FC 24 has two editions – Standard and Ultimate Edition – featuring different release dates, prices and pre-orders offers.
FC 24 Editions

FC 24 Editions

EA Sports FIFA titles have been released every year since 1993. Still, it was only in FIFA 18 that Electronic Arts decided to create different editions featuring different content for the same game. The goal was to create a specific product that players could identify with, increase engagement, and make a few more dollars.

Not counting with the Nintendo Switch Edition, FC 24 has two editions, Standard and Ultimate, with different release dates, prices and pre-order offers.

FC 24 Standard Edition

Standard Edition Offers
All these offers are exclusives for pre-orders and are delievered as soon as you play UT for the first time in your console/PC.

  • TOTW 1 Player Item
    The first Team of the Week is released before the early access start. From the pool of those 23 players, it will be randomly assigned to your UT club an untradeable item.

  • Cover Star Loan Player
    You will receive a regular loan item of Mbappé which will let you use him in your UT squad for five matches.

  • Pack Ambassador Player Pick
    In the first player pick of the season, you will have to choose from three known players used by EA to promote their game. You can only use him in your UT squad for up to three matches.

  • Career Mode Homegrown Talent
    This offer is the only one that is not specific to UT. When starting a new Career Mode campaign, your club’s youth team receives a player with great potential to become a star player in your team in the future.

FC 24 Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition Offers
FC Points is the only offer that is not exclusive to pre-orders. Except for the OTW item (September 29) and the FUT Hero item (November 10), all other offers are delivered as soon as you play FUT for the first time on your console/PC.

FC 24 Ultimate Edition includes all Standard Edition offers PLUS:

  • Early Access
    You don’t have to wait until the launch date to start playing FC 24. The Ultimate Edition unlocks your game three days earlier, so you can play the full game at midnight without any restriction.

  • FC Points
    There is no better way to boost your first team than opening a few UT packs. Unfortunately, the best promo packs are only released later but the 4,600 FC Points are still very useful at this point of the season.

  • Dual Entitlement
    Those who pre-order the Ultimate Edition can upgrade their copy of FC 24 from prior generation at no additional cost.

  • Untradeable OTW Item
    Ones to Watch are the first special items of the season. They are released on the launch date, and you will receive one random untradeable item for your UT squad, which can be upgraded based on the player and team performance.

  • Untradeable Hero Item
    Those who pre-order FC 24 Ultimate Edition before August 20 receive a random Hero Player item on November 10 that can be used freely in your team but cannot be sold.
Release Date

Release Dates

For FIFA and FC fans, the most important feature of the most expensive edition is the ability to start playing earlier. While those who bought the Standard Edition must wait until midnight of the launch date, Ultimate Edition owners can start playing three days earlier.

The FC 24 trial starts four days before the release date, but you cannot play it for more than 10 hours. That’s not enough for most of the players. With the Ultimate Edition, you can play the full game without any restriction.

Release Date
Official Launch 29/09/2022 Fri
Standard Edition 29/09/2022 Fri
Ultimate Edition 26/09/2023 Tue
Trial 26/09/2023 Wed
Companion App 21/09/2023 Thu
Web App 20/09/2023 Wed
First TOTW 20/09/2023 Wed

FC 24 Editions Prices

If the price was the same, we are sure everyone would choose the Ultimate Edition. Makes sense since it includes all the standard edition offers plus several ones. That’s why it is more expensive.

FC 24 prices vary according to the edition and platform. It may also differ depending on when you buy, your region, the store, promotions, and discounts.

Platform Standard Edition Ultimate Edition
PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X|S
€ 79.99
€ 99.99
PC Origin
PC Steam
Epic Games
€ 59.99
€ 79.99
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
€ 69.99
€ 99.99
Estimated Prices
Frequently Asked Questions
There are three editions:

Consoles, PC Origin, Epic Games and Steam
  • Standard Edition
  • Ultimate Edition
Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Edition
It was a specific edition released in previous years for Nintendo Switch. It doesn’t feature any new development or significant enhancements.
Ultimate Edition includes three days of early access, which means players can start playing from September 26, 2022.
Midnight of the region of your console store.
The Ultimate Edition includes the following offers:
  • TOTW 1 Player Item;
  • Cover Star Loan Player;
  • Pack Ambassador Player Pick;
  • Career Mode Homegrown Talent;
  • 3-days Early Access;
  • 4,600 FC Points;
  • Untradeable OTW Item;
  • Untradeable Hero Item.
You already know Ultimate is better than the Standard Edition, but is also more expensive. It’s up to you to decide if it is worths the extra money.

To clarify things, we have summarized all offers in a single table. This way you can compare both FC 24 editions side-by-side.

Offer Standard Edition Ultimate Edition
Price $69.99 $99.99
Early Access 3 days
FC Points 4,600
OTW Item Untradebale
WC Item Untradebale
Cover Star Item Loan (5 matches) Loan (5 matches)
Ambassador PP Loan (3 matches) Loan (3 matches)
Career Mode Homegrown Talent Homegrown Talent
Estimated offers list
If you share your console with someone, the rewards will be assigned only to the account used to buy the game. This cannot be changed.
When you start FC 24 for the first time (not counting with the Trial or Web App), go to the UT store and your offers will be there. Keep in mind that some offers are only delivered later.
Only those who have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition before August 20, receive an untradeable FUT Hero player item. This offer is only delivered on November 10.
No. Weekly UT Packs are no anymore one of the Standard or Ultimate Edition offers.
Regular price is $99,99 but you can save 30% following our method.
If you usually don’t play UT, then you definitely shouldn’t buy the most expensive edition. On other hand, it may be worth it if you want to take advantage of the early access and use FC Points to boost your team.
No. It isn’t available any option to upgrade. However, you can cancel your Standard Edition pre-order and replace it with the Ultimate Edition.
Yes. All game modes, including Ultimate Team, are available in both Standard and Ultimate editions.
Yes, it is. Ultimate Edition is not available on disc.
Yes, you can buy Ultimate Edition at any time but you lose the pre-order offers if you buy it after the release date.
The 4,800 FC Points will be provided in monthly instalments of 1600 per month for 3 consecutive months beginning on the launch date.