FC 24 Chemistry measures if players are playing in their positions and how well they relation to each other and their manager.
FC 24 Chemistry

Chemistry Impact

FC 24 Chemistry plays a crucial role in the performance of your players. It represents how well a player will perform in-game. The higher the chemistry, the better he will play.

Each player can have from zero to three Chemistry Points, identified by blue diamonds filled up on his item. The attributes impacted by the active chemistry style will receive a small, medium, or full boost depending on how many points a player has. If a player has no chemistry points, he will play according to the stats of his item, and these won’t be negatively impacted.

FC 24 Chemistry measures several factors that are considered important enough to affect the performance of a player:

  • Positioning;
  • Familiarity with the teammates;
  • Familiarity with the manager.


Positioning is a mandatory requirement for chemistry. Only a player who is playing in his preferred positions can enable it. If it is not the case, his chemistry will be zero, and he won’t be taken into consideration for the teammate’s chemistry.

In Ultimate Team, a player can have up to three preferred positions where he can play without impacting chemistry. All you need to do is to check if the active position is the one where he is playing.
FC 24 Chemistry Points

Relation with the other Players

If a player in your starting XI is playing in his preferred position, he will be able to earn up to three chemistry points, depending on how many players in your Starting XI share the same country, league and club:

  • +1 when 2 players are from the same club or country;
  • +1 when 3 players are from the same league;
  • +2 when 4 players are from the same club;
  • +2 when 5 players are from the same country or league;
  • +3 when 7 players are from the same club;
  • +3 when 8 players are from the same country or league.
In FC 24, positional links have been removed. Your players now impact the chemistry of other players in the Starting XI, regardless of their position on the pitch.

Women’s footballers also connect with men’s footballers who have the same nationality and/or play for their affiliated club.

An Icon and a Hero will always have three chemistry points when playing in their preferred positions, regardless of the rest of the squad. Icons will also count as two increments towards their country chemistry threshold and one increment to every league, while Heroes count just one for the nation but two for the league.

Relation with the Manager

Each player with the same nationality or league as the active manager receives one extra chemistry point. This manager bonus is limited to one point, even if a player is from the same country AND league as the manager. When needed, you can match the manager and player’s league using a league modifier card.
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 24 Chemistry is a way to measure how familiar players are with their positions, teammates, and manager. The higher the chemistry, the more the player’s attributes will improve.
Chemistry will remain almost the same with one additional opportunity to link players across men’s and women’s football.

All players will still link to other players from the same leagues and nations (ex. WSL players will link to other WSL players, all English players will link with other English players, etc.).

This year, you’ll also be able to link women’s footballers to men’s footballers who play for their affiliated club (ex. all Chelsea players will link to one another, all Real Madrid players will link to one another, etc.).

The only important difference is related to Icons. Now they count as one increment toward any league.
These were the main changes:

  • Low chemistry no longer impact negatively the players attributes;
  • Squad Chemistry was removed;
  • Positional links were completely removed;
  • Players now impact the chemistry of teammates, regardless of their position on the pitch;
  • Loyalty system no longer exist.
Womenwill only link to men through club and country, but not league.
A ‘good chemistry’ is achieved when a team has all players featuring individual chemistry of 3. When this is not possible, we recommend that at least none of them is lower than 2. The easiest way to do this is to build a team based on a single league or nationality. As long as all players are in their natural positions, their chemistry will the the highest possible (before the manager bonus).
Each player can have up to three chemistry points, depending on his positioning, relation with the teammates and the manager.
A player in your Starting XI will only be able to gain chemistry, and raise their score above zero, when they are playing in their Preferred Position. A Player in your Starting XI will also only contribute to the chemistry thresholds for the squad when they are playing in their preferred position.
A Player in your starting XI, in their preferred position, will add one increment to their club, country/region and league chemistry thresholds. As you add players to your starting XI that match either the club, country/region or league of other players in your starting XI, you will hit chemistry thresholds that trigger the addition of chemistry points to the associated players.
Players who are substituted into a match will play with no Attribute increase from the Chemistry system. Keep in mind that negative Attributes have been removed since FUT 23, so even at 0 Chemistry, players will perform at their base Attributes.
Once an Ultimate Team match has started, any changes made via team management to formations, tactics or player positions will not affect the Chemistry of your Starting XI players.