Ten FIFA 23 Rules you Need to Follow


Like any other game, this one has its own rules. They were created to make sure everyone gets a fair and fun experience. You should know and follow these ten FIFA 23 rules to ensure you won’t get any penalty.


Ten FIFA 23 Rules

When someone starts playing FIFA 23, it is requested to accept the user agreement terms. The problem is that 99.9% of the players never read the terms and have no idea what it’s about. If you don’t want to break FIFA 23 rules, you should know them. We list on this page the ten most important.

Don’t cheat in-game
Cheating can include, but isn’t limited to, using external tools, performing in-game exploits, abusing glitches or bugs, performing, using, buying, or selling match collusion, matchmaking manipulation, or win manipulation services. In-game cheating is not fair play and hurts the experience for the players you are playing against.

Don’t make false claims
Making a false claim to EA Advisors or any other EA representative is against FIFA 23 rules. Breaking the rules makes it hard to provide a fun, safe, and secure environment for you and all players.

Don’t hack other players’ accounts
It might seem like a no-brainer, but accessing another player’s account is totally and completely against the FIFA 23 rules.

Don’t connect to EA Servers using anything unofficial
You can only access FIFA 23 and FIFA servers using an official version of EA SPORTS FIFA, bought from EA or an authorized retailer. You must also use an unmodified platform or the official FUT Web and FUT Companion Apps to avoid breaking the rules. When you use third-party apps and browser extensions, your login info can be visible to third parties and someone could use that info to take over your account.

Don’t distribute Coins
Coin distribution inflates the FIFA economy. That means disrupting the safe buying and selling environment that legitimate players are trying to use to get the players they need for their Ultimate Team. You are not allowed to use the FUT Transfer Market to transfer Coins to another player, have multiple accounts, funnel FUT Coins and Items into your main account, and make giveaways.

Don’t buy coins or promote coin buying
Buying and selling FUT coins helps create an uneven playing field because, among other things, it can result in an unfair increase in the prices of items on the Transfer Market. Also, if you buy coins, you’re at risk of having your account information stolen by safe.

Don’t promote Coin buying and selling
Promoting the sale or purchase of FUT coins anywhere within the game or forums breaks FIFA 23 rules because it hurts the experience for other players.

Don’t use auto-buyers
If you use any sort of in-game bots, like auto-buyers, so you can earn Coins fast and illegitimately, that’s breaking the rules. Making transactions outside of in-game, the Companion App, or the Web App or playing in an unauthorized way that gives you an unfair advantage hurts the experience for you and other players.

Don’t farm Coins
Coin farming is when you get Coins fast and illegitimately, either by using bots in the FUT Transfer Market or by tricking the game into thinking you’re playing matches when you aren’t. That’s cool when you store a lot of Coins in your account, as long as you’re earning those FUT coins the right way in-game. Using any bot or disconnection methods in-game that’s breaking the rules.

Stop Toxic Behaviour
FIFA 23 is a place for you to express yourself and your individuality. But it’s not just your space; it’s everyones. Keep toxicity out of it. Harassing, bullying, threatening, offending, or harmful behavior towards others is unacceptable. Ever. If you see any toxic behaviour, report it.

Follow the Law, wherever you are
These days you can plug in and play almost everywhere, and that’s exciting. To ensure everyone feels safe, you must follow the local laws when playing our games. This not only includes keeping things legal but reporting anything you see that breaks the law or promotes doing so.

FIFA 23 Rules

FIFA 23 Sanctions

As with any other rule, there are sanctions for those who break it. These actions are applied to your EA Account used to play FIFA, so some of these actions may affect your experience on multiple gaming platforms using the same EA Account. These are the actions that can be taken against you if you break the FIFA 23 rules:

  • Remove your account from the Leaderboards;
  • Remove your FUT Coins;
  • Delete your FUT Club;
  • Temporarily or permanently ban your account from FIFA online play;
  • Ban your account from your current FIFA game;
  • Ban your account from all FIFA games;
  • Ban you from all EA games;
  • Suspend your console from playing FIFA online modes for a period of time;
  • Restrict your access to the FUT Transfer Market;
  • Restrict your access or in-game privileges in other ways.