FIFA 23 Gameplay


There are new FIFA 23 gameplay features which improve your gaming experience, especially if you are running it on a next-gen console. We will explain, one be one, all of them.


New FIFA 23 Gameplay Features

From acceleRate to redesigned set pieces, enjoy a more true-to-life football experience with new FIFA 23 gameplay features.

Power Shots
A new skill-based, risk versus reward shooting mechanic brings football’s most powerful and impressive shots into the game. Create space away from defenders, pick your spot and trigger a power shot to add additional power to your strike and a chance of the spectacular.

Redesigned Set Pieces
A set piece redesign gives you more control over free kicks, penalties and corners, allowing you to choose where you make contact on the ball to change direction, trajectory, curl, and more. Plus an update to camera positions on corners better reflects the drama of dead ball situations.

Advanced Impact Physics
Advanced Impact Physics makes players’ individual limbs more naturally affect the outcome when defenders block the ball in FIFA 23. Deflections and blocks from defenders and goalkeepers’ arms, legs, hands, and even fingers will now have more realistic outcomes determined by the impact of the ball upon them, as they absorb the power of the shot to affect the ball’s path and create more visually authentic deflections based on the speed and force of each individual strike.

Net Interaction Physics
New net physics reacts to the motion of players, responding to individual limbs and creating more natural interactions with the net as players run, slide, or fall into the goal.

Player Awareness
A new collision prediction system enhances players’ awareness of the pitch, allowing them to move intelligently to avoid tackles and collisions.

See different shot trajectories including low, dipping, and bouncing shots alongside diving headers.

Hard clearance slide tackles, physical tackles, and even backheel tackles give you more ways to defend against oncoming attackers.

New passing types give you new ways to find teammates, with outside-of-foot passes, fancy off-the-back passes, volley passes, and new clearance animations.

CPU AI Tactical Awareness
Tactical enhancements mean AI opponents better react and respond tactically to the on-pitch situation, including factors like score, match time, and available players on the bench to change and update formations and playing style mid-game.




Groundbreaking new HyperMotion gameplay technology elevates every match across every mode in FIFA 22 only on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia.

Advanced 11v11 Match Capture
Xsens suits enable motion capture from 22 professional footballers playing at high intensity for the first time. The resulting unprecedented volume of high-quality real-human movement data powers how both individuals and teams move across FIFA 22.

Advanced 11v11 Match Capture
Data from two new full-match motion capture shoots and five training drills with professional teams – including FIFA-first motion capture of a women’s match – leads to more high-quality, true-to-life animations than ever before in an EA SPORTS™ FIFA title.

Machine Learning
Advances to our cutting-edge and proprietary machine learning algorithm create more football realism in FIFA 23, learning from a cumulative 9.2 million frames of advanced match capture and writing new animations in real time to create natural football motion across a variety of interactions in FIFA 23.

Full Team Authentic Motion
Data captured directly from the pitch in both a men’s and women’s match results in a combined total of over 6000 HyperMotion-enabled animations that make players move and play more responsively and realistically than ever before in FIFA 23.

Powering The Women’s Game
Dedicated Advanced 11v11 Match Capture of a full-intensity women’s match combines with machine learning technology to power the women’s game in FIFA 23, creating authentic animation informed by the movement of real-life women’s players.

Composed Ball Striking
New animations powered by HyperMotion2 allow for more natural transition between controlling the ball and shooting. Combining precision and fluidity, longer high-quality animation creates one continuous motion as players trap the ball, rotate, and strike the ball towards the target.

Kinetic Goalkeeper vs Header Battles
Evolution in two player interaction technology syncs player animations as goalkeepers rise to meet crosses against opposing attacking players, creating cleaner outcomes as keepers claim aerial balls.

Technical Dribbling
A brand new dribbling system, informed by machine learning between every touch, delivers next-gen visuals and natural motion with the ball at your feet. Whether you’re taking on a defender for pace or keeping the ball close to turn away from an opponent, ultra-responsive Technical Dribbling makes the world’s-best move more fluidly than ever before.

Machine learning technology learns from real-world defensive situations and movement taken from Advanced 11v11 Match Capture data to rewrite the jockeying system in FIFA 23, enabling defenders to better counter oncoming attackers.

New ACCELERATE acceleration mechanics provide an added layer of personality to how players reach their top speed in FIFA 23. From explosive acceleration off the mark to more controlled or lengthy changes of pace, players will now reach full speed at different rates to create more variety in player movement and gameplay in FIFA 23.