EA Play is a paid subscription program that includes the FC 24 trial early access and other offers.
FC 24 Trial Guide

FC 24 Trial

With EA Play (former EA Access and Origin Access), subscribers earn early access to all recent and upcoming EA titles, including FC, NHL, Madden, Need for Speed, and Battlefield series. The program gives access to Play First Trials, which are complete versions of popular games playable for a limited time.

In the case of the FC 24 trial, players are allowed to do everything they would do in the final game, including play, trade, and buy FC Points, which can be a huge advantage over the other players without early access. It is also possible to transfer FC Points from the previous edition.

With the FC 24 trial, players play the real game for a limited time before hitting the stores. If they purchase FC 24 once it releases, they can pick up right where they left off – their progress and stats carry over. Saved games and achievements/trophies earned during the trial will unlock once they purchase and log into the EA Servers with the final version of the game. Subscribers who don’t buy the game can play the FC 24 trial until the full game release date or until they have played 10 hours, whichever comes sooner.

The only limitation of the FC 24 Trial is that it can only be used for 10 hours. It is important to note that the trial timer will continue to count down even when the game runs in the background. To optimize the trial experience, we recommend to:

  • Quit the trial completely when you are not playing
    Xbox: Home > Start on FIFA > Quit Game
    PlayStation: Close application
    PC: Close the window
  • Use the web/companion app to trade, open packs, manage your squad, and complete SBCs and objectives;
  • Avoid starting the game while it is still downloading – you will have limited features and waste your time.

FC 24 Trial Release Date

By subscribing the EA Play program, players earn the right to play FC 24 seven days in advance, before the official launch. The trial is released in the stores simultaneously, so it doesn’t make sense to change the store region to play it first.

In line with what happened in previous years, FC 24 Trial starts at around midnight UK time on September 22, 2023 and, unless the timer has expired, ends on the game launch date.

Pre-download is not available in the trial, so players who start the download when it becomes available in the store still have to wait around one hour to be able to play it, depending on the connection speed.

Trial Release Date
FC 24 22/09/2023 00:00 Fri
FIFA 23 26/09/2022 15:00 Mon
FIFA 22 22/09/2021 16:00 Wed
FIFA 21 01/10/2020 16:00 Thu
FIFA 20 19/09/2019 16:00 Thu
FIFA 19 20/09/2018 16:00 Thu
FIFA 18 21/09/2017 00:00 Thu
FIFA 17 21/09/2016 20:00 Wed
FIFA 16 16/09/2015 22:00 Wed
FIFA 15 20/09/2014 17:00 Sat
All release times are indicated in the UK time zone

FC 24 Trial Download

To start playing the FC 24 trial, EA Play subscribers have to download it from the console’s store while it is available.

How To Install the FC 24 Trial
  1. Confirm if you are logged in with your account that is linked to EA Play;
  2. Go to your console’s store or library and search by ‘FC 24’;
  3. Select one of the editions and then select ‘Trial’. If this option is not available, try with the other edition.
If you are trying to download it right after it gets released, you may have to face a few error messages and wait a few minutes until you get it.
FC 24 EA Play

EA Play Subscription

An EA Play subscription gives access to Play First Trials, free games, discounts (including on FC Points), and in-game rewards. In the case of FC 24, we strongly recommend to subscribe for one month, especially if the plan is to buy the game. The subscription price will be covered by what will be saved when buying FC 24.

Players can cancel their membership at any time. However, they won’t be charged for the following period if they do it before their next monthly or annual billing date. When a subscription ends, a renewal is required to keep working. It is made automatically for a month or a year, depending on the membership duration members have chosen.

How To Subscribe EA Play
  1. Go to your PSN, Xbox, Origin or Steam store and search by ‘EA Play’. We recommend you do this just before the FC 24 trial goes out because it is when it is announced a limited-time discount of 75% on the subscription of the first month (the discount is valid from September 15);
  2. Select the basic plan;
  3. Subscribe for one month and make the payment.

20 Hours Trial Glitch

The trial has a limit of 10 hours for each console. However, there is a glitch that lets play for 20 hours on next-gen consoles, regardless of player have made any pre-order or not, as long as you have an current-gen console.

