Player’s international positions items were released for the first time ever in FIFA 16, during the FUT anniversary.

Original players cards are usually released when FUT starts in their natural positions. In other words, the positions of their regular cards are the ones where they usually play for their clubs. International position changes are regular not in form cards in which the players have the positions where they play for their national teams. That’s the only difference. Ratings and stats are exactly the same.

These cards are released for a limited time, usually a week, replacing the respective regular card during that period. If someone own the original regular card, they will keep unchanged. If he wants the ‘improved’ version, he will need to buy the corresponding version in the market or pull it from a pack.

Classic International Heroes are blue & red colored In form cards released for the first time in FIFA 16, during the first edition of Festival of FUTball, to celebrate some of the best modern classic players. These hero items, only available for a limited time, feature much-loved active players with upgraded stats based on their performances in past international tournaments.

The classic international heroes are some of the most celebrated and highly sought after active players from the Americas and Europe who had significant impacts for their countries in past international tournaments. From record appearances to scoring the match-winner of a major tournament Final, these players left a memorable mark on the world of football.

As the game progresses, users can change many of the card features such as the preferred position and preferred chemistry style. However it is not possible to improve the rating or the stats in a permanent way.