FIFA 22 Squad Building Challenges


FIFA 22 Squad Building Challenges allow you to submit your squads in exchange for rewards. You can find here the complete list of SBCs, rewards and start/end times. All times are shown in the UK time zone.
27/09/21 18:00 (Mon) 3d OTW Player SBC
Group Reward OTW Player Item (U)
23/09/21 18:00 (Thu) 7d Marquee Matchups – W1
Group Reward
Lazio v Roma
MGladbach v Dortmund
Arsenal v Tottenham
Premium Gold Players (T)
Small Rare Silver Pl (T)
Mixed Players Pack (T)
Small Prime Gold Pl (T)
Prime Mixed Players (T)
22/09/21 16:00 (Wed) oo Bronze Upgrade (R)
Group Reward Two Silver Players (T)
22/09/21 16:00 (Wed) oo Silver Upgrade (R)
Group Reward Three Common Gold Pl (T)
22/09/21 16:00 (Wed) oo Gold Upgrade (R)
Group Reward Two Rare Gold Players (T)
22/09/21 16:00 (Wed) oo League and Nation Hybrid
Group Reward

The Challenger
Puzzle Master
13,000 coins
FIFA 21 TOTW Kit (U)
Rare Mixed Players (T)
Gold Players Pack (T)
Mega Pack (T)
Rare Mega Pack (T)
22/09/21 16:00 (Wed) oo Hybrid Nation
Group Reward
The Final Four
The 6 of the Best
The Elite Eight
Around the World
Rare Mega Pack (T)
Electrum Players Pack (T)
Gold Players Pack (T)
Prime Gold Players (T)
Rare Players Pack (T)
22/09/21 16:00 (Wed) oo Hybrid Leagues
Group Reward
Give Me Five
7-League Boost
The Whole 9 Yards
First XI
Rare Mega Pack (T)
Prime Mixed Players (T)
Prime Electrum Players (T)
Mega Pack (T)
Rare Mega Pack (T)
22/09/21 16:00 (Wed) oo Leagues and Nations Basic
Group Reward
One League Attack
One Nation Midfield
Multi League & Nation
Mixed Players Pack (T)
Premium Silver Players (T)
Premium Gold Pack (U)
Premium Gold Pack (T)
22/09/21 16:00 (Wed) oo Let’s Move Forward
Group Reward
Defensive Developm
A Better Buildup
Advancing Attack
80- Player Pick GK (U)
80- Player Pick CB (U)
80- Player Pick CM (U)
80- Player Pick ST (U)
22/09/21 16:00 (Wed) oo Let’s Keep Going
Group Reward
Brick Slots

The Correct Position
Perfect Links

Loyal Lads
Prem Loan Pl Reward (U)
LW-LF Position Modifier(U)
RW-RF Position Modifier (U)
Bronze Pack (U)
Premium Bronze Pack (U)
Two Silver Players (U)
500 coins
Two Silver Players (U)
22/09/21 16:00 (Wed) oo Let’s Get Started
Group Reward
First Exchange
The Second Step
The Third Step
Two Players Pack (T)
Bronze Reward Pack (T)
Bronze Pack (T)
Bronze Players Pack (T)
Release DateDurChallenge