The FC 24 Store is where you find your unopened packs and can buy promo packs, classic packs, bundles, vanity items and FC Points.
FC 24 Store

The Store

The UT Store is a virtual store where you can find and buy a variety of packs, bundles, and individual items to customize your club. It also keeps track of your prize bundles and player picks, let you buy FC Points and view the content of preview packs.

To access the FC 24 store, you just need to select [Store] from the main Ultimate Team screen. Inside the store, you can navigate through the four tabs using R1/RB and L1/LB.

  • My Packs
    Designed to keep your unopened packs and player picks, including Rivals, Squad Battles and Champions rewards, as long as FC 24 servers are up, unless they are rewarded or gifted under some time period conditions. This tab is only visible when you have unopened packs in your club.

  • Browse
    This is where everything you can buy is. It is organized into several categories so you can find what you want quickly. When you select an item and press square/X, the game asks you how do you want to pay. You can use UT coins if your balance allows, or you can use FC Points.

  • Previewed
    If you opened a UT Preview pack but haven’t bought it, you will find it here until the time expires. This way you can open it again, analyze the content andeventually buy it. This tab is only visible when you have active previewed packs in your club.

  • FC Points
    The store lets you buy FC Points but it redirects to your console platform’s online store that will handle the transaction. Depending on your region, you may have different bundles but usually it is possible to but from 100 FC Points to 12,000 FC Points. If you are connected in a EA Play account, it will be applied automatically a 10% discount. For purchasing FC Points, you need to spend real money.
Classic Packs

Store Content

You can go to the Store at anytime. As long as you have enough UT Coins or FC Points, you can buy the items you want. From packs to bundles, there are plenty of choices there.

  • Featured
    It shows the new items added to the 24 store. It usually features the most wanted packs or premium bundles.

  • Promo Packs
    Promotional packs are only available in the UT store at specific times. Premium Gold Players Packs are released almost in a daily basis. However, you will also find here the most wanted packs and lightning rounds, especially when new events are out.

  • Gold Packs
    Premium Gold Packs can be purchased here at anytime.

  • Classic Packs
    Premium Bronze Packs and Premium Silver Packs can be purchased here at anytime.

  • Premium Bundles/Items
    You can buy here bundles to customize your club with items of the same theme. Each bundle usually contains a badge, home kit, tifo, XL tifo and a stadium theme. If you just want a vanity item, you don’t have to buy the full bundle. You have the option to pay with UT coins or FC Points for each card available in the bundle.

  • Seasonal Bundles/Items
    Each UT Season has its own theme and you can buy the respective bundle or individual items.
Frequently Asked Questions
It’s easy to find the FC 24 store. Confirm from the main UT screen if you are in the [Home] screen and go to [Store], using R1/RB.
If you can’t access the UT store, that’s because it is down. Sometimes it happens when many players try to get in, or Electronic Arts is running scheduled maintenance. We suggest you wait a few minutes and try again.
The FC 24 Store is available 24/7. In rare cases, promo packs may not be available. It is more common in the first weeks after the game goes out.
You can buy UT packs in UT store. Gold and classic packs are always available, but promo packs are only available at specific times.
A lightning round is a round of a pack offer in the UT store in which the duration of the offer is a pre-determined length of time. On Lightning Rounds, a limited global number of packs are to be sold. Therefore, the first to come are the first to be served. On the other hand, without a limit of packs for each user, you can buy how many promo packs you want as long as they are not sold out.
Promo Packs are usually refreshed once a day, at 6 pm UK time, except if it is a lightning round. Seasonal bundles and items are only refreshed when a new UT season is out.
To purchase packs, you need to use FC coins or FC points except for the packs in ‘My Packs’ storage tab, which is designated to keep packs gained as rewards.
No, the Store’s purchased packs and points are not refundable.
No. Unfortunately, purchases as a gift to send to a friend are not available in the FC 24 Store.
Your reward packs stored under My Packs will be there as long as FC 24 servers are alive unless they are rewarded or gifted under some time conditions.