FC 24 cheats are methods to create an advantage beyond normal gameplay to make the match easier.
FC 24 Cheats


Before anything else, it’s important to say we are against cheating. They are harmful to the Football Club community and to the game itself. However, here we are explaining how to cheat. We do it to help the FC community, so everyone can know when they are being cheated and what they can do about it.

Let’s start with a simple question: have you ever cheated? We think it’s safe to say that most of us have used cheats in at least one game. Game cheats are a part of gaming culture. Why do we do it? Well, it’s our human nature. Our brain has carried through the millennia a primitive directive always to find the path of least resistance and find ways to give as little effort as possible. In other words, we all love to win, and we all love shortcuts.

Imagine you have discovered a bug in the game, where you would receive a million coins just by pressing the same key for a few seconds. Would you take the chance and get the coins you needed for the player you always wanted, or would you skip it? Many people would cheat, even knowing it was wrong to do it.

Which of these two questions do you believe they would make to themselves first: is this fair for the other players, or do I have any chance of being caught? It’s here that the problem starts. Almost everyone would cheat if they had sure to be 100% safe for them.

Let’s go straight to what matters: it’s not OK to cheat, it’s not fair for the other players, and it’s not safe. Even if you are playing in single-player mode, you shouldn’t cheat because you would have an advantage over other players who would not have the same resources to build a good squad. When you cheat, you are hurting a game you like.

Cheats in Football Club 24

In FC 24 there isn’t a cheat code implemented by the original game developers, so you will have to use a third-party software or some tricks in order to cheat your opponents. These are the best FC 24 Cheats:

  • Third-Party Software;
  • Bots;
  • Buying Coins;
  • Advantage Settings;
  • Edit Players;
  • Gameplay Customisation;
  • Manual Assist.

Third-Party Software

PC is the platform more susceptible to FC 24 cheats. There are several programs designed to control the game. The most popular ones are Trainer and Cheat Engine. For example, they can change scores, game clocks, stamina, player ratings, and budgets.

The problem is that Electronic Arts is not taking any action against them, and the game is flooded with cheaters, even in a single online mode. Every year, new versions are getting more sophisticated, which means they are always one step ahead of EA anti-cheat policies.


Bots are software that permanently sends requests to the EA servers to stay updated and take care of automatic processes. The owner has to indicate the price he’s interested in buying specific cards, and when they appear in the transfer market, the program makes the buy for him.

The majority of these programs also automatically make sales. The big difference between an AutoBuyer and an AutoBidder is that the first buys by BIN (Buy it now), and the other buys by the BID. Some more modern bots can also buy and sell without any intervention from the player. However, in all these cases, the risk of being banned by Electronic Arts is high.

Buying Coins

Let us clarify: buying coins is against the game’s terms of service. You are not allowed to do it. Also, when you buy coins, you are making Football Club, even more, a pay-to-win videogame.

Several online stores sell Ultimate Team coins, specific players, and accounts. Any of these options are much cheaper than buying FC Points if your goal is to build a strong team.

These stores use different methods to sell without being caught by EA. The most popular are:

  • Player Auction
    You sell one of your players for the maximum price range;
  • Comfort Trade
    You give your credentials, and they do the rest;
  • Mule Account
    A third account is used to transfer the coins;
  • FC Auction House
    You list a worthless player, and the seller buys him.

Advantage Settings

In the Kick-Off mode, when a player is much better, he usually selects a weaker team, so the match gets more balanced. However, there is a better way to do it. There is a feature that lets you set different handicaps for each team.

If you find a way to access the advantage settings without your opponent seeing (R3 on the team selection screen), you will be able to change the CPU AI teammates’ difficulties, affecting how they play with and without the ball.

You can also set a starting score from the Advantage Settings screen, but we do not recommend it. Almost sure your opponent will notice it, and you will have no other option but to tell the truth.

Edit Players

This one can be used in Career Mode, Tournaments, and Kick-Off, where we think it makes more sense. If you have a favorite team, there is a hidden menu that allows you to change your players’ stats. Even the worst players in the game can become superstars.

If you know which teams your opponents use most, you can edit those players to make them worse. Remember not to switch the teams, or your trick will turn against you.

How to Edit Attributes
  1. From the FC main screen, navigate to [Customise];
  2. Go to [Create Player] and move the Right Stick to select [Edit Real Player];
  3. Choose a player and select [Athletic] and [Attributes].

Gameplay Customisations

If your goal is to impress your friends while watching you play against the CPU, there is an easy way to achieve it. In the Gameplay Customisation screen, things like pace, passing, and goalkeeping are set to 50 by default. It means they are 50% of what they can be.

You can tweak this percentage to any other value and do it for both teams: yours and the CPU team. If you don’t want to be noticed, 70v30 will be enough to make you win. Goalkeeping ability, shot speed, shot accuracy, and pace are the big ones that can also offer an advantage here.

How to Edit Gamplay Customisations
  1. From the FC main screen, navigate to [Customise];
  2. Select [Settings] and [Game Settings];
  3. Press R2/RB to go to the [User Gameplay Customisation] and [CPU Gameplay Customisation] screens.

