FC 24 Co-Op Seasons is a multiplayer game mode that allows you and a friend to team up and play together as a cooperative unit against other teams.
FC 24 Co-Op Seasons

Co-Op Seasons Mode

FC 24 Co-Op Seasons is a game mode similar to Online Seasons, but that is played with a friend online against two other friends anywhere in the world in 2v2 ranked online play.

In Co-Op Seasons, the objective is to gather points: three for a win and one for a draw. Each of the five divisions has a distinct point requirement to avoid relegation, secure promotion, or clinch the title. If you accomplish either of these latter two goals, you’ll progress to the next season in the higher division, offering increased challenge and more enticing rewards.

How To Access FC 24 Co-Op Seasons
  1. From the main Football Club screen, navigate to [Co-Op Seasons];


Each division comprises ten matches, constituting a season. You commence at the base level, Division 5, and your performance dictates whether you can advance to higher divisions. The divisions and their respective minimum point requirements are listed below:

FC 24 Co-Op Seasons

How it Works

To participate in Co-Op Seasons, you need to team up with a friend. Each of you controls one of the teams on the pitch, collaborating to coordinate plays, passes, shots, and defensive maneuvers.

Similar to regular Online Seasons, Co-Op Seasons follows a division-based structure. You start in division 5, and your performance determines whether you can progress to higher divisions or face relegation to lower ones.

Both you and your friend’s performances contribute to the team’s overall performance. Wins, losses, and draws affect your points and standing in the division.That’s why effective communication and coordination with your friend are key. You’ll need to work together to strategize, anticipate each other’s moves, and make split-second decisions to outplay your opponents.

Co-Op Seasons aims to match you against teams of similar skill levels. This ensures that the matches are fair and competitive for both you and your opponents. This leads to interesting dynamics as you and your friend bring your unique playstyles and strengths to the team. Adaptability and teamwork are essential to finding success.

Co-Op Seasons is not only about competition but also about enjoying the game together. It provides a social and cooperative gaming experience, encouraging teamwork and camaraderie. It offers a different way to experience football matches with a friend.
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 24 Co-Op Seasons is a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete against other players online in a structured competitive experience.
You earn points in Co-Op Seasons by winning matches. A win typically awards you three points, while a draw earns you one point.
A typical Co-Op Seasons season consists of ten matches in a given division. The goal is to perform well enough to achieve promotions, maintain your position, or win the division title.