How to Extend the FC 24 Trial to 20 Hours
  1. Download the FC 24 trial on your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S as explained above;
  2. Go to the [Library] on your next-gen console;
  3. Select ‘FC 24’ and download the current-gen version. You will have now 10+10 hours to play.
As soon as you don’t need the trial, uninstall the current-gen version from your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S and eventually cancel the EA Play subscription.
Frequently Asked Questions
The FC 24 trial is a version exclusively for EA Play members, limited to 10 hours, and released seven days before the official launch.
EA Play is a paid subscription program that gives access to the following offers:
  • Early access to a selection of EA games;
  • Free unlimited access to a selection of games;
  • 10% discount on EA digital purchases;
  • Access to exclusive in-game rewards.
It’s a former name for EA Play. Other services had similar offers but different names:
  • Season Ticker (2011-2015);
  • EA Access (2015-2020);
  • EA Access (2021-).
EA Play holders have free instant access, at any time and as long as they keep being subscribers of the service, to the selection of games ‘The Play List’. It features a selection of the latest EA games, as well as third-party games, DLCs and expansion packs.
The Play List is a growing collection of full EA’s best games for consoles and PC that you can download and play with an active EA Play membership. You can play some titles offline, but you’ll need to periodically reconnect to EA to verify that you’re still a member. The games are downloaded straight to the system to ensure the best possible performance and can stay there as long as you have your EA Play membership.
EA Play subscribers get 10% off on any EA digital content, including full games, season passes, DLC, sales and promotions. It means that digital FC 24 and FC Points are cheaper for EA Play holders (both Basic and Pro plans).
EA Play subscribers get 10% off on FC Points.

FC Points Regular EA Play
100 £ 0.79 € 0.99 £ 0.71 € 0.89
500 £ 3.99 € 4.99 £ 3.59 € 4.49
1,050 £ 7.99 € 9.99 £ 7.19 € 8.99
1,575 £ 11.99 € 14.99 £ 10.79 € 13.49
2,200 £ 23.99 € 19.99 £ 21.59 € 17.99
4,600 £ 31.99 € 39.99 £ 28.79 € 35.99
12,000 £ 79.99 € 99.99 £ 71.99 € 89.99
As long as you are using the account linked to your EA Play and Origin, you don’t have to do anything. New Ultimate Team rewards will be waiting for you every month in your UT store.
Go to your Origin, Steam or console’s store and search by ‘EA Play’. Then, you just need to decide if you want a monthly or yearly subscription and make the payment.
Subscribers can choose between monthly and yearly plans.

