This page shows you the FIFA 23 cover of every single edition and platform.

FIFA 23 Cover

The FIFA cover is the artwork on the front of the game package. It usually features at least one popular football player.

Digital copies are currently the most sold but one of the most exciting questions about the release of a new FIFA video is still ‘which player will be on the cover?”. From David Platt to Kylian Mbappé, not forgetting the record-breaker Wayne Rooney, many players had the honour to feature in a FIFA cover.

FIFA cover depends on the edition, platform and, in some cases, regions. In FIFA 23 there are only four covers: one for the ultimate edition and three for the standard edition (amazon exclusive, current and next-gen consoles).

Standard Edition

FIFA 23’s base version features three different covers, for this order:

  • Global cover for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Stadia (global), featuring Kylian Mbappé;

  • Regional cover (Australia and New Zealand) for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Stadia, plus Amazon Edition, featuring Sam Kerr;

  • Global cover for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, featuring Kylian Mbappé;

FIFA 23 Cover - Standard Edition

FIFA 23 Cover - Standard Amazon Edition

FIFA 23 Cover - Standard Edition

Cover Star

Kylian Mbappé is the FIFA 23 cover star. It’s the third time he features on a FIFA cover.

The Bondy’s prodigal son returns to the cover of FIFA 23 after another record-breaking season at Paris Saint-Germain, becoming the second-highest goalscorer in the club history. However, the Ligue 1 title wasn’t his only trophy this season. Representing the France national team, he won the UEFA National League and the Golden Boot award of this competition.

The youngest athlete to appear on a FIFA cover solo is not only one of the best players on the planet. He is probably the strongest successor to the Messi and Ronaldo legacy.

Ultimate Edition

FIFA 23’s most expensive version features Kylian Mbappé and Sam Kerr on its cover.

FIFA 23 Cover - Ultimate Edition

Legacy Edition

Kylian Mbappé features on the Legacy cover of FIFA 23, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 23 Cover - Legacy Edition
Frequently Asked Questions
The FIFA 23 art was revealed on July 18, 2022.
Once again, Kylian Mbappé features on this year’s cover. This time, Sam Kerr join him on the Ultimate Edition.
Contrary to what many players think, it doesn’t have anything to do with him. Goat is the new official sleeve partner of PSG.
Yes. If a cover star athlete moves to a new club during the summer windows transfer after the announcement of the FIFA cover, EA releases a new cover with his new kit. It already happened with Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo.
Yes. You can print here your club’s custom design for your copy of the game or download a wallpaper for your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Introduced in FIFA 16, regional FIFA covers are custom art released exclusively in some specific countries and regions. In FIFA 23, there are global covers for Australia and New Zealand, featuring Sam Kerr.
Three: two for the standard edition and one for the ultimate edition.
No. FIFA 23 art is the same for PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia and PC (Origin and Steam).
No. It’s a decision taken by Electronic Arts. However, in FIFA 17 Reus was chosen by the community from a pool of four players.
You can vote on our poll, showing who the community wants to see in the cover art.
An Ambassador is a very popular player used by EA to promote their game. The main ambassador is the one that features on the cover.
Wayne Rooney. He made the global cover seven times.
Kylian Mbappé. It was his second apperance.
Eden Hazard, in FIFA 20.
David Platt and Piotr Swierczewski.
FIFA 12 art featured Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere.
On this page. You just need to click in the respective image.
It is free content included in the Ultimate Edition that let you play with the Mbappé regular item for 5 matches.