FC 24 pre order will be available from June 2023 in two different editions and for several platforms.
FC 24 Pre Order and Buy Guide

FC 24 Pre Order

EA Sports FC is a series of football video games released by Electronic Arts. It replaces the old FIFA franchise and is worldwide released for the following platforms:

FC 24 officially launches on Friday, September 29, but you don’t have to wait so long to buy it. Pre-orders are available from July 13, 2023 to the day before the date release. When you pre order FC 24, the disc is dispatched on the release day, or you can start playing it at midnight if you buy the digital version.

The good thing about pre-ordering is that you will pay the same and get a few exclusive offers. However, if you don’t plan to play it all the time, buying it later on, especially at Christmas, may be cheaper as game prices usually drop around this time.

Pre-Orders Release Date

When pre-orders have opened for each title

Video Game Pre-Order Start Release Date
FC 24 13/07/2023 Thu 29/09/2023 Fri
FIFA 23 20/07/2022 Wed 30/09/2022 Thu
FIFA 22 11/07/2021 Sun 01/10/2021 Fri
FIFA 21 18/06/2020 Thu 09/10/2020 Fri
FIFA 20 08/06/2019 Sat 27/09/2019 Fri
FIFA 19 09/06/2018 Sat 28/09/2018 Fri
FIFA 18 05/06/2017 Mon 29/09/2017 Fri
FIFA 17 12/06/2016 Sun 27/09/2016 Tue
FIFA 16 15/06/2015 Mon 22/09/2015 Tue
FIFA 15 09/06/2014 Mon 24/09/2014 Wed
FIFA 14 10/06/2013 Mon 24/09/2013 Tue
FIFA 13 04/06/2012 Mon 26/09/2012 Wed

Pre Order Offers

There are two FC 24 editions: Standard and Ultimate. Those who pre order FC 24 Ultimate Edition will get the chance to play the game 7 days in advance prior to the release date of the Standard Edition. However, that’s not the only difference. Both editions offer exclusive content, such as special player items, but only the most expensive includes free FC Points.

Standard Edition Pre-Order Offers
  • Dual Entitlement;
  • UT Cover Star Loan Item;
  • Two UT Ambassador Player Pick Loan Items;
  • Unlock Playstyles Slot in Clubs;
  • Additional Player Personality Points;
  • 5-star Coach in Manager Career

Ultimate Edition Pre-Order Offers
All Standard Edition offers PLUS:
  • Seven Days Early Access;
  • TOTW 1 Player Item;
  • 4,600 FC Points;
  • Nike x EA Sports UT Kit;
  • Access to Nike UT Campaign;
  • Nike UT Campaign Loan Player;
  • Untradeable UCL/UWCL Hero Player Item
    (exclusive for pre-orders made before August 22)

Buy FC 24

FC 24 is not free-to-play, so you will have to buy it if you want to play it (or subscribe EA Play Pro). You can do it in a video game retailer or on your console store, during the pre-order period or after the game goes out.

These are the two first decisions you have to make. While this last choice only depends on how much you want to get exclusive offers, choosing between digital or physical copy can be more challenging.

Digital Version or Physical Version?

Reasons to buy the digital version
  • You can pre-download and start playing at midnight of the release date;
  • You don’t have to go to any retail store;
  • It’s easier to switch between games;
  • It works in all consoles;
  • There is no DVD that eventually could break or damage.
Reasons to buy the physical version
  • It may be cheaper;
  • You can ask for a refund;
  • You don’t have to pre-download a huge file;
  • You keep a hard copy for your collection;
  • You can sell it later.
Digital sales are becoming more popular yearly, currently representing around 75% in the case of FIFA/FC videogames.

How much does it costs

FC 24 prices vary according to the edition and platform. It may also be different depending on when you buy, your region, the store, promotions and discounts.

The list below is based on regular prices on the launch date, including pre-orders, to keep things as simple as possible.

