FC 25 Preview Packs allow you to open them for free, see the content and decide if you want to buy the packs or not.
FC 25 Packs

What are Preview Packs

Ultimate Team Packs are virtual in-game packs that include randomized content such as players and club items. Traditionally, the specific contents of UT Packs were unknown until opened, following the loot box mechanic.

However, in June 2021, a notable change occurred with the introduction of preview packs. These packs aim to enhance player choice by allowing you to view the items contained within the pack before deciding whether to acquire them using either FC Coins or FC Points.

After previewing the items, you can choose to proceed with the acquisition or opt not to. It’s important to note that the pack remains accessible for a limited period. Once this period elapses, you can either preview another pack of the same type or explore a different pack option.

Where to Find Them

Preview Packs are available in the UT store as any other pack. You can distinguish them by the name (‘Preview Pack’ in the end) and by a small icon on the top right corner of the pack art.

Only the standard packs are available permanently in the store:
More preview packs are released throughout the year but they are only available in selected times during special UT events. In this category are included:
FC 25 Preview Packs

How to Preview Packs in FC 25

FC 25 preview packs offer a sneak peek at their contents before making a purchase. By selecting the ‘Preview Pack’ option in the store, you can explore the pack’s contents. Subsequently, you have the option to either exit the preview without making a purchase or acquire it using earned FC coins or FC points.

How To Open Preview Packs
  1. From the main Ultimate Team screen, navigate to [Store];
  2. Check if you are in the [Browse] tab and scroll down to [Gold Packs], [Classic Packs] or, in selected times, [Promo Packs];
  3. Search by packs with ‘preview’ in the name and select one of them;
  4. See the pack content;
  5. Press X/A to buy the pack or circle/B to leave without buying it.
If you buy the pack, you will be shown a new preview pack. On the other hand, if you reject it, you’ll have to wait until the countdown expires before you can preview a new pack.

Until the time expires, you can revert back your decision going to the Ultimate Team store, moving to the ‘Previewed’ tab and selecting the pack you have dismissed.
Frequently Asked Questions
A FC 25 Preview Pack is a variant of existing Ultimate Team packs in which the player can see the content before deciding to buy it or not.
Premium Silver Preview Packs and Premium Gold Preview Packs are always available in the UT store. In addition, more preview packs are released throughout the year but only at selected times.
You can only preview packs if they are marked as previewable. You must go to the UT store and select a pack with ‘preview’ in its name. After you see the content, you can decide if you want to buy it or not.
FC 25 preview packs are refreshed every 24 hours unless you buy them. In that case, a new pack is immediately available to be previewed.
If the contents of your preview pack don’t meet your expectations and you choose not to spend your coins or FC Points, the pack will stay in the store for a specified duration. You will need to wait until the countdown expires before you can preview a different pack.
There is a risk, like all packs, that previews will contain duplicate items. However, if you press triangle/Y while previewing a pack, it will show you which items you already have in your club.
FC 25 preview packs don’t cost more than the respective regular packs. Instead, they have the same price.
No. The content is immediately shown to you when you open a preview pack. Only then can you decide to buy it or not.
Packs not directly obtained from the UT Store, such as rewards from Division Rivals, or earned from an Objective or SBC can’t be Preview Packs. You can only find preview packs in the UT store.