FC 24 Kick Off mode allows you to quickly jump into a match against CPU or your friends.
FC 24 Kick Off

Kick Off Mode

In Kick-Off you play a classic match or a variery of different match types with any team. It is arguably the most fun among all the available modes. We recommend it if you want to have fun with a friend, just like it used to be when the franchise didn’t have the immense variety of game modes that it has today.

The FC 24 Kick-Off mode offers players a streamlined and accessible way to enjoy matches. It serves as a quick-play option for those seeking immediate action without delving into the complexities of other game modes. Upon entering Kick-Off, players can choose from a variety of match types, including standard exhibition matches, tournaments, and custom cup competitions.

One of the defining features of Kick-Off mode is its flexibility. Players can select their favorite teams, adjust match settings such as stadium, weather conditions, and time of day, and even choose to play with house rules that introduce unique gameplay elements. This allows for a wide range of playstyles and strategies, catering to both casual gamers and those seeking more specific challenges.

Whether you’re looking to engage in a friendly match with friends, recreate real-life matchups, or experiment with different team compositions, Kick-Off mode provides a user-friendly platform. Its simplicity and customizability make it an ideal choice for players of all skill levels to enjoy quick and exciting matches while exploring various gameplay options.

How To Access FC 24 Kick Off
  1. From the main Football Club screen, navigate to [Kick Off];

Before starting a match, there are a few simple steps you should follow:
  1. Select a Side;
  2. Select a Match Type;
  3. Select Teams
  4. Select Kits
  5. Adjust team management, game, and controller settings;
  6. Advance to the match.

Select a Side

Once you enter the Kick Off mode, you’ll be prompted to choose your team’s side as either Home or Away. If you’re engaging in a multiplayer game, your friend or friends also need to select their respective sides, whether they’re playing on your team or against you. To invite friends, press R2/RT.

To keep track of your head-to-head record and statistics against AI opponents, it’s recommended to create a Kick Off Name. By linking it to your console account, you can access the game mode from anywhere.

When selecting a side, you can opt for your existing name or create a unique one using the virtual keyboard. Once your name is associated with your console account, your Kick Off stats will be linked to your account, allowing you to carry them with you across this game mode.

How To Link Kick Off Names
  1. In the Select a Side screen, go to [Settings];
  2. Select [Link Kick Off Name];
  3. From the list of Kick Off Names, choose which one you’d like to link or merge.
FC 24 Kick Off

Select a Match Type

Kick Off mode is not limited to exhibition. You can choose from a variety of match types.

Classic Match
The original and still the best! Play a classic Kick Off match using team of your choosing

House Rules
Rewrite the rules, play your way! Choose from inventive ways to experience FC, like Mystery Ball or Headers & Volleys. Or you can remove rules completely in a No Rules match. The pitch is your playground!

  • Mystery Ball
    One of FC’s most original modes! When the ball goes out of play, it returns as one of five ‘mystery balls’: a Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Speed, or All-Boosy ball. Each ball gives a boost to the dribbler and their team. Mystery ball point values also increase later in the match. Are you ready to try your luck?

  • King of Hill
    Hold the ball and run up the score! Gain possession of the ball, then remain inside the designated zones on the pitch to increase the value of your goals. Your goal value slowly ticks back to zero again outside the zones. Do you have what it takes to become the king?

  • No Rules
    A free-spirited, rules-free match of football where the refs can’t fouls, offsides, or bookings. Everything is fair in this free-for-all mode.

  • Headers & Volleys
    Test your in-air skills. Only goals scored via headers or volley earn points.

  • Survival
    Only the strong survive. When a team scores a goal, a player from the goal-scoring team is ejected – excluding the keeper. Only two red cards are allowed per match. AI players are always ejected first. Do you have what it takes to outlast your opponent?

  • Long Range
    Show off your long range skills. All goals airmailed from outside the box earn double the points. Inside the box? Goals still count as one.

  • First To…
    Fastest player to score wins. Unload a barrage of shots on your opponent’s goal!

Volta Football
Play with real teams and players in the fast, fun world of Volta Football! Choose from different match types – from 3v3, to 5v5, to Futsal – and square off in stylish arenas.

  • 3v3 Rush
    Play a tight 3v3 match without set pieces, corners, penalties, or goalkeepers. Hustle, score, and stop your opponent from doing the same.

  • 4v4
    Play a 4v4 match with keepers. Walls can be enabled or disabled, pending the stadium selected. Corners, and Penalties are enabled.

  • 4v4 Rush
    Play a 4v4 match without keepers. Walls can be enabled or disabled, pending the stadium selected. There are no set pieces, corners, or penalties.

  • 5v5
    Play a 5v5 match with keepers. Walls can be enabled or disabled, pending the stadium selected. Corners, and Penalties are enabled.

  • Futsal
    Futsal is a type of football typically played indoors on a hard court. It’s faster and more high-scoring than traditional football. Play FC using the officials Futsal rules with your favourite teams!

  • Mystery Ball
    Take control of the ball to give your team its power! Power shot, speed, dribbling, and the all-powerful AllPower. Each ball also has a goal value to swing matches. Every time the ball goes out, a new ball type comes into play.

  • Survival
    In 5v5 Survival, whenever a team scores a goal, the goalscorer will be ejected from the match, excluding the goalkeeper. This will happen up to 3 times for each side until you’re left with 1 player and the goalkeeper on each side.

