Learn how to defend in FC 24. Follow our tips and suggestions to stop opponents from getting past you.
FC 24 Defending


Defending refers to the strategies and actions a player takes to prevent their opponent from scoring goals. It involves controlling players to intercept passes, make tackles, and maintain defensive positioning. Successful defending relies on a combination of player skill, tactical awareness, and timing to disrupt the opponent’s attacks and regain possession of the ball.

Defending is an absolute game-changer when it comes to winning a match, but it’s no walk in the park. You need skill, patience, and precise timing. If you’ve been having a tough time defending in EA FC 24, trust us, you’re not alone.

Sometimes, stopping those counterattacks can feel like an impossible task, and defending one-on-one in the box can give you a headache. To make matters worse, EA has given attackers some new weapons to play with, like precision passing and seven new skill moves. And don’t get us started on the control sprint, which is like an ankle-breaking superpower for attackers. It’s a challenging year for defenders, no doubt, but there are still some sneaky moves you can pull off to catch attackers off guard and secure that clean sheet.

How to Defend in FC 24

We will share with you the best tips on how to defend in FC 24.

Use the Jockey Button (L2/LT)
The jockey button, crucial for defending in EA FC 24, improves positioning and interception. Maintain some distance, around one meter, and wait for the attacker’s move. When the time is right, apply pressure and intercept the ball. Combining it with the sprint button (R2/RB) is useful for defending against fast wingers, but be mindful of reduced agility. Practice using the jockey button strategically based on the situation, like sprint duels or blocking space.

Add an Extra Defender
Second man press is another useful tool in EA FC 24, allowing you to apply extra pressure on the opposing team. To activate it, press R1/RT. A green arrow will appear above the player, automatically applying added pressure to the ball carrier. However, be cautious not to overuse it, as excessive use can disrupt your defensive formation and create vulnerabilities behind the defense.

Time your Tackles
The jockey button is often sufficient for regaining possession from your opponent. When used up close, your player can easily take the ball. This makes the tackle button generally unnecessary. We recommend minimal use of the tackle button to avoid committing fouls and giving the opposing team a potential advantage. Of course, tactical fouls may be needed at times, as in real football.

Do not Run in for a Tackle
It’s important to remember that rushing in for a tackle can compromise your position on the field. For instance, if your center-back aggressively tackles your opponent, it leaves your defense vulnerable should the tackle fail. Therefore, avoid the urge to constantly press the pressure and tackle buttons, and instead, lure your opponent into making a heavy touch. Once they make such a mistake, seize the opportunity to steal the ball from their feet.

Only Slide if Needed
Slides are the last resort in defending, just like tackling. Only use sliding when there’s no other option to intercept the ball or thwart the attack, as it’s a significant risk and can lead to the opponent escaping if you miss the ball.

Use Player Switching
Player switching is a critical skill in EA FC 24, offering significant advantages when mastered. You have three player switching options, with L1/LT for quick changes. It’s advisable to customize your settings for player switching, selecting the player closest to the ball or another nearby player. Nonetheless, it’s essential to master player switching with the right joystick for greater precision and faster responses.

Anticipate Opponent Movements
Know how to defend in FC 24 against dangerous passes, especially through balls, is crucial. Recognize and shield passing lanes to prevent fatal through balls, as they can be very threatening in counter-attacks. Stay ahead of the attacker by switching to the right defender, ensuring you cover the potential spaces behind the defense. Instead of pressuring the ball, focus on tracking the attacker making a dangerous run to anticipate their movements and prevent them from getting behind your defense.

Choose the Best PlayStyles
When selecting players for your squad, it’s crucial to consider specific defensive PlayStyles. Firstly, ‘Block’ enhances your reach and ability to block shot attempts, making it essential for center backs to thwart shots in the box. Following that, ‘Jockey’ becomes a key PlayStyle, as it boosts sprint jockeying speed, crucial for keeping tight coverage against opponents who can quickly change their pace. Finally, ‘Intercept’ improves your reach and success rate when attempting to intercept passes, preventing the ball from easily returning to the attacker.