vá ajustando até encontrar a tática que melhor se adequa ao seu tipo de jogo.

  4. Hi Rodrigo,
    Your guide is awesome!
    I’m still struggling to find the right formation this year; on Fifa 14 I have used 41212, 4231, 352, 433 and 4222. I liked the 41212 the most but this year it is not working for me that well.

    I enjoy possession and have a patient style. I always play down the middle/centre and love to go for long shots and play short passes. I rarely cross or go for long passes. My defence is okay but I lack in attack.

    I currently have a pretty good BPL team and I am trying to buy better players. Could you suggest which formation I should use? Thx

  5. ey dear FIFA U Team i need help from you
    I want to play like FC Barcelona but on Ultimate Team and i need the pefect Work Rates for this Tiki Taka System
    I have changed my team after every match
    I have played with H/L ST LW RW
    And after this i played with M/L ST LW RW
    But which workrates is good to play only tiki taka and dont try to beat the deffensive line with risks.
    I hope you answer me in short time thx

    1. Hi.
      We believe that you shouldn’t focus so much on work rates. It depends of the players you pick.
      Tiki Taka system works OK when players are close of each other. It means that you should try CBs with medium attacking WR and midfielders with medium defensive WR, for example.

  6. What is the best formation for long balls up to a target man that can head the ball to another striker?

  7. Hi Rodrigo I play fifa16 in ios I have bundesliga team which consists of Aubameyang(84 rated), Lewandowski(98), reus(86), vidal (86), douglas costa(83), Luiz gustavo (83), Alaba(85), naldo( 85), THIAGO SILVA(PSG)(88), P lahm(RB)(90) and M.TER STEGEN(barcelona) (88), PIQUE(barcelona)(90), in my main team. I wanted to ask
    1. Which formation I should play( I have tried 41212,433,442) but cannot win games
    2. I have around 3K so which players I should buy and which position then will play
    3. Is the chemistry the reason for me not winning the game because Thiago Silva and M.Terstegen are not Bundesliga players.
    Thanks for your time and help!!!

  8. What formation would you recommend if I need a sold defense cause I’m not that skilled defensively and want use a play style that can both possess and move the ball up the field quickly? I’m thinking 4-2-3-1

  9. Hi Rodrigo
    I like to play Lukaku IF. I try many formations but I haven’t find the perfect one yet. Could you give me your opinion?
    P.S. I like possesion and a litle bit wingers

  10. I love counter attacking but I like having a CAM either behind one striker and three wingers or a CAM behind two strikers and 5 at the back formations don’t reall suit me… any suggestions?

  11. What’s the best formation for direct style of play?? Is there any formation that uses minimal dribbling but depends on more clever runs and also lots of option for passing?? Thanks Rodrigo!!

  12. Hello, I have been struguling with formations this year. I like to counter attack, I have used de 5-3-2 formation but i feel my strikers are very lonely, I have Aldo used the 5-2-1-2 and I feel there is a lot of empty space in the midfield area. Which formation do you recommend me Rodrigo???

  13. I like a to play in counter attacks but witsel the 5-2-1-2 I feel there is a lot of space in the midfield and with the 5-3-2 I feel my strikers very lonely. Wich formation do you recommend?

  14. Michele Petrone

    I don’t agree about the effectiveness of 3-5-2. The defense is a disaster in my opinion

    1. It depends of your play style and skills. For example, my strong point is the defence. For me, 352 is perfect because I don’t need many players in the back and I can place them in the midfield to win possession quickly.

  15. Lukas Lindman

    Hi Rodrigo!

    I am as terrible as you can get when it comes to defending, but I don’t want to play 5 at the back. I am quite patient and I don’t score a lot, but when I have scored a goal it feels like my opponent always scores two or three. So which formation has the best defensive structure and is good to build up patiently with?

  16. Nice guide i have won division 1 with 4231 with the 3 CAM’s but i really want to try Hazard are the formations with wingers e.g. 433 good this year or is wing play not that great, by the way i do not cross often.

  17. Hi Rodrigo

    What is the Best Formations for….. Long Shots!!!!!!

    Having the Space to OR been able to create it , For Distance shooting…

    Like to Mix it up with Passing & a Counter Attack style
    (Not really fussed about Wingers/LM/RM , But if you think of a Formation with them in , I take it!!! )

  18. Hi Rodrigo,
    great work, love your guide!
    I’m still struggling to find the right formation this year, last year i mainly used 4321 and 4222.

    As pace is not that important anymore i found it most effective to just play short throughball combinations in midfield and sometimes dribble around one or two players searching for an open gap to send my striker.
    I’m not very patient in build-up play. The only fix point of my team is Hero Ibrahimovic as Striker.

    Which formation would you recommend me to make Ibra shine as much as possible? I tried 3-5-2, 4312, 4231 and 433-4 but it wasn’t perfect for me. Thinking about 451-2 with attacking instructions for two of the cm’s or 4321 now. Besides Ibra i’d like to include allrounders with good physical like Vidal, Pogba, IF Perisic, Toure, De Bruyne…

    Thx a lot!

      1. I think the 4-1-2-1-2 was much better and much more used in FUT 15 than in 16. Now I see a lot of 4-3-3 (2) and 4-3-3 (4). Anyway, the article is very good, I always check your website. Please include a Custom Tactics tutorial, I miss that.

        1. We agree with you about 41212. There are less people playing in that formation this year, but it is still a very popular formation.
          We will publish a Custom Tactics tutorial in a few weeks.

  19. I think it varies from league to league & what formations you come up against, some cancel yours out etc etc… i personally like 4231 (2), 41212 & 433 (4) although the 433 (4) is a bit too attacking imo! Can’t go wrong with 4231 (2) though, only one ST but on the whole a bit better defensively than 41212!

  20. Marvin Martínez

    I use 4-4-1-1. I have played FUT since 2011. I like to have a lot of possession, but I like fast players as well. Even though I’ve played through the years, I terribly suck at defending. I use a BPL team. I have Matic anchored with the never get forward instruction and have the other CM free, Coutinho. I also track back a lot with the CF to cover space in midfield, so Matic and Coutinho can come back and help to break counters. It has worked extremely well.

    If anyone plays like me, possession, fast wingers and a weakness in defensing, that formation would be really helpful with those little tricks you have to do, instruct Matic, who is a god in midfield to stay always back. And try to pressure the midfielders with the CF. I use Rooney as CF and he is a beast at defending and attacking. Nice strength, decent pace and aggressiveness and of course long distance shooting is out of this world.

    This website is awesome. I recommend it all the times to my friends who I convince to start their FUT. I follow you in all your social networks. Keep it up. You are awesome.

  21. When you say from best to worst do you mean the worst between the bests, or the worst of all the existing formations?

  22. I haven’t seen 5-3-2 in 100 games of FIFA 16. From what I have seen, 4-3-3 (4), 4-1-2-1-2 and 4-2-3-1 (2) are the most popular

    1. You haven’t played against me, for example. 🙂
      Many people don’t know how to attack on FIFA 16 but they know how to counter attack. For them, a formation like 532 is perfect.
      The most popular formations were taken from existing polls and specialized forums.

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