FIFA 23 Icon SBCs give you access to a selection of Base, Mid, Prime and Campaign items.
FIFA 23 Icon Squad Building Challenges

Icon SBCs

Icon SBCs are time-limited challenges released for a selection of base, mid, prime or prime moment items, after they’ve been released in packs for a period of time. Completing these long-term squad-building challenges allows you to get a specific version of an Icon.

Usually, each player cannot be released in more than one version. The SBCs are based on the Icon career and also require squads with specific ratings. The better the item, the later it is released, and the highest the SBC requirements.
Frequently Asked Questions
FIFA 23 Icon SBCs are challenges released for a selection of Icon items that reward those who complete it with a particular untradeable player item.
You can get specific versions of player Icons, like Pelé and Cruyff, by going to Squad Building Challenges and submitting the group while it is active.
Challenges are released on unknown dates and expire several weeks later.
Like in any other squad-building challenge, you receive the rewards as soon as you submit your FIFA 23 Icon SBCs.

Icon SBCs List

You can check the complete list of challenges and rewards on our squad building challenges page.