  • First To…
    Fastest player to score wins. Unloa a barrage of shots on your opponent’s goal!

  • No Rules
    A No Rules match is just like a regular Volta Football match except there’s no fouls.

UEFA Champions League
Play a match in the UEFA Champions League, one of the most competitive in the world! Play in a one-off group stage match or the semi-finals. Feeling strong? Then go straight to the UEFA Champions League Final.

  • UCL Group Stage
    Play a one-off Group Stage match in the UEFA Champions League.

  • UCL Semi-Finals
    Ready for the Semis? Play a 2-leg match series, both home &away, in the UEFA Champions League Semi-Final.

  • UCL Final
    Only one can wear the crown! Rise to the occasion and play in the UEFA Champions League Final.

UEFA Women’s Champions League
Play a match in the UEFA Women’s Champions League, one of the top leagues in the world! Play in the semi-finals, or, be bold and go straight to the Finals and lay claim to that silverware!

  • UWCL Semi-Finals
    Go straight to the Semis! Play a 2-leg match series where you play both home & away matches in the UEFA Women’s Champions League Semi-Final.

  • UWCL Final
    Play in the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final. Do you have what it takes to play at your best for the full 90 minutes?

CONMEBOL Libertadores
Welcome to the CONMEBOL Libertadores! Choose to play a one-off group stage match or a semi-finals match. Or, you can go straight to the Finals!

  • Libertadores Group Stage
    Play in a one off CONMEBOL Libertadores group stage match. This is South American football at its finest.

  • Libertadores Semi-Finals
    A two-leg series where you play both Home and Away in the CONMEBOL Libertadores Semi-Final.

  • Libertadores Finals
    It is time for a showdown! Play in the CONMEBOL Libertadores Final.
  • Libertadores Exhibition Match
    Play a CONMEBOL Libertadores Exhibition Match. Choose a CONMEBOL team to host the match, then challenge any opponent in the world.

Cup Finals
Play in the Finals of any cup competition in the world! Competitions are sorted alphabetically from A to Z. Some cup finals feature authentic broadcast experiences.

  • Carabao Cup
  • Papa John’s Trophy
  • FA Community Shield
  • CONMEBOL Libertadores
  • CONMEBOL Sudamericana
  • CONMEBOL Recopa
  • Copa de España
  • Coppa Italia
  • Croky Cup
  • Coupe Nationale
  • Cupa Națională
  • DFB-Pokal
  • EA Sports Cup
  • Emirated FA Cup
  • MLS
  • NM
  • Oranje Beker
  • Österreich-Pokal
  • Puchar Kraju
  • Schweizer Pokal
  • Scottish Cup
  • Supercup
  • Sveriges Cup
  • Sydbank Pokalen
  • Taça de Portugal
  • Trophée Champ
  • UCL Final
  • UEFA Europa League
  • UECL
  • UEFA Super Cup
  • US Open Cup
  • UWCL
Home & Away
Play a two-leg series: one match at home, and one on the road. The top-scoring team at the end of the series is the winner. Do you have what it takes to overcome your opponent’s home field advantage?

Best of Series
Play a series of matches – 3 or 5 games – and win more than your opponent to bring home the silverware!

  • Best of 3
    Win 2 out of 3 matches to become the series winner.

  • Best of 5
    Win 3 out of 5 matches to become the series winner.

Select Teams

On this screen, you can select any two teams available in the game, including men’s and women’s teams, clubs, and national teams. If you prefer, you can also choose a random team by pressing square/X.

There are two other features you can select here:

  • Live Form
    Live Form in FC 24 Kick Off mode enables you to synchronize your team’s lineup and formations with your club’s current real-life statistics using an internet connection. It even generates a match session based on your favorite club’s upcoming fixture. You can easily toggle this feature on or off.

  • Advantage Settings
    Utilizing this feature allows you to set the initial score and the desired difficulty level for your AI teammates. Modifying this difficulty will influence the performance of your AI teammates both with and without possession of the ball. The Advantage Settings option can be found by pressing R3.

Select Kits

Every team has up to three kits. The choice of which kit each team will wear is entirely yours to make. Make sure not to choose kits with very similar colors, as it might become difficult to distinguish the players.

Make the Final Adjustments

Before confirming that you want to start the game, make sure you don’t want to adjust the team (starting eleven and substitutes, formation, tactics, roles, and instructions), game settings (including duration, difficulty level, stadium, and weather conditions), and control settings.

Additionally, you can also delve into the pre-match by analyzing a wide range of statistical data about you and your opponent, like average ball possession, the most used attacking zones, and fastest goal scored.
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 24 Kick Off is a game mode that allows you to quickly jump into a match against CPU or your friends.
The Kick Off Name is a feature that allows players to create a personalized name associated with their gameplay. This name can be linked to their console account and used to track head-to-head records and statistics against AI opponents. By entering a unique Kick Off Name, players can have their stats connected to their account, enabling them to carry their progress and performance across different platforms and game sessions within the Kick Off mode.
Yes, you can customize various settings in Kick Off mode, such as selecting teams, kits, adjusting team management, game settings, and controlled settings. You can also choose different types of matches, such as Exhibition, Cup Finals, and more.
Live Form is a feature in Kick Off mode that lets you update your team’s lineup and formations with the latest real-life stats of your club using an internet connection. It also creates a match session based on your favorite club’s upcoming fixture, providing a more dynamic and realistic experience.