FC 24 Online Seasons is a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete against other players online in a structured competitive experience.
FC 24 Online Seasons

Online Seasons Mode

FC 24 Online Seasons is an online multiplayer mode that offers a structured competitive experience. It allows you to compete against other players in a series of matches to climb through different divisions and earn rewards. The experience of this game mode is divided between divisions, with each season consisting of ten matches, and the tournament mode.

In the first case, the goal is to accumulate as many points as possible: three points for a win and one point for a draw. In each division, there’s a specific point threshold to not be relegated, get promoted, or win the title. If you manage to achieve either of these last two goals, you’ll play the next season in the immediately higher division, which presents a greater challenge but also better rewards.

Cup Match is an occasional knockout tournament mode inside the Seasons mode which allows you to play against other online players to win the tournament title. Within Cup Match mode you can play different knockout tournaments when they are available and you are qualified for them.

How To Access FC 24 Online Seasons
  1. From the main Football Club screen, navigate to [Seasons].


Each division consists of ten matches, forming a season. You begin at the lowest level, Division 10, and your performance determines whether you can progress to higher divisions. Below is the list of divisions along with their corresponding minimum point requirements.


Cup Matches

Cup Match is an intermittent knockout tournament mode within the Seasons mode that enables you to compete against other online players for the chance to secure the tournament title.

A Cup Match starts with the Round of 16 and gives you four matches to compete for the championship. These matches are in a playoff format, meaning that if you lose a match, you’re out of the tournament. Here you don’t have ten matches to play. Instead, you need to win the round of 16, the quarterfinals, the semifinals, and the final if you want to claim victory in the cup.

In Cup Match mode, there are five distinct tournaments to choose from, that can only be played in specific divisions:
8-10EA Shield
5-7EA Cup
3-4Continental Cup
1-2Premier Cup
AnyWomen’s International
FC 24 Online Seasons

Seasons Dashboard

When you enter the Seasons mode, you’ll encounter a dedicated screen featuring several options. We’ll now provide explanations for each of these options.

Play Match
This option allows you to play online division matches but before advancing you can use team management to adjust your lineup, formations, roles, instructions and tactics, as well as make changes to your controller settings or pick another team and kit. Only then, you will be ready to search for an opponent with a similar team star level and division to yours.

Keep in mind that the game will search for an opponent based on the active matchmaking settings:

  • Controls
    Specify controls. ‘Any’ matches your custom settings vs any opponent. ‘Manual’ will lock your controls and find an opponent using the same as your.
  • Club Quality Matching
    Turning this setting to ‘Restrictive’ will try to find a club that exactly matches your club’s quality while.
  • Club Type
    When set to ‘Any’ you will have no preferences to playing vs Club or International teams. ‘Match Mine’ will only match up with someone that matches your choice of a Club or International team.
  • Guests
    ‘Any’ sets no preference playing against a solo player, or someone with a guest. With ‘Match Mine’ set, if you have a guest, you will only play an opponent with a guest, if you are solo, you will only play someone solo.

Play Cup Match
This option allows you to play any of the tournaments available.

Current Division
In this window, you can view your records (W-D-L), the remaining number of games, the projected plan, and the advancement status of your current division. If you select this option, you’ll also be able to review your Season and Cup results.

This shows you your all-time records and titles, including how many seasons you have played, were promoted, and relegated. This also gives you access to the Trophy Room, where you can hold the following trophies:

  • EA Shield
    Awarded for winning the EA Shield
  • Women’s International
    Awarded for winning the Women’s International Cup
  • Bronze Double
    Awarded for winning the EA Shield and any Bronze Division title
  • Silver Double
    Awarded for winning the EA Cup and any Silver Division title
  • Gold Double
    Awarded for winning the Continental Cup and any Gold Division title
  • Premier Cup
    Awarded for winning the Premier Cup
  • League Title
    Awarded for winning the title in Division 1

Leaderboards / World Table
Leaderboards are available for your Seasons performance and the global Top 100 rankings. The World Table showcases the overall count of Online Season players worldwide, along with a division-wise breakdown. It also indicates which divisions have access to specific Cup Matches

Frequently Asked Questions
FC 24 Online Seasons is a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete against other players online in a structured competitive experience.
You earn points in Online Seasons by winning matches. A win typically awards you three points, while a draw earns you one point.
A typical Online Seasons season consists of ten matches in a given division. The goal is to perform well enough to achieve promotions, maintain your position, or win the division title.
The progression system in FC 24 Online Seasons involves moving between divisions based on your points. If you achieve promotion or win the division title, you advance to the next higher division, while poor performance might lead to relegation to a lower division.