Platform Standard Edition Ultimate Edition
PlayStation 5 £69.99
€ 79.99
Xbox Series X|S £69.99
€ 79.99
PC Origin £59.99
€ 69.99
€ 99.99
PC Steam £59.99
€ 69.99
€ 99.99
PC Epic Games £59.99
€ 69.99
€ 99.99
PlayStation 4 £69.99
€ 79.99
Xbox One £69.99
€ 79.99
Nintendo Switch £54.99
€ 59.99

FC 24 Discounts are available for EA Play subscribers and for returning users who pre-order the Ultimate Edition through the FIFA 23 main menu in-game (consoles) or Origin page.
Frequently Asked Questions
You can pre order FC 24 as soon as it becomes available. Pre orders will start around July 13, 2023.
If your choice is to buy a physical copy of FC 24, we don’t need to explain how to do it: go to a retail store or order from the internet, insert the disc in your console, log in to your Origin account (or create a new one) and start playing it. On the other hand, if you opted in for the digital version of FC 24, things are slightly more tricky:

How to Buy a Digital Copy of FC 24
  1. Go to the Origin, Steam, Epic Games, or console store of your region and search by ‘FC 24’;
  2. Choose one of the editions and make the payment;
  3. Except for Stadia users, who can play it immediately, start the download if available. If pre-ordering the game, go to the console’s library to see when the pre-download will become available. Usually, the Xbox download is made available several weeks before, while PlayStation users have to wait almost until the early access date. Those who installed the EA Play trial need to download a small file to unlock the full game.
  4. Log in to your Origin account and start playing it.
Remember to double-check the account you are using before placing an order. If you share your console with someone, the rewards will be assigned only to the account used to buy the game, and there is no way to change this. The account should also match the one you already have. Otherwise, you will lose your progress from previous editions, including FC Points balance.
You can pre order in the biggest retail stores, like Amazon, Game and Best Buy, or directly on the console’s store.
Pre orders are accepted until the day before the launch date.
If you pre order the physical version, the disc will be dispatched so you receive it on the launch date. The digital version is playable at midnight on the release day.
Contrary to the FC 24 trial, the full game is unlocked at midnight in your console’s region. This applies to both editions. That’s why Australian players start playing FC 24 first than European players.
When you pre order FC 24, you don’t pay any extra cost. You will pay the same as you would pay if you buy it in the release date.
Prices vary according to the edition, platform, region, store, promotions, discounts and other factors. If you want to know all FC 24 prices you should check our dedicated page.
No. You can order the game but you won’t get the free offers.
Pre-download is available for those who pre-ordered the game. Go to your console’s library to see when it will become available. If you are buying the game after the launch date, a download is immediately available.
No. If you are an EA Play subscriber and you already downloaded the trial, all you have to do is to download a small file on the launch date (or Ultimate Team early access date) to unlock the full game.
It depends on your platform and internet connection. Most likely, it will take one to two hours to download the full game. You can try some features (not Ultimate Team) before the download ends.

If you are downloading the trial, we strongly recommend waiting until the download is complete. If you play while downloading, you will be wasting part of your 10 hours limit.
You need around 100Gb of available storage space.
Yes. These offers are available for pre-orders and expire on the release date.
The UCL/UWCL Hero item is an exclusive offer for those who order the Ultimate Edition before August 22, 2023 at 9pm PT for PC and on August 22, 2023 at 11:59pm at consumer local time for all other platforms.
All pre-orders come with loan player items and a career mode boost. Ultimate Edition also includes early access, FC Points and untradeable special items.
When you pre-order the Ultimate Edition, you receive all the offers included in the Standard Edition plus:
  • Seven Days Early Access;
  • 4,600 FC Points;
  • Untradeable Ones to Watch Item;
  • Untradeable Heroes Player Item
    (exclusive for pre-orders made before August 22)
No. Ultimate Team mode is available in any edition.
No, FC 24 is not free to play. You have to buy it. In 2024 it will be made available for free on the EA Play catalogue and eventually on PlayStation Plus.
Yes, there is a FC game for Nintendo.
If you share your console with someone, the rewards will be assigned only to the account used to buy the game. There is no way to change this.
If you are a FIFA fan you definitely should buy FC 24. However, you can expect a game with the usual issues, like slow servers and lots of bugs. On the other hand, if you are a casual player and you are looking for a football/soccer simulation video game, FC 24 is still a good choice. If you are not a football fan, then many other games can make you much happier than this one.