In the FC 24 Practice Arena game mode, you can train your dribbling, shooting, and goalkeeping skills, or practice free kicks and penalties.
FC 24 Training Centre


The Practice Arena game mode in FC 24 provides players with a dedicated space to refine their skills and improve various aspects of their gameplay. It serves as a virtual training ground where players can focus on honing specific abilities without the pressures of a full match. It serves as a valuable tool for players to elevate their gameplay, experiment with new tactics, and build confidence in their abilities before taking on real matches.

By playing in the Arena, players can work on their dribbling, shooting, passing, and goalkeeping skills in a controlled environment. This allows them to practice different techniques, movements, and strategies to become more proficient in these areas. They can also practice free kicks and penalty kicks. This allows players to fine-tune their aiming, power, and technique, which can be crucial in high-stress situations during matches.

Unlike an actual match, this mode offers a relaxed setting where players can take their time to experiment with various moves and techniques. There’s no rush, and players can repeat actions until they feel comfortable with their execution.

This game mode is valuable for players of all skill levels. Newcomers can use it to learn and master the basics, while experienced players can refine their advanced techniques and try out new strategies.

FC 24 Practice Arena is available on the main game menu.

How to Access the Practice Arena
  1. From the main screen, navigate to [Learn to Play];
  2. Select [Practice Arena].
Frequently Asked Questions
Practice Arena is a game mode where you can train your dribbling, shooting, and goalkeeping skills, or practice free kicks and penalties.
No. FC 24 Practice Arena doesn’t include rewards but you will improve your game by playing it.
FC 24 Practice Arena


In the Practice Arena, you can choose between playing a practice match, taking free kicks, including penalties, or creating specific game scenarios by defining the number and position of each player on each team.

The mode provides instant feedback on your actions. You can see where your shots are landing, how your dribbling moves are working, and how you’re handling goalkeeping situations.

So that you won’t miss anything, a list of Controls and Skill Moves is available from the pause menu, where you can also select the team you want to command, the camera angle, and the difficulty level.

Difficulty Levels Available:
  • Beginner
  • End to End
  • Semi-Pro
  • Professional
  • World Class
  • Legendary


It’s possible to practice in the arena using one of the various available camera angles. To switch to the one that’s active, simply pause and select [Camera].

Cameras Available:
  • Classic
  • Dynamic
  • Tele
  • End to End
  • Pro
  • Co-Op
  • Broadcast
  • Tele Broadcast
  • Legacy
  • EA Sports GameCam
  • Tactical