The FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT event features themed dynamic items which are upgraded based on the matches played, team wins, goals, assists and clean sheets.
FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT

Fantasy FUT

With domestic leagues coming to the last stage of the season, EA releases a new promo featuring dynamic items.

These special items are released with a starter improvement in rating and stats. However, each player can get up to four upgrades, each one corresponding to a different achievement in their six domestic league matches after March 17:

  • Play three matches;
  • Win one match;
  • Score or assist, in the case of midfielders and attacker, or clean sheets, for goalkeepers and defenders;
  • Avoid defeat.
You can check our tracker to follow the progress of Fantasy FUT cards.

Release Dates

The Fantasy FUT event was released for the first time in FIFA 22.
Release dates for FIFA 23 are confirmed.


The FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT event features several offers, including special items in packs, SBCs and objectives. To know which promo packs are available, go to our dedicated page.
14/03 18:00 7d Rashica 86 FF U
13/03 18:00 3d A Gomes 87 FF U
13/03 18:00 3d Guard the Yard U
13/03 18:00 3d 78+ Triple Upgr R U
13/03 18:00 3d 83+ x10 Upgrade R U
12/03 18:00 14d Dante 88 OOP U
12/03 18:00 3d Fear None U
12/03 18:00 5d Campaign PP U
11/03 18:00 4d Fantasy FUT MR2
11/03 18:00 3d Anticipate U
11/03 18:00 5d M Gómez 90 FF U
11/03 18:00 7d Relegation Scarp U
10/03 18:00 5d Fantasy FUT T2
10/03 18:00 5d FF Heroes T2
10/03 18:00 7d Foyth 86 FF U
10/03 18:00 6d Fantasy FUT Cup
10/03 18:00 7d Sabitzer 88 FF U
09/03 18:00 10d Nick Lima 86 FF U
08/03 18:00 78d Hagi 90 ICO U
08/03 18:00 78d Zambrotta 89 ICO U
08/03 18:00 2d Teamwork U
08/03 18:00 3d 84+ x5 Upgrade R U
07/03 18:00 12d S Darder 88 FF U
06/03 18:00 3d 78+ Player Pick R U
06/03 18:00 3d 12th Man U
06/03 18:00 14d Kyereh 87 OOP U
05/03 18:00 7d Fantasy FUT MR1
05/03 18:00 12d Umtiti 88 FF U
05/03 18:00 3d Crack the Net U
05/03 18:00 7d 87+ Hero PP U
03/03 18:00 7d Fantasy FUT T1
03/03 18:00 7d FF Heroes T1
03/03 18:00 7d Gouiri 87 FF U
03/03 18:00 7d D Expectations U
03/03 18:00 14d Depay 89 FF U
03/03 18:00 13d Crouch FF
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Previous Offers

You can get a good idea about which offers will be available by looking to the past years offers.
Frequently Asked Questions
FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT cards are a Special item category assigned to a selection of players, replacing their regular cards at specific times.

These cards feature rating and stat updates and have the potential for further upgrades based on matches played, team wins, goals, assists and clean sheets in the remainder of the 2022/23 season.
Fantasy FUT items have the chance to earn up to +4 OVR upgrades based on individual and team contributions in the club’s next six domestic league matches starting March 17th.

  • If the player makes three appearances, they will receive a +1 OVR Upgrade;
  • For attackers and midfielders, If the player achieves 2 goals/assists they will receive a +1 OVR Upgrade;
  • For defenders and GKs, If the player keeps 2 clean sheets they will receive a +1 OVR Upgrade.
  • If their current Club wins one game they will receive a +1 OVR Upgrade;
  • If their current Club avoids defeat in the next six games, they will receive a +1 OVR Upgrade and 3 New Traits.
Fantasy FUT Hero items have the chance to earn up to +2 OVR upgrades based on the form of one specific associated former club in the next six domestic league matches starting March 17th:

  • Associated Former Club wins one game from the six, they’ll receive a +1 OVR Upgrade;
  • Associated Former Club avoids defeat in all six, they’ll receive a +1 OVR Upgrade and three new traits.
There are both team-based and individual-based upgrades in Fantasy FUT. A Player Item is eligible for the ‘Win’ and ‘Avoid Defeat’ upgrades regardless of whether or not they feature in the six matches.

They are only eligible, however, for the ‘Appearances’ and ‘Goals/Assists/Clean Sheet’ upgrades if they achieve those scenarios individually in their club’s next six games.
Assist data is powered by Stats Perform. Assists are defined as the final touch leading to the recipient of the ball scoring a goal.
The ‘two goals or assists’ upgrade is an aggregate tally, meaning a Player Item qualifies for the +1 OVR upgrade if they score two, assist two, or get one of each.
A clean sheet is awarded to a defender or goalkeeper for not conceding a goal whilst on the pitch and playing at least 60 minutes. If a player is substituted off when a goal is conceded they will still fulfill the clean sheet upgrade scenario, provided that they were substituted off before the goal was scored and they played at least 60 minutes during the match.
Fantasy FUT Upgrade Tracking will start from March 17. If a team plays on the same day as an item’s release, it will only count if the domestic league match kicks off after the item is released into the game.
Only domestic league matches are eligible for Fantasy FUT upgrade qualification. As mentioned, the first domestic league match tracked has to kick off after the item is released.
After a Fantasy FUT player fulfills their upgrade requirement scenario, the earliest the corresponding player item will be updated is on the following Wednesday.
If a player is no longer on the roster of the club their item is released for, they will no longer be eligible to receive any future additional upgrades.
You can get a FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT item in the same way as any other card: in packs or on the transfer market. If you want to try your luck on packs, you can go to the store and buy them with coins or FIFA Points. They can be found in any pack with players’ cards, including free packs. Finding one of these cards is higher if you open a pack containing more player cards.

Completing specific SBCs and objectives may also reward you with a Fantasy FUT item.

Fantasy FUT Items

During the event, two teams and two mini-release of themed players are released on the following dates:

Team 1 and Heroes Team 1
Available in Packs: 03/03 to 10/03

Mini-Release Team 1
Available in Packs: 05/03 to 10/03

Team 2 and Heroes Team 2
Available in Packs: 10/03 to 15/03

Mini-Release Team 2
Available in Packs: 11/03 to 15/03