Region Monthly Yearly
Europe Europe €3.99 €24.99
England England £3.99 £19.99
USA USA $4.99 $29.99
Brazil Brazil R$19.90 R$109.90
Canada Canada CAD$4.99 CAD$239.99
Japan Japan ¥518 ¥3,002
Mexico Mexico MXN$65 MXN$399
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 19.00SAR 129.00SAR
Prices for base plan on all platforms
In our opinion, if you are a fan of EA games, you should subscribe to EA Play. You will be saving when buying EA Sports FC 24 and have access to the trial. If you usually buy FC Points, it will be paid off very quickly. The only thing that we don’t think is interesting is the in-game rewards.
Yes, you don’t need EA Play to play FC 24. However, as an EA Play subscriber you get early access, FC Points discounts and exclusive in-game rewards.
You have two options: play the trial before the launch date; wait until it becomes available on The Play List.
FC 24 is expected to be added to The Play List and free to play to all EA Play members in May 2024.
You are allowed to play for up to 10 hours. Follow the method described on this page to extend the timer to 20 hours.
You just need to go to your console’s store, search by ‘FC 24’ and select [Trial].
FC 24 trial hits the store at around midnight (UK time) of September 22.
Yes. You can buy FC Points in the FC 24 trial, as well as transfer your balance from FIFA 23.
To cancel EA Play on your PlayStation 5 follow these steps:
  • Open your console and log in to your account linked to the EA Play you want to cancel;
  • Open the [Settings] menu;
  • Navigate to [Users and Accounts];
  • Select [Account];
  • Select [Payment and Subscriptions];>
  • Navigate to [Subscriptions];
  • Choose ‘EA Play’ and select [Turn Off Auto-Renew]
To cancel EA Play on your PlayStation 4 follow these steps:
  • Open your console and log in to your account linked to the EA Play you want to cancel;
  • Open the [Settings] menu;
  • Navigate to [Accounts Management];
  • Choose [Account Information];
  • Select [PlayStation Subscriptions];>
  • Choose ‘EA Play’ and select [Turn Off Auto-Renew]
To cancel EA Play on your Xbox follow these steps:
  • Log in to the Microsoft account linked with your Xbox;
  • Navigate to the [Services] menu and go to ‘EA Play’;
  • Select the button labeled [Manage];
  • Turn off [Auto-Renew]
  • Confirm your choice by selecting [Confirm Cancellation].
To cancel EA Play on your Origin follow these steps:
  • Use a browser or the Origin application to log in to your Steam account;
  • From the navigation bar select [EA Account and Billing];
  • Choose [EA Play];
  • Click in ‘Cancel my Membership’.
To cancel EA Play on your Steam follow these steps:
  • Use a browser or the Steam application to log in to your Steam account;
  • Navigate to the [Recurring Subscriptions] menu and go to ‘EA Play’;
  • Choose [Cancel my Subscription]
  • Confirm your choice by clicking [Apply].
If you cancel, you’ll be able to continue to play The Play List games, use the discount and jump into any available Play First Trials until your membership expires. There are no refunds for either monthly or yearly membership fees regardless of when you cancel. When cancelling, you will maintain any games or content you bought with your membership discount. However, you will lose access to The Play List. If you bought DLC specifically for a free game, you will need to either purchase the associated base game separately or renew your membership to access your DLC.
For the EA Play Basic plan:
  • FC 24 trial will remain available until your membership expires or the game goes out;
  • FC 24 full game will be yours as long as you buy it;
  • FC 24 free to play will remain live while you have an active subscription.
For the EA Play Pro plan:
  • FC 24 trial is not available for Pro since you have access to the full game;
  • FC 24 full game will be yours as long as you have an active subscription.;
  • FC 24 free to play will remain live while you have an active subscription.
EA Play has two tiers of membership:

  • Basic ($4.99/month or $29.99/year)
    available for all platforms
  • Pro ($14.99/month or $99.99/year)
    Only available for Origin.
EA Play Pro subscribers get free and instant access to the Ultimate Edition of FC 24 right from the early access start time. They don’t need to buy the game since this is already a final version without any limitation (there is no timer in the Pro plan). It will be theirs as long as they have an active subscription.
See the following si-by-side comparision:

Feature Basic Pro
Platforms All Origin
Early Access 10-Hours Trial Full Game
Free Games Basic Pro
Extra Content Not Included Included
Digitial Discounts 10% 10%
In-Game Rewards Included Included
No. The game will be yours, without any limitation, as long as your Pro subscription is active.
As EA Play Pro subscriber, you receive the following FC 24 offers:
  • Early access starting September 22;
  • UT Hero Item on November 27;
  • Up to 4800 FIFA Points (receive 1600 per month for 3 months starting September 29);
  • Access to Nike Ultimate Team Campaign beginning Sept 22;
  • Nike Ultimate Team Campaign Loan Player Item for 24 Ultimate Team matches;
  • Nike x EA SPORTS FC Ultimate Team Kit;
  • TOTW 1 Guaranteed Ultimate Team Player Item;
  • Cover Star Loan Player Item for 10 Ultimate Team matches;
  • Two Ambassador (1 male and 1 female) Loan Player Pick Items for 5 Ultimate Team matches;
  • Unlocked PlayStyles Slot in Clubs;
  • Additional Player Personality Points in Player Career;
  • 5-star Coach available for hire in Manager Career;
Players can join with a free Xbox Live Silver account or without PlayStation Plus but will need to upgrade to use the online features of any games in the collection (like online multiplayer).
Yes. EA Play is available to members of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC as part of their membership benefits at no additional cost.
The membership is attached to Gamertag / PSN ID, so players can use their account on any console where they’ve logged in. When an Xbox/PlayStation is designated as a home console, anyone with an account that uses that console can download, install and play The Play List games through that membership. Trials of new EA games and a 10% member discount will only be accessible through the specific account.