The EA Support team provides FIFA 23 help by phone, chat, email, or any other contact method.
EA Support

EA Support Contacts

There are many ways to contact the EA Support team and find relevant information to help you understand the game. These are the main contact methods:

  • EA Case Website
    You can open a new case and check the status of old cases. It’s the first contact method you should use when something is wrong with your game. This page includes a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to open a new case.

  • Help EA Website
    Electronic Arts have a dedicated website where you can find the frequently asked questions of FIFA 23. It covers several topics like codes and promotions, data privacy, game information, account details, missing content and orders.

  • Answers HQ Website
    If the answer you are looking for isn’t on the official website, you can see if the community can help you. With thousands of topics and managed by EA community managers, this forum is a community initiative to have players share their gaming expertise with other players, and that can also be useful to you.

  • FIFAUTeam Website
    To know more about FIFA 23, you need to follow our website. You won’t find so much information about FIFA Ultimate Team anywhere else. This website was specifically built to meet your needs, so you need to add it to your favourites.

  • DVD cover
    Depending on your region, you may also find a support phone number on the back cover of your FIFA 23 DVD. This support channel is specific to the region where you bought the game.

  • Twitter Support
    Need a quick tip? Reach out on Twitter of EA Support. If you want to report a bug, we suggest you don’t contact @EAHelp, which is not specific to FIFA 23. Instead, do it directly to @EAFIFADirect, which the game developers manage.

  • Facebook Support
    If Facebook is your preferred social network, you can contact the official EA support account, where the online game experts are available and ready to help you.

  • Chat
    Real time chat with a Game Advisor is one of the easiest methods to solve your problems. Keep in mind that it may not work if you are not logged into your Origin account.

  • Phone
    You can contact the EA Sports FIFA 23 Support team directly by phone. Just call them during operating hours. These are the most popular FIFA 23 Support Hotlines:

    Australia +61 3 8820 5177
    Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm AEST
    Brazil +0720 883349 55+(11) 3958-5683
    Belgium +02 808 45 90
    Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    England +44 203014 1818
    Monday-Sat from 9am to 9pm GMT
    France +04 81 68 08 08
    Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    Germany +0221 37050193
    Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    Italy +02 89877571
    Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    Japan +0570 081800
    Everyday from 11am to 7pm
    Netherlands +020-8083219
    Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    New Zealand +64 9951 8377
    Everyday from 9am to 9pm AEST
    Poland +48 223 970 840
    Monday-Friday from 9h to 21h CET
    Portugal +308 800 880
    Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
    Spain +911 230 490
    Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    Switzerland +0225 181005
    Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
FIFA 23 Help

How to Get FIFA 23 Help

You can get FIFA 23 help by contacting the EA Support team and talking with a game advisor that will assist you.

How to contact the EA Support team
  1. Open a web browser and type the following URL in the address bar: https://help.ea.com/uk/contact-us/new/?product=fifa-23
    If you are not from the UK, please select your country on the top left corner.
  2. Sign into your EA account using your Origin credentials;
  3. Select your platform;
  4. Select the topic and the issue;
  5. Choose one of the contact options available.
The contact methods that are displayed to you, may vary according to your region. Choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • Get a Call
    You will need to enter your name, phone number and email address so a Game Advisor can contact you.

  • Chat
    You will connect directly to a Game Advisor.

  • E-mail Me
    You will be redirected to an incident page in which you will need to fill in the subject, the description, the category of the problem and your name.

  • Call EA Help
    You will have to wait on hold until you get an Advisor available to take your call.

When to Contact the EA Support

When you purchase a game, you are entitled to after-sales service. In the case of FIFA 23, this is done through the EA Support Team.

Game Advisors are the bridge of help and advice between you and Electronic Arts. Their job is to answer all your questions about the game and explain to you what you should do to solve your problems. For specific technical issues, they have the support of game specialists.

Find out in what situations you should ask for help from a game advisor:

  • If you purchased FIFA Points but you didn’t received them;
  • If you got any item stuck on your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team trade pile or watch list;
  • If your FIFA 23 players have disappeared;
  • If there was a problem with your qualification for the Champions Finals;
  • If you have problems loading the game or accessing your account;
  • If you have any other billing issue, question, problem, complaint or suggestion about the game.
Game advisors are not the only way to get support for FIFA 23. It would be best to use the other available channels when your account and game experience are not strongly affected.
Frequently Asked Questions
There are many ways to contact the EA Support team, including a call, chat or email. This page explains in detail how to do it.
There isn’t any email address you can use to contact the EA support team. Instead, you can go to the EA website and create a new case, asking to be contacted by email.
To contact the EA support by chat, follow these steps:
  • Go to help.ea.com/contact-us and log in using your Origin credentials;
  • Click on the blue button [Contact a Game Advisor];
  • Enter the name of your game or product and click [Find Solutions];
  • Select the type of issue and the platform you play on, and click on [Find Solutions];
  • Click on the blue button [I still need help] if the FAQ articles do not apply to your situation;
  • Select a to contact using the chat.
The EA support hotline depends on your region. If you are in the UK, you can contact them at +44 203014 1818.
Calls may be charged according to your country’s rates. If you want to avoid any charges and if it is available in your region, you can select to be contacted.
In our opinion, you should avoid using e-mail because they take much more time to give you an answer. Many times you don’t even get one. Calling the EA support by phone is a better option, but the waiting time is large, it may be expensive, and you don’t get proof. That’s why we strongly recommend choosing ‘Chat’ if available in your region. It’s free, usually fast, and you can read the transcription any time in your Origin account.
The EA support is supposed to fix your issues in 72 hours, but they take much more time in many cases. For easy issues, like unblocking a club you erased five times, they are really useful and can do it on time. However, for more complex issues, like restoring a corrupted club, they take many months and most of the time, they don’t fix it. It is really painful to contact their support about this kind of issue because it involves a lot of people from different departments, and they ask us to wait until somebody fixes it, which rarely happens. Avoid these situations, ask for a solution during your contact and, if possible, ask them to contact the specialist while you are connected. Don’t blindly trust the game details provided by this service. Dozen of players reported the wrong information shared by them.
It means the EA support has reached out to you and is waiting on a response. If you have not received an email, we suggest checking your email folders to see if the email has gone to your spam folder, for example.
Their hotlines are only open in specific days and times but you can use one of the other contact methods at any time.
Yes, Electronic Arts have several teams ready to help you. However, be sure you only use the contacts published on this page.
Yes. The first thing you should do is to change your passwords. Then, contact EA Support by call or chat, if available in your region.
You can consult your closed and opened cases in your Origin account. Just go to help.ea.com/en, check if you are logged in, select [Manage Your Account] and then [My Cases]. If you are contacting EA support by phone, don’t forget to take note of the number case because you should use it the next time you contact them about that issue.
It means the case is still open. It’s likely moving its way up the queue as the specialist team works through all the cases they’ve got at the moment. Once they’ve been able to review the case they’ll follow up with you via email and case status will update on the EA Help site.
We recommend contacting them directly when you are trying to know the progress of your case. Never reply to a case in progress from your Origin area since it sends you back to the last position on the waiting list.