FIFA 22 FUT Champions



We have created this FAQ to make it easier to understand how FUT Champions and Weekend League work.
This year, EA has made deep changes in the way how FUT Champions work. The most significant is the new two-tier structure. The Weekend League was replaced by the Champions finals and, in order to qualify for it, you need to play the Play-Offs first. The goal is to reduce the number of matches and spread them over the week. EA has also moved to a points based system this year, rather than wins, so you’ll still make progress even if you lose.

FIFA 22 FUT Champions
The Champions Play-Offs are the first leg of the overall FUT Champions competition, and it is open for the duration of the FUT Season, approximately 6 weeks long.

FIFA 22 FUT Champions Play-Offs
Previously known as Weekend League, the FUT Champions Finals are the second and final stage of this competition.

FIFA 22 FUT Champions Finals
As soon as you reach the qualification, you will be ready to play the Champions Play-Offs at any time you want. If you earn enough points, you’ll qualify for the FUT Champions Finals which are open from Friday to Monday. A complete calendar is available here.
The FIFA 22 FUT Champions takes place uninterruptedly from October 2021 to September 2022. The schedule is being published in-game as the competition goes on, and for that reason sometimes it shows one more round and at other times it shows two or three rounds.
Once qualified for the Play-Offs, you need to play as many matches as needed to reach the required points. However, the number of matches you can play in this stage is capped.

In the Champions Finals (former Weekend League), you can play up to 20 matches in each weekend (to be confirmed).
You can qualify for the Play-Offs exclusively via FUT Champions points. These points can be gained via FUT Division Rivals. The number of FUT Champions Points earned for each game depends on your performance and current division. The better you play, the more points you earn. Once you’ve accumulated 2,000 points, you’ll be automatically entered into the Play-Offs.

For more details about the Champions qualification, please check this page.
Once you qualify for FUT Champions through Division Rivals, take your team into the FUT Champions Play-Offs when you choose. You will have a limited number of matches to play in order to sum the required amount of points. For each win, you get 5 points, while a loss only gives you one point.

Finals Qualification
No. Within each FUT Season, approximately 6 weeks long, you will have a limited number of attempts at the Champions Competition. The same entry is valid for both Play-Offs and Finals. It means that you can qualify for the Champions Finals more than once each season (but only once each weekend), depending on the entries available.

FIFA 22 FUT Champions Main Screen
If you did not make it to the Finals and you still have entries available, you can always return to the Play-Offs after re-qualifying through Rivals.
No. The only way to qualify for Play-Offs is joining 2,000 FUT Champions points via Rivals, and the only way to qualify for the Finals is earning enough points in Play-Offs. There is no other way. Elite Division and Champions Finals players will have to qualify as any other player.

FIFA 22 FUT Champions Points Progress
Yes, it is possible. However, in a lower division you get less points for each win. In other words, you will need to play more to achieve the qualification for the Play-Offs.
Yes, the Finals Qualification Token gives you the flexibility to enter the competition on your schedule. If you make it to the Champions Finals, the tokens can be banked to be used on a later weekend.
Yes, each Champions campaign is a different competition if played in a different platform.
No. When you start the Play-Offs, you are competing for the first set of rewards and a chance to qualify for the Finals, where you can further increase your rewards. In fact, one of the goals with the introduction of the Play-Offs and Finals was to rebalance the rewards across both competition stages while lowering the overall match requirements.
Play-Off and Finals Champions Rewards are based on your total points in each stage of the competition (+5 for each win; +1 for each loss). The complete list of rewards can be checked on this page.

FIFA 22 FUT Champions Progress
In the Play-Offs, the rewards are delivered as soon as you finish your campaign. You can also decide to skip ahead of your last matches in case you have already earned enough points to qualify for the Finals. In that case, you will be discarding the chance to reach better rewards.

In the Finals, where you finish will decide your additional rewards. If you finish all of your matches in the Finals, you can claim your rewards instantly. If you still have matches to be played, your rewards will be granted at the end of the competition (Monday morning), based on where you finished.

Wait. The Champions Finals rewards are not delivered before the end of the round, unless you have finished all your matches.
Yes! It is possible to see and open your rewards through the Web and Companion Apps.
No. The packs you receive as Champions rewards can be opened at anytime. They don’t expire. You don’t have to claim your rewards before the next round starts. They will be waiting for you as soon as you open FUT on your console next time. If you want, you can save them to open when better items are in packs, as it is the case of the Team of the Year. However, keep in mind that Player Picks will always be from the week you have won them.
Depending on your final Rank in the Champions Finals, the Players within the Player Pick will vary. More details about the Red Pick will be announced soon.
You need five points to rank, which can be made in just two matches (if you win both) or a maximum of five matches (if you loose all). If you don’t reach that score, you will not receive any reward for that week. It’s like you haven’t played at all.
No longer exist leaderboards in FUT Champions. The TOP 200 was moved for the FUT Rivals, which is now the core competitive game mode.

All Champions Matches are played in the FUT Champions Stadium. Any customizations that you have applied to your Club will be visible to your opponent when you are the home team, with the exception of pitch line customization.
That is not possible. That feature is not available in this game mode.
In order to avoid you to recognize your opponent, EA doesn’t allow you to see which kit he is using. For the same reason, you will not see his real name either.
Basically, because this game mode is based on the number of wins and losses a player reaches in each round. Every match must have a winner and a loser, even if it is necessary to take penalties.
The first important goal for FUT Champions is to ensure that every round is a clean slate for players to compete for wins and rewards. To do this, EA uses something called ‘form’ as a key driver of matchmaking in each competition. Everyone starts each round fresh at zero form, moving up or down with each win or loss. In football terms, match form of W/L/W/W/W would result in a +3 form. Form can only drop as low as -10 and go up as high as +15. Players with similar form are then paired in matchmaking.

The result is that players that are better than average in the FUT Champions (which is already a very skilled group of players) will quickly boost their form. The higher their form gets, the more challenging the competition becomes. Only the best of the best can consistently beat players with high form. The second key piece to matchmaking is location. Players are matched based on their location and proximity to EA’s dedicated game servers to ensure quality matches.