UFL Beta allows worldwide PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X|S players to test the game before its release.
UFL Open Beta

UFL Beta Testing

UFL, the new free-to-play football video game supported by Cristiano Ronaldo, has announced its Open Beta test, scheduled to take place from June 7 to June 9, 2024, with the game available for download starting June 4. The full game is set to be released globally later this year.

The testing weekend follows a successful phase of Alpha testing that began in late October. During this period, a group of investors, including Cristiano Ronaldo, pledged $40 million towards the game’s development. Eugene Nashilov, CEO of Strikerz Inc., commented on the announcement: “We’re delighted to announce that gamers worldwide will be able to experience UFL first-hand in June. This event marks a significant milestone in our journey, allowing us to gather invaluable feedback from our community and refine the game as we aim to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience when we launch later this year.”

During the Open Beta weekend, players will have the opportunity to engage in the main online mode, where they can compete with fellow gamers worldwide. In this mode, players will be tasked with creating their own football clubs using a roster of real players licensed by FIFPro. As players win more online matches, they will earn valuable in-game resources, which can be utilized to improve and customize their clubs.

Additionally, gamers can enjoy the offline local match mode during the Open Beta weekend, enabling friendly competition with friends on a single game console.

Built on the Unreal Engine 5, the new game promises to deliver exceptional gameplay that rewards gaming ability and is specifically designed to be a fair-to-play experience, emphasizing a skill-first approach.

How to Download

Until the official release of the game, the beta version will be available on various weekends:

Beta #107/06/2024 – 09/07/2024

UFL’s Open Beta test is exclusively available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S platforms, with gamers able to easily sign up for the testing directly through the PlayStation Store and Xbox Microsoft Store. It takes up 28.6 GB, but you can uninstall it once it becomes inaccessible.

How to Download UFL Beta
  1. Go to your console’s store;
  2. Search by ‘UFL’;
  3. Select ‘Beta’;
  4. Install the game.

If you’re not near your console, you can follow the links below to start downloading the UFL Beta while logged into your account:

Remember that this is an open Beta, so everyone can have access. You can download and play this content on the main console associated with your account and on any other consoles when you login with your same account.