FC 24 Career Mode is a game mode that offers you the chance to play through a lifelong football manager or player career.
FC 24 Career

Play a Manager or a Player Career

Career Mode in FC 24 is a game mode that allows players to experience the journey of managing and developing their own virtual football team. It provides a comprehensive and immersive experience where you have the opportunity to take control of your favorite club or start from scratch with a lower-tier team. Your ultimate goal is to lead your team to success and establish a legacy as a successful manager.

New this year, EA are splitting the Manager Career and Player Career into separate experiences.

One of the key aspects of Career Mode is player management. You have the ability to scout and sign new players, negotiate contracts, and develop the skills of your existing squad members. Training sessions play a crucial role in improving player attributes and helping them reach their full potential. Additionally, you can set up specific training programs to enhance individual player skills and overall team performance.

Transfers and recruitment also play a vital role in Career Mode. You can search for and negotiate deals with potential signings, keeping an eye on your budget and the needs of your team. Building a balanced squad that suits your preferred playing style and tactics is crucial to achieving success on the pitch. You can even negotiate with other clubs to secure loan deals or sell players to generate revenue for future investments.

Beyond the on-pitch action, Career Mode also offers managerial tasks off the field. You can handle press conferences, navigate media interactions, and manage the club’s finances. Making smart decisions in these areas can affect player morale, fan support, and the overall success of the team. Your managerial skills will be put to the test as you balance the expectations of the board, the players, and the fans.

Overall, FC 24 Career Mode provides a comprehensive and immersive football management experience. Whether you want to lead a top-tier club to glory or take a lower-league team to new heights, the mode offers endless possibilities and challenges. With its combination of player management, transfers, tactical decisions, and off-pitch responsibilities, Career Mode offers a compelling and rewarding experience for fans of football management simulations.

How To Access FC24 Career Mode
  1. From the main Football Club screen, navigate to [Manager Career] or [Player Career].
FC 24 Career Mode

What’s New

Career Mode features some new features in FC 24.

  • Total Management System
    Bring your footballing philosophy to life like a modern manager. The brand new Total Management System allows you to implement a unique tactical identity. Expand your coaching staff to refine your on-pitch approach and leverage data via Pre-Match reports to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses.

  • Match Ready Training
    Get ready for match day with a new level of control over training by focusing drills on mastering specific game-changing skills. Set plans on both an individual and team level to keep everyone sharp and personalise pre-match warm-ups to elevate your squad’s performance with one-time PlayStyle boosts.

  • Touchline Cam
    Setp into the technical area and see the game through a manager’s eye with a new Manager Career camera – one perspective in the brand new Spectate mode that allows you to watch and manage without directly controlling the team.

  • Dynamic Moments
    Dynamic Moments mirror some of the most icnic football milestones, including a custom Bus Trophy Parade when you lead your team to a cup or title and end of season Award Ceremonies to honour any individual milestones.

  • The Player Agent
    Chart your dream career path with help from the new Player Agent in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Player Career. Pick where you want to go and your Player Agent offers recommendations and advice on how to take that next step in your career, giving you the power to transfer to your favourite clubs. These recommendations are translated into the new Career Path Objectives, giving you actionable ways to attract your dream club and take your career to the next level.

  • Personality
    In Player Career, every choice you make defines the footballer you’ll become. The introduction of PlayStyles means that as you get better, you’ll also get more unique, with new opportunities to define and refine how you shine on the pitch as you grow into a one-of-a-kind talent.

  • ‘Play as Player’ Cam
    Become the focal point of every match with the new ‘Play as Player’ camera that keeps you front and center as you orchestrate the action.