Manual Assist

Your opponent will easily catch you if you change his control buttons, but he won’t notice if you mix his controller settings.

Things like shooting, through balls, and lobbed passes are marked as ‘Assisted’ by default. This means that while you have some control over them, the game will help guide your shots to where you seem to be aiming. Top players turn these off to have total control, but if your opponent is not one of the best, you need to turn their controller’s assistance off.

How to Turn Off Assistance
  1. From the FC main screen, navigate to [Settings];
  2. Select [Customise Controls];
  3. Change everything which is set to [Assisted] into [Manual];
  4. Save and make sure your opponent plays with that controller/configuration every time.
Frequently Asked Questions
You can cheat in FC 24, but you should not do it. It’s against the terms of service.
THere are several cheating methods you can use. This page explains the best FC 24 cheats:
  • Third-Party Software;
  • Bots;
  • Buying Coins;
  • Advantage Settings;
  • Edit Players;
  • Gameplay Customisation;
  • Manual Assist.
By reading our guide you can easily identify the FC 24 cheats your opponents can use against you.
The world of the FC 24 cheats is extremely dangerous. Not only because you can be banned, but also because you can be scammed. Everything you need to know is that you should never share your account details with anyone. If you do, most likely you will lose all your coins and items. You should always follow these five safety rules:

  • Certify if the page always starts with a URL of the type https://www.ea.com;
  • Always certify that the link doesn’t redirect you to another site;
  • Never click on e-mail links that ask for access data or say that your account is allegedly compromised;
  • Never give your data to anyone, not even to EA Sports;
  • Don’t search for card duplicators, coin generators and other ways to win coins easily (they don’t exist!).
Despite our warnings, many people still think that it is possible to get rich in a few minutes. If that is your case, pay attention to this: there are players with a huge amount of coins in their accounts because they are amazing players/traders, spent a fortune on FC Points or scammed other players using fake cheats.

In order to give credibility to these programs, they do it in several ways: they create pages on social networks supported by fake feedback and giveaways; they add videos to YouTube asking for your login details; they replicate almost perfectly the EA’s page; they share links of FUT teams redirecting you to other non-trusted websites; and they pretend to be EA employees.

It’s time to show you the two most popular fake cheats.

  • Card Duplicators
    It supposedly duplicates the cards you have. Usually, they ask you to choose the cards you want to duplicate. With this, they are ensuring that you have good cards because no one wants to duplicate worthless cards. Then, they ask your account details and… well, you know what happens next.

  • Coin Generators
    This one is easier. They only ask you the amount of coins you want and your credentials, in order to make the deposit. Obviously, you will be ripped off. Some of these scammers ask a fee for this ‘service’: they win twice.
These are the main actions Electronic Arts have taken against cheaters:

  • Penalties
    EA has created a penalty system that includes removing you from FUT Champions leaderboards (you lose your rewards), wiping your FUT coins, deleting your FUT club, temporarily or permanently locking your account out of the Transfer Market, banning you from your current FC game, from all FC games or even from all EA games.

  • Trade Offer Button
    A few years ago, EA removed a useful feature that allowed you to trade items directly with your friends. Unfortunately, they had to do it to fight cheaters.

  • Untradeable Items
    Many players were used to owning several clubs and transferring the items from their starter packs, daily gifts, and other offers for the main account. EA made these cards (and many others) untradeable to avoid this. In other words, selling them on the transfer market is impossible.

  • Stronger Authentication
    A new two-factor authentication was added to help keep intruders away from gamers’ accounts. For each player, it is generated a numeric passcode, valid for a short period, needed to log in into accounts from an untrusted device or every 90 days.

  • Blocking System
    EA introduced a system to detect bots accessing their servers. They have suspended thousands of accounts with suspicious activity, but unfortunately, many are from very active traders who follow the rules. It’s a shame to see this happening to honest gamers who paid for the game. In a few cases, they got their accounts back, but most of the time, the best they can do is to create another account, start over again and quit doing anything in the market to avoid being banned again.

  • EAAC
    The EA AntiCheat feature is a lightweight kernel-mode anticheat and anti-tamper solution developed by EA that interacts with Football Club 24 in order to prevent external files and software from being injected into the game.
Yes. An EA AntiCheat system was released in FIFA 23. It is a lightweight kernel-mode anticheat and anti-tamper solution developed by EA and reviewed by security development specialists unaffiliated to and independent of EA.

In short, EAAC will activate when you launch Football Club 24 and will automatically close itself when the game is closed. It engages with third-party applications attempting to interact with FC 24 in order to prevent external files and software from being injected into the game. This means that cheats and other software modifications, including community mods, may not be functional.

Unfortunately, kernel-level cheating in PC gaming has become more popular with cheat developers in recent times, and these cheats are largely invisible to alternative, non-kernel level anticheat solutions. Protecting single player modes is key to protecting online modes as well, since many cheat developers nefariously tamper with single player files in order to build their cheats.

FC 24 on PC can be played offline, as long as EAAC is installed. Note that modes such as FUT, which require an online connection, will continue to be online-only experiences.