Stadium Items add an extra layer of customization in Ultimate Team.
FC 25 Stadium Items

Stadium Cards

Stadium Items and Bundles offer an additional level of customization in Ultimate Team and complement other methods of acquiring Stadium Items.

These items and bundles can be purchased using Coins or FC Points within a specified timeframe indicated above the Item/Bundle. Additionally, you have the option to preview the contents of a Bundle or the appearance of Stadium Items in your Stadium before making a purchase.

FC 25 Stadium Items encompass a variety of items, including Kits, Trophies, and Stadium Themes. Available in Gold, Silver, and Bronze qualities, they are categorized into five groups:

  • Badge;
  • Home Kit;
  • Away Kit;
  • Ball;
  • Player Celebration;
  • Club Anthem;
  • Crowd Chant;
  • Goal Song.
  • Stadium Template;
  • Stadium Theme;
  • Stadium Colour;
  • Seat Colour;
  • VIP Area.
  • Home End Center;
  • Home End Background;
  • Home End Top;
  • Home End Right Corner;
  • Home End Left Corner;
  • Main Stand Lower;
  • Main Stand VIP;
  • Main Stand Upper;
  • Broadcast Stand Lower;
  • Broadcast Stand Upper;
  • Away End Right Corner;
  • Away End Left Corner;
  • Top Stands.
  • Goal Net Colour;
  • Goal Pyrotechnics;
  • Pitch Line Colour;
  • Pitch Mow Pattern.
  • Home End Trophy;
  • Away End Trophy.
Stadium Cards

How to Customize

When you begin playing Ultimate Team and establish your club, you’ll be provided with the default UT Stadium as your initial stadium setup. Within Ultimate Team, you have the flexibility to switch to any other stadiums available in FC 25 and personalize their themes and styles using the UT Stadium feature.

Utilizing Stadium Items allows you to customize your club and enhance the visual aesthetics of your UT stadium. Keep in mind that certain stadiums may not support all customization features.

How to Customize your Club’s Appearance
  1. From the main Ultimate Team screen, use R1/RB to select [Club];
  2. Use R1/RB again to select [Stadium];
  3. Make the desired changes.
To change each item, make them active/inactive, or assign new items to them, select the items you would like to customize, then the system will show you the available cards in your club for that item. Next, you can select the listed items and make them active to take other actions. You can also do a manual search for each item.

How to Get Stadium Items

You can get Stadium Items in several ways, including:

  • Ultimate Team Store;
  • Transfer Market;
  • Squad Building Challenges;
  • Objectives;
  • Rewards.
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 25 Stadium Items are a category of Ultimate Team cards that allows you to customize your club and your active stadium.
No. Having a stadium is compulsory in Ultimate Team. However, you don’t need stadium items. They are only used to give a unique look to your club and your stadium.

When you initiate your Ultimate Team club, you will receive the basic stadium items to start your season. These items include:

  • Stadium Template;
  • Stadium Theme;
  • Badge;
  • Kit (Away and Home);
  • Ball.
You can buy Stadium Items and Bundles with either Ultimate Team Coins or FC Points, depending on the Item or Bundle, following these steps:

  1. From the main Ultimate Team screen, select [Store];
  2. Scroll down to [Stadium];
  3. Select the Stadium Item or Bundle you want to buy.
If you want to find FC 25 stadium items on the transfer market, follow these steps:

  1. From the Ultimate Team main screen, select [Transfers];
  2. Select [Transfer Market];
  3. Press R1/RB twice to select the [Stadium] tab;
  4. Use the filter [Item Type] to select the kind of item you’re looking for;
  5. Search to see the results.
Locked stadium slots can be unlocked by completing specific objectives.
No, you can only acquire one of each Stadium Item or Bundle from the Ultimate Team Store. Once you obtain that Item or Bundle, it will no longer be available for purchase in the Store.

However, there is a possibility of obtaining duplicate Items. Occasionally, you may receive the same item from an individual Stadium Item in a subsequent Bundle.
There is no limit, you can keep as many as you want.
The Stadium Items you earn are stored in your Club. To see and browse them, toggle to [Club] tab in Ultimate Team and select [Stadium].
Certain FC 25 Stadium Items available in the Ultimate Team Store are tradeable on the Transfer Market, similar to other tradeable items, while others are not tradeable. For untradeable items and bundles, the menu in the Store will display an in-game icon next to the name of the item or bundle.
No, the Stadium Items you have in FC 25 cannot be transferred to other titles.
Your stadium is only available when your playing matches in as home games. The away matches you will be played in your opponent’s stadium.