What’s New in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Discover what’s new in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: a new game mode, new positions system, chemistry revamp and much more.


What’s New in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team features FUT Moments, Chemistry revamp, Position changes, global Transfer Market and new Customizations.


FUT Moments

FUT Moments, the newest single-player experience, brings a new way to play FUT and earn rewards. FUT Moments focuses on fun, short scenarios with a variety of challenges. In FUT Moments, you’ll earn a new currency type, FUT Stars, which can be exchanged for Items and Packs in the Moments Star Gallery.

You will start each Moment by selecting a Story. Each Story will be based on Seasonal Themes, FUT Campaigns, or real events from football’s past or present. Some Stories will be time-limited and will need to be completed before they expire, while other Stories will be available throughout the duration of FUT 23.

Each Story is made up of Chapters, themed groups of play that contain the Moments themselves. You’ll always start with at least one Chapter unlocked in a Story while others may be locked, requiring you to collect a specific amount of FUT Stars from the unlocked Chapters in that Story to be able to unlock it and continue.

Moments are the individual scenarios you will be playing. Here’s how they work:

  • Moments have one to three Challenges that you are required to perform to complete the Moment and earn the associated FUT Stars.
  • They all have a starting point in the game, such as a free kick, throw-in, or in the middle of an attacking or defending scenario, which will define how you begin attempting the Challenge.
  • Moments have at least one Reward Level, with some having up to a maximum of three, which will offer one to three FUT Stars respectively.
  • You can start at the lowest Reward Level and work your way up, earning a FUT Star each Reward Level you complete, or you can try your hand at the highest Reward Level first to try to earn all unearned FUT Stars for that Moment in one go.
  • Different Reward Levels can change elements such as the Squad Requirements, time to complete, or CPU AI Difficulty as you increase/decrease the Reward Level.
  • You’ll have to complete all Challenges within the completion time or you’ll have to try again.
  • You can replay an unlocked Moment at any time, however you can only earn the associated FUT Stars once from any Reward Level.
  • Completing all Moments and all Reward Levels in a Chapter will provide you with bonus FUT Stars (more on this later).

FUT Stars
Progressing in FUT Moments earns you FUT Stars, a new currency that can be exchanged in the Moments Star Galley for Rewards. FUT Stars do not expire and you will be able to use them across Seasons in FUT 23.

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Chemistry Redefined

Chemistry was revamped and these are the main changes:

  • EA’ve completely removed the negative impact to Attributes caused by low Chemistry, so players will always play with at least their Item’s Attributes, with Chemistry being additive.
  • It was also removed overall Squad Chemistry, so you only need to focus on building the maximum Chemistry for each individual player.
  • Positional links have been completely removed, and your Players can now link, and impact the Chemistry of Players in the Starting XI, regardless of their position on the pitch.
  • The Loyalty system has been removed.



Players will now only gain and contribute to Chemistry when they are in their Preferred Position. When a player is out of position they will always be at zero Chemistry and play at their FUT Item Attributes. When a player is out of position, their position on the pitch will feature a yellow exclamation mark in the Chemistry Panel. Moving a player out of Position will also impact how they contribute Chemistry to other players who share the same parameters.

Base Players, such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold, now have a Preferred Position and up to three Alternative Positions. These positions will be set for all Base Player Items when FUT 23 releases. Certain Preferred Positions will also have automatic Alternative Positions assigned to all players in these positions. These will contribute toward one of their three possible alternate positions. It is important to note that this only applies to the original Preferred Position for the Player.


FUT Stadium

For FUT 23, EA wanted to focus on some key visual improvements to the Stadium. Tiers 1, 2, and 3 feature an all-new roof design, with lighting colour matched to your Stadium Theme colour. These will apply automatically as you are customising your stadium. Authentic Club VIP areas have been updated with new smoke effects, as well as adding more life to the crowds with increased dynamic motion in our Crowd Cards